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Mazda Tribute



  • We have had the following problem three times during the past year. The engine would stall out; complete loss of power. After pulling off to the side of the road, it would then start up fine. The first time, the dealer did a road test and found no problem, the second time they found an error code in the computer; the solution was to replace the main relay and increase the engine idle. Today it happened again (thankfully on a rural road..) Has anyone else had this problem? If the problem is indeed the relay, than perhaps it is mounted where it is getting wet or just poorly designed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Heated mirrors are part of the cold pkg and include heated seats, which only come on the ES model. Therefore, I would think that you can't get them with the LX.
    As for the wire being there, hard to say without asking the dealer's shop folk. I tried to have the rear-view mirror with compass and thermometer installed and was informed the parts would be i60.00 but the labor would be about 360.00 because the wiring is not stubbed into the headliner...
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    that's been an ongoing issue with both the trib / escape. 2 things you can do to have it fixed are;
    1) have the timing check and maybe increased
    2) watch you tach and make sure when you let off the gas (usually when the stall happens) make sure the tach doesn't drop to low.

    if it does happen again, easy way to remedy without pulling over is to drop to neutral and do a rolling restart and pop back into drive.

    any other questions just ask.

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    I thought there was some type of computer update available now that would fix these stalling problems on older Tribs?

    If memory serves, it was a TSB.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    I just checked , the only tsb I saw was to inform the techs about the idle drop / engine stall. didn't say if there was a computer fix or not.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Go see your dealer.
  • Just a comment. We bought our 03 Tribute today with cloth interior and power drivers seat. The dealer had many to chose from. If that is truly what you want then hold out for it. You will need to go with the LX model and put on the ad-ons you want because the ES only comes in leather, but that's what we did and are very happy. Good luck.
  • Hey all,

    Over the weekend we bought an 03 Tribute LX for invoice less the dealer holdback plus $49 and got 0% financing. The dealer stated that there was no dealer cash available (otherwise the deal was that I would get it) Including 7.7% tax I walked out below $23K!

    How do they stay in business. Did I miss something.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    We show no dealer cash for my zipcode (per Incentives & Rebates link on the main page). There may be other incentives or spiffs or dealer promotions that we'll never know about though.

    In any case, congrats on the new Tribute!

    Steve, Host

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  • ckonnickckonnick Posts: 5
    jefgov - if you're still there....after A LOT of research,i replaced tires on my 01 Pathfinder with the Michelin LTXs and i love 'em! don't know how they'd be on the Tribute but....
    Im in this discussion cause my Pathfinder lease is up soon and i'm trying to decide if i wanna buy it or get a new Tribute for the same monthly cost.
  • rverderverde Posts: 3
    I have 7500 miles on my 2002 ES 4x4.

    Zero problems. Took it on a long trip last week, 900 miles in 3 days. Combination of freeway and mountain driving including some snow. I really enjoyed driving it in the mountains. The handling is excellent for this type of vehicle.

    I am 6'6" and 300lbs and felt comfortable the whole trip. The leg, head and hip room are great.

    Gas mileage is not so great, at $2 plus per gallon, this is a drag. 20 on the highway and much less of course in the mountains.

    Someone mentioned brake dust on the front wheels above, I see it on every trib/escape around. I also see it on just about every other SUV with an open style wheel. You just have to keep up with it.

    As for the stalling problem, I know that Mazda did buy back a large number of tributes for that very problem and that they have a fix for it. See your dealer and if they do not help, contact Mazda directly. They will fix it.

    See you all again in a few thousand miles, hopefully still smiling.
  • jkasjkas Posts: 1
    Whew ... just put in an order for a Trib LX 4x4 ... much debate between the Hyundai Sante Fe and this ... decided to drive them both again this morning, and there was just no comparison ... the Mazda performs! ... even able to take the test drive off road a little and it was great ... Hyundai has some advantages no doubt, but my decision came down to driving performance (rather than interior gadgets and an extra years warranty) ... dealer says 8 weeks for factory ordered ... A little down 'cause the 0% financing went away at my dealer, but they have 2.9% with $500 cash back .... got close to the Edmunds price as well. Now just hoping I don't get a lemon ... this forum has been of great help .. I drove my last car for 12 years, so I tend to be very picky about my ride!
  • tribute1tribute1 Posts: 1
    Any body who bought a 2003 ES 4wd Tribute tell me if your vehicle came with any of the v-6 or AWD emblems on the back of the truck.

    I contacted Mazda corporate about this issue and they stated its something that should have been added at prep during purchase.

    Had to drive back 40 miles to get the dealer to add the v-6 emblem and told me the vehicle no longer gets the 4WD/AWD emblem anymore.

    Couple weeks go buy and the salewoman calls up and to dicuss the survey we filled out which we deatiled our complaint about the missing emblem.

    She goes on to tell me that the 2003 model doesn't recieve these items anymore. Don't know what she wanted from me at this point, but from my research (MAZDA Corp) I expected them to be provided.

    The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, any information would be apprciated.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    mazda is famous for doing mid-cycle updates where they make running changes in the middle of a model year. sorta like a 2003.5 model. This years mid year update they eliminated the cargo cover as a standard feature and added some trim rings around the speedometer, improved the seating and eliminated some of the body emblems....Many car mfg. make running changes during the model year....

    So you did fine, the dealer was correct about no more stinkin' badges but
    the best part is you got a "fresh" Trubute, not one that has been sitting around the lot all winter....
    Enjoy your Tribute!!! my mom just got one also..It is a nice addition to her Miata.
  • I Purchased a 2003 Tribute ES 4WD which was manufactured in 1/03 my vehicle has no ES & no 4WD emblems on it. I do have the cargo cover as this was standard eqp. with the Lux Pag. now.
  • I just purchased my 2003 Tribute ES 4wd last Saturday (3/8) and noticed the emblems were missing as well. I only knew that they were supposed to be there because the dealer had a model on the floor with the emblems showing. When I asked the salesperson about it he said that they had run out and the emblems were on backorder. He wrote me up a receipt and said that they would have them in a couple of weeks. Not sure what to believe at this point though.
  • zaimonzaimon Posts: 124
    I removed the tailgate emblems on my Tribute... I thought they were too busy and interfered with what is a nice tailgate design and overall clean look of the SUV. That center chrome piece with the Mazda logo is enough for me!
  • Has anyone noticed how lousy the resale value on Tributes are? Was thinking about selling my 2001 LX but can't afford to. It didn't hold its value at all and after almost two years with a 6.6% interest rate we are still upside down. Another concern of mine if its stolen or totalled, we will still owe another $4,000 on it after the insurance is paid off.
    I'll never buy another Ford/Mazda product again.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The mid-cycle update on the Tribute eliminated the emblems and cargo cover (LX) as standard features. They added the trim rings around the speedometerplus some additional trim work and they improved the seat cushions.

    So if your Tribute was built after the mid-cycle update you Tribute will not have the emblems and cargo cover. The cover is now a $30 option on the LX. The ES still has the cover as standard.
  • e182931e182931 Posts: 1
    I have a cracked lense on one of my OEM fog lights for my 2001 tribute. The replacement cost of one light is over $100.00 Anybody know of a replacement light or lights that fit in place of the OEM foglights that might be cheaper?
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