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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    "is worth" is relative and an individual perference. I'd suggest making a list of features you like for the ML over the MDX and list them in priority order for yourself and us. We can discuss the ones you think are important.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    The 02 ML sounds like more than a facelift, "a completely reworked interior and dashboard; improved suspenion and a more advanced awd system..." The artical also mentions the new front bumper, different air intake, new rear bumper, new grill, headlights with projector style twin lamps,new rear tail lights, and rear view mirror mounted turn signals. I think it looks real sharp, if it were me, I'd either bring in the artical and use it to get a deal on an 01, or wait for the 02.

    Oh and by the way, GIVE IT UP Beatlebug! Drew makes one valid, and minor, critical comment and you respond with personal insults? I don't want to say anything I'll regret, nor get my post deleted, so I'll just say you're now invisible to me and hopefully everyone else here. Good Bye!
  • I think that even if the side mirror retrofit was available some complications come into play.

    This including the current side marker that the ML has on the front fenders. It would be redundant to have so many turn blinkers. And if we wanted to remove the old side blinkers that may actually lead to two holes (in the location of the mounting point) left in the fender.

    I would also like to add the mirror signal indicators on my ML but it seems more trouble than its worth.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Flamewars should never be allowed on discussion forums IMHO. This includes name calling and ad hominem attacks. But I'm not the admin of these forums ;-)
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Please check your e-mail account. You can reply via the address that I wrote to you with. If you cannot find that e-mail address, it is

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    My original comment was indeed tongue-in-cheek and rather innocuous (or so I thought). I certainly didn't expect such responses, and if I offended you in anyway, I apologise.

    For the record, as indicated in my signature, I co-host the Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards with my venerable co-host, Steve. This includes this (great) M-class discussion topic

    As for chroming, all I have to say is that the only chromed parts are the door handles, the grill, the trunk lid handle, and the outlines of the taillamps. The rear mudflap stars are painted silver, and the MB stars on the brake calipers are accented with silver paint as well.

    If you have any problems with the pictures being posted in this topic, feel free to discuss this with me via my e-mail address above, and I will see what I can do to rectify the situation.


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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    let's put all of that behind, and get on with M-class talk again! :-)
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Congrats on your new truck! I look forward to your posts in the future. If you have any questions about anything, please ask.

    You may also want to introduce yourself in the "Meet the members" topic in the M-class owner's club area.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    For your future reference, please do not post copyrighted images or text (verbatim; a few lines with the proper attributions is okay) in Town Hall (unless you own the copyright, of course). Instead, the URL to the picture or text would surfice.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Thanks for the info Bill, and the picture, Louis.

    Autoweek's text seems like it is describing the next generation M-class, for MY2005. AFAIK, the next generation 4-matic system will not be available till 2002, and it will first make its debut on the European-spec C-class. The Airmatic based suspension is also said to be in the works for the next generaton ML.

    WRT projector headlamps, those look like the regular headlamps that we have right now, but with covers on them. The LED turn signals are certain a possibility though, especially since just about all of the other MB vehicles have it now. I'm not sure if it would be worth it to retrofit though, as Chris said. It will be mostly for looks too, since our current fender mounted turn signals do basically the same function.

    Frank, any thoughts?

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  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    I compared MDX, RX300, Sequoia and ML320, and I liked the Sequoia the best. However I cannot find a decent deal on the Sequoia and do not really need that much room. On the other hand, I really didn't care much for the MDX. I just cannot see why so many people think that it is the next best thing since the sliced bread. The MDX looked cheap (faux wood) and had way too much road noise. It is a fine SUV over all, but I really don't thing it is really worth the MSRP. If it were $1500 or $2K less, the scale may tilt. The RX300 was okay, but I was not really impressed with it (it felt like a jacked up camary stationwagon). Originally I was not very serious about the ML (I didn't want to spend too much on a SUV), but after looking into it more, I found that the price is very reasonalbe right now and that the ride and the quality is not too far behind my E320 (actually I think the ride is better than the E320). I am very happy with my decision. For roughly the same price as a fully loaded MDX, much less than a Sequoia Limited, the ML320 is a great value. Also, the the extra benefit of driving a Mercedes and knowing that you are in one of the safest SUV's around is just icing on the cake.
  • All,

    If MB does decide to include volume/MCS controls on the next generation MLs steering wheel, does anyone know or think that this feature will be retrofittable to the 01 MLs? Frankly, this is the only shortcoming to my 430.

    TIA for any insights. Regards, Bill
  • I have a feeling the 2002 ML will share interior components with the 2001 C-Class. Just look at the G-Class, which was revised for this year in Europe. The gauges, climate control, headlight switch, center consol switches, etc. are from the C. Maybe the 2002 ML will gets its auto climate control in the same way. Just theorizing, but far fetched?


  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Sorry Drew... I thought as long as I posted where it was from and used "quote" marks it was OK to post.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No problem, just as long as you're aware of it now :-) Many T.H participants make that mistake anyway, so you're not the only one.

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  • Thanks ever so much for the advice and taking the time to post. I should be purchasing in Atlanta and I will definitely tell Tony at Carriage House that you think very highly of him.

    Also I am grateful to Kenyee for the marvelous suggestion. I would have never thought of asking for recommendations of particular service experiences.

    In light of this knowledge, I would like to ask if anyone lives near or in Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, California. We will be moving there sometime in the near future.
  • I was looking into getting a pair of H3 bulbs for my ML and found what appears to be a pretty good pair. They're Xenon bulbs that put out a white/hint of blue light. It's not a HID setup, but it's not $600-$2000 either. My friend bought a pair for his ML and they look pretty good. My I've found cheaper bulbs (by only a few dollars), but these contain a higher percentage of xenon gas than the others so I think it's worth the extra money.

    Looks like I can get a pair for around $25-$30 + shipping. If anyone's interested in getting in on the order, drop me an email at and I'll see what we can get.
  • photo3photo3 Posts: 26
    I am also trying to decide between the ML 320 and the MDX. I am not too particular..I just want a SUV that will tow a tent trailer (2400 lbs.) be safe, have a third row of seats, go off paved road (dirt, ungraded, bumps, ruts, holes,mud but not over untrampled terrain, through low creeks, etc.) I do not want too big of a vehicle, ok gas mileage, functional suv. I also like a sunroof. I had also been looking at the full-size Montero but am afraid of the reliability (so many mechanics will not work on them) I would like to decide soon.
    Any feedback?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You may want to read Jerry's MDX vs. ML vs. RX post here:
    yickwo Feb 24, 2001 11:06pm

    How often do you plan to tow that trailer and over what sort of distances. Would it be over those "off-road" sections? If you do plan to tow frequently and over fairly long distances, I think you may be better off with a body-on-frame vehicle such as the ML since towing puts quite a lot of stress on a unibody design. Over time, that could prematurely loosen/wear out things with a unibody structure. Does your trailer have brakes?

    Since you mentioned that those off-road sections have bumps/ruts, mud and creeks, you may be better off with the ML, since the MDX is not mean for driving on those sort of surfaces where its softish suspension can bottom out easily and make all sorts of noises. Car & Driver TV stressed this and they showed footage of an MDX driving though the kinds of trails that you were describing above. There was on particular spot where the MDX bottomed out and ran into its bumps stops very hard. Ouch! You should be aware that a section of the MDX's exhaust pipe also runs under the rear axle, where it could be vulnerable to damage in those situations. BTW, the ML320 can't really climb over boulders either :-)

    Good luck with your decision!
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