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Mazda Tribute



  • tony3tony3 Posts: 1
    Im thinking of getting a mazda tribute 05. I think its a great car, and am probably going to go with pkg 2. I never use the moonroof and think that the leather is more worth the money. I think aftermarket side steps and other is much more reasonable in price and quality then the dealers. I also feel that it handles much better then the 05 escape. Does anybody disagree about anything?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    an 01 Escape XLT V6 4WD and an 04 Tribute V6 ES 4WD. This weekend we took a trip in the Tribute over the Cascade range into Central Oregon. We have made this trip multiple times with both vehicles. Yes, you are correct. The Tribute does have a more "sporty" feel. Also feels more agile and yet has a more of a firm road feel than the Escape. The Trib is also quieter on the road than the Escape. The 05 is even more of an improvement over the 04.. You are make a great choice. Getting the 2.3 or 3.0? If you don't tow or haul the 2.3 in 4WD form will do you just fine... However, if you like power... go V6.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,111
    I'm currently renting an '05 Escape XLT with AWD and the V6. How does the AWD system in these trucks work? Does it wait for the front wheels to slip, and then transfer power to the rear wheels? I think it has a decent highway ride, resepectable power, and a nice turning radius for an SUV. How different is the Escape from the Tribute? Does it have nicer interior plastics? If I were ever in the market for a small SUV, I'd look at the Tribute, not the FORD. My wife has an '00 Protege ES and we really like how well the car is screwed together. Everything is subjective as far as power, ride, braking, and handling go because I'm coming from a Prelude Type SH.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Took home an '05 Tribute today. Exactly what I wanted, and I think I will be very pleased. 4 cylinder (vast improvement over last year's Ford engine), 5 speed, AWD. It has the earlier door panels, so not as much storage there as the newest ones. Got a full size spare, but had to ask them to swap. Check under all Tributes and Escapes. It is not an option, but some leave the factory with it. I do miss not having alot of hidden storage, but the cargo shield keeps out prying eyes. For the money, the Mazda is certainly a better choice than the Escape.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    I have a 05 Tribute and the odometer works the same as yours. Actually my wifes Dodge Caravan is also the same, so I guess thats the way its suppose to work.
  • I've begun to hear rumours about the next Mazda Tribute. Even though the '05 Tribute was significantly updated, there is brand new model on the way for either '06 or '07.

    And when I say brand new, I mean brand new. Tributes will no longer be built in North America. The next model will be built in Japan and will be highly differentiated from the Escape. It sounds like the Tribute might go upscale in the same way that the Mazda3 did and became a bit of a segment buster.

    I find it interesting that there has been almost no buzz about the next generation Tribute. Maybe Mazda is just doing a good job of keeping a lid on this news.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Back in Aug. I posted that the 2008 Tribute (2007 release) is scheduled to be built on the Mazda6 Platform and get a full redesign. It will be larger than the current Tribute but not as big as an Explorer....I have not seen any drawings or pictures. I will post any details as I get them.
  • Thanks. I'm very interested in this new model. Should be quite a handler on the Mazda6 platform.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I bet there will be a difference between the Tribute/Escape. Look at the 3 vs the Focus.. Ford is starting to use alot of its subsidearies platforms and engines in thier car line-ups. I do know there is going to be a new Escape for 06/07 model year. a new 3.5 V6 will be used. I have seen as much as 235HP for this engine. The 3.5 will also be used in other car lines for Ford/Mazda. Ford is doing the right thing by letting Mazda go its own way.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    I've read rumors that it will replace the Tribute but not be named the Tribute.


    Lincoln is replacing the current Explorer based Aviator with one (using the same name too). Ford and Mercury are supposed to get their own versions of it in '07 but they will not replace the Escape and Mariner.


    That's what I've gathered from other threads/forums and I can't really verify any of it for sure. It's just speculation at this point.
  • Just bought an '05 Tribute 4 cyl. auto this weekend and love it. And what a deal Mazda has with the $3k rebate (cheaper than Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner) and the alloys are nice.


    I got the basic Tribute, but it seems to have plenty of power. I have no problems passing or keeping speed up hills, very nice truck. The only option that I wanted that it didn't have was cruise control. I've already looked up some aftermarket cruise controls, any suggestions? How hard is it to install? Is it better to try to find a pro to do it?
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I have a feeling it will be an expensive proposition to put the cruise in now. I recently purchased a 5 speed Tribute - great vehicle - and of course no cruise. On the stick, it is not even offered by Mazda. But it is on the Escape, so I checked with the local Ford dealer about the possibility of having it installed there. They said the cost of all components might exceed $400. So, I will probably do without. I find I rarely use cruise anyway. But out of curiosity, where did you find aftermarket cruise available?

    And if you are looking for any accessories, I have ordered twice now from Trussville Mazda in Alabama. No shipping charges till Christmas. I received both orders in two days, and I am in Maryland. Great service, great prices.
  • Hi all:


    I posted this to the Escape/Tribute board a while back but had no responses. I have an '01 DX 4-cylinder 4WD with a manual. I'm pretty impressed with it so far (being a typical car person). I was looking to find out if there is a way to have the 4WD indicator light illuminate whenever the 4WD is active? Right now, from what I understand, the only time this indicator light will illuminate is when you push the "lock" button on the dash board to manually engage the system. I'd like to know whenever the 4WD is active just for curiousity sake. I do know that it works... :)
  • J C Whitney listed several different types of cruise control ranging from just over $100 to $249. The one for $249 comes with instructions, all wiring, etc., etc. I don't want to go that route if it takes an engineering degree to install it, but I was hoping it was easier to install than that.
  • Looks like the big nissan thing, my 2cnets, UGLY
  • I would'nt be so anxious about buying either. I ordered my 2001 tribute, waited 6 months for it. Its been nothing but trouble ever since. The transmission has to be replaced at 61000miles. My sister has the 2001 escape. Its not any better. Just think twice about this. theres a lot of cars out there. Get a good one.
  • the posts about wind noise, and after 1000 miles, no excessive wind noise at all. It doesn't matter if the radio's on or off, it's quiet (and I have very good hearing!), and it's actually quieter inside than many other cars I've had. Shifts smoother than my Mazda 6 did, good power too for a 4-cyl. I hope this means I got a good one.......
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I am sure yours will be fine. I own an 01 Escape XLT V6 4wd with just about 50K miles and not one problem. I have done regular maintenance to this vehicle. I had the trans fluid changed at about 25K, oil every 3K, tires rotated regularly, radiator flushes every about 15K, air filter changes every 12K, ect... Take care of the vehicle and it will take care of you. By the way, I also own an 04 Tribute ES V6 4WD with about 8K miles and not one problem. Enjoy your new vehicle. Your choice was the right choice you have a nice vehicle.
  • I've got an '02 Tribute LX- power sterring unit/front end went out and had to be replaced at 30k- set of tires also was gone from front end shimmy- then at 62k transmission went out totally while driving at 40-45 mph- just went into neutral- couldn't go forward or reverse-car had the non-cranking problems too- trying to negotiate with dealer now-want over $3000 to fix- I'm looking for my zoom zoom else where-
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