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Mazda Tribute



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Here we go again...

    Mazda chat starts in one hour - link's on the left.

    Steve, Host
  • You may want to try Crutchfield ( for directions (maybe) and replacement head units and other components (definitely). I've used them for over 20 years now and the company's great. Not the cheapest, but they know their stuff.
  • Are side airbags/Safety Canopy going to be standard on the 2005 Tribute S? They are not listed in any of the option packages you outlined.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    the side air curtains are available as a stand alone option with all the option packages on the 'S' model.

  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    I have seen some info on the 2005 Escape and assume the Tribute will get the same upgrades.
      1. 4 wheel disc brakes
      2. Center rear seat passenger will get 3 point seat belt and a smaller than usual head rest.
      3. Floor/console trans shifter.
      4. Changes in front and rear facias and different headlights and guages.
      I got some of the info from edmunds and from a Ford rep at the Omaha auto show.
      These are all changes I have wanted to see and feel the wait was worth it.
      Anyone have any thoughts on the proposed changes for 05? How soon will the 05 arrive at dealers? anyone seen one? anyone order one?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The 2005 Tribute is ready to be shipped to dealers....but there is going to be a slight delay to reduce the remaining 2004 inventory. Mazda will have a big timing advantage over the 05 Escape and 05 Mariner.
  • audia8q - Why is Mazda so totally mum about the new Tribute? There has never been anything about it on their website, not even in the Upcoming page. Nor were they at the LA or Detroit Auto Shows. In contrast, the Escape was at one of the shows and is featured on the Ford website. As a result, I know a lot more about the Escape than I do the Trib.
  • Another question for audia or anyone else: According to Edmunds, the 2004 Escape V6 has an oil change interval of 3,000 miles. The 2004 Tribute V6 has an oil change interval of 5,000 miles. Given that these vehicles have the same engines and presumably the same transmissions and other mechanicals, why do they have different service intervals?
  • I am doing some research for Tribute ES, 2004. It looks like 2005 is about to show up the dealers. Should I wait for 2005 until the 0% APR ends(March 1, 2004)? Overall do you guys recommend Tribute and lastly, I was given a quote for ES 2005 - "The list price is $26,809 and the Internet price is $22,535* plus your state tax, tags and freight". Is this a good deal? I also read about this fuel hose/smell problem, anybody knows if this is a potential problem for new Tributes or was it for the old ones? Pls. let me know since this will be my first brand new car purchase.Thank you.
  • kevriakevria Posts: 14
    I picked up the last 2003 Tribute LX 4x4 in the North East for 200 miles around and am finding that it has lousy gas mileage. My normal commute averages 35mph for 8-12 mile stretches with a total of 3 stop lights and 2 stop signs along the total 25mile distance. Both of my last 2 fillups have shown that I am only getting 17.9mpg. Any ideas, I thought it was 18/23 for this vehicle.
  • I have to give up my Golf diesel... avg 80 mph with 3 adults, full trunk, a/c on, 50 MPG....

    Cant wait for the escape hybrid... thats the onlyt way ill even consider one of these suv pigs...
  • zeenzeen Posts: 390
    Saw the 05 at the Philly car show. New tail lights and only minor changes to the headlights. Ford did a much better job on the Escape's headlights. Overall shape is the same. Not much overall improvment in looks.
  • I have owned 2 Tributes..01 & a 03. The mileage sucks in the winter. We had -42 with -60 windchill last week & I was struggling to get 21 mpg(17mpg US) at 70 mph. It has warmed up to -10 & mileage is back up to 24 mpg. In the summer I routinely see 26-28 mpg Canadian on the hiway(22-24 us mpg)
  • I am thinking about buying either an Escape or Tribute but will be moving to an area soon without a Mazda dealer close by (but there are several Ford dealers).

    Will a Ford dealer repair a Trib under warranty, or even at all?
  • Mazda is giving no indication that it exists or that it's coming. And the dealers are wildly ignorant - they have no clue, and seem to think it's months away. It looks like the Escape will come out first. Some are reporting that the Escape had already arrived at dealerships.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I have posted numerous updates about the 2005 Tribute....they are built and waiting to be shipped. They will be shipped when the supply of 2004 is reduced. It could be tomorrow or a few weeks from now. But its not far off. We got brochures and marketing stuff this week.
  • When are they going to put it on their website, with specs, etc? They don't even have it on their Upcoming page, and it's days or weeks away.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    They will put it on their website when the 2004 are reduced....that is up to consumers. If the consuemrs buy alot of tributes this weekend, I suspect they will ship soon.....if not they will hold them longer. It's all about the sales. It makes no sence to ship the 05's and then force mazda to add additional incentives to the 04. There is no huge pent up demand for the 05 yet and the Ford and Mercury versions are not appearing soon either. The Mercury Mariner wont even show up until the fall.
  • I currently own a 2003 DX (4-cyl). I love everything about it except for the engine. Unfortunetly the noisy and underpowered 2.0L engine spoils it. Basically it's a great car with a horrible engine. The 2005 model has a new 2.3L 153HP engine and EPA 24-29MPG.
  • I am looking at buying an suv. Has your purchase of the tribute been a good decision or would you go with the competition if you were to do it over. I've looked at jeeps, toyotas, mitsubishis etal. Can you recommend the tribute as a good choice to purchase? Thanks.
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