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Mazda Tribute



  • You won't believe it but the loaner Tribute tore up this morning. The anti-theft light came on, vehicle started jerking and stalling, check engine light came on. They are coming to get it with a wrecker. What is the deal? I'm just sick. :lemon:
  • Computer went out in the loaner vehicle, today after work I have to go pick up another one and wait for them to find me one.
  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    You are a patient man. Lets hope that it is not a sign of things to come.
  • rsmbobrsmbob Posts: 12
    Hi all,
    I'm on the verge of purchasing an '04 LX and it is dark blue metallic in color. Ok, maybe I'm paranoid, but looking on the web I can see no reference for a dark blue colored Tribute...just a lighter "Calypso Blue"? Can anyone reassure me here that I'm not dealing with a repainted Tribute? It looks real clean and has about 32K miles...I'm looking forward to joining the Tribute brigade here!
  • There is an update for the Tribute before is goes away and I think we will see a Hybrid one too.
    link title
    Update Escape too
    link title
  • I have a chance to buy a real nice, low miles, used 2004 Tribute DX 4cyl 5 speed for a great price -- apparently 5 spd SUVs aren't all the rage?!?! Any thoughts on this vehicle? Thanks.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    This looks like an Australian writer? This is nice to see for the Escape/Tribute/Mariner. I am really surprised (and glad) to see Ford isn't letting the Escape fade away that easy, if at all...
    Hope to see more in the coming months on this update..
    Thanks for the news! :)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda just announced today that there will be no Mazda Tribute in 2007. There is a slight possibility that there will be a completely redesigned 2008 model released in early 2007.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,979
    Here's an article about it (

    Steve, Host
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The US version of the Tribute will return in March 2008. Production begins in Jan 2007.

    Spy shots of the future Tribute have been floating around the internet for a few weeks now.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I added a couple pics of the future Tribute on my carspace...
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Mazda Tribute Going on Hiatus in U.S. Until 2008
    Date posted: 02-23-2006

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ford will not produce the Mazda Tribute SUV at its Kansas City plant after May, killing plans for a 2007 model, company officials said.

    The Tribute will be back for the 2008 model year, built at Kansas City starting in January 2007. The Mazda SUV is a sibling to the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner, which are also built at the Kansas City facility.

    The Kansas City plant is building gasoline-electric hybrid versions of the Escape and Mariner, and Ford has said it will vastly increase hybrid production to a quarter-million hybrids built per year by 2010.

    Meanwhile, the 2007 Tribute, with a refreshed and more rounded appearance, was given its world debut at Australia's Melbourne Motor Show in early February.

    What this means to you: Of course. This makes a lot of sense.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Take a look at the hidden photo shots of the new escape and tribute on Edmunds....looks bigger (but I doubt it)-- seems like a face lift only.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,979
    Here's the link:

    Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Escape (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • My 2005 Tribute 6cyl is one year old with 20,000 miles. I just started hearing a rattle at the rear of the vehicle in the cargo area. I checked out the spare tire and any other area that might have a loose bolt and found nothing. As soon as I drive down the road, I hear the rattle and loose nuts and bolts hitting one another. Has anyone else out there experienced this phenomena? I would like to fix it myself if I can. If not I will have to bring it back to dealer... which means bucks. The dealer told me that the warranty is up at 12,000 miles. I thought Mazda had a 48,000 warranty... so much for warranties. Let me know if you have experienced this also.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    You dealer is filling you full of garbage. Mazda warranty is 4 years 50,000 miles. Some people bought Mazda Tribute over Escape just because the warranty is a little longer. Get back into that dealer and read him the riot act! :mad:
  • drjay70drjay70 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what was wrong with your car? I am having a similar problem with my 05 tribute. The check engine light is on and the O/D light is flashing. Just strated happening this am.

  • I am contemplating having a duel exhaust system installed on my '05 Tribute, V6. Has anyone else done this, or is there anyone who can advise me as to the results or feasibility and/or neg/pos aspects of this suggestion?

  • Although you mentioned checking out the cargo area, have you removed the cover and looked into the jack storage compartment to see if something could have come loose?

    Also, you indicated that you checked out the spare. I believe the spare is securely bolted to the undercarriage and should not cause any movement on its stud.

    Also, have someone ride in the cargo area to see if they can pin-point the area of your complaint. You will, or course, want to do this on an untravelled, or abandoned road for safety.

    While in the back, make sure your cargo "rider" eliminates the hatch hardware as a possible source of the rattle, making sure all of the fasteners at the latch are tight.
    Also, with the vehicle parked, check the exhaust system hangers and brackets for any

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi all,
    Thanks for your advice in these forums. I have an 06 Tribute. 4 cylinder, 5 speed.
    1 question, 1 concern.
    Does anyone have a recommendation for an after market cruise control?
    The concern is wind noise. At speeds 50 and higher, there is a noticeable amount. I am planning to visit the dealer first, but would those wind deflectors on the side windows help?
    Thank you in advance.
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