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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
Tell us about shopping for your Veracruz!

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  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I'm not sure what details folks want, but I'm happy to fill in the blanks.

    I bought the Veracruz from Vision Hyundai in Rochester, NY.

    We bought a white Hyundai GLS with beige interior plus the Premium package. Our final agreed upon price is $29,400.

    We aren't sure when we are getting the vehicle. We put our deposit down on March 17th. I'll stop by and let you know how many weeks it takes to obtain what we are looking for.

    The negotiations started at MSRP ($30,645). The dealership quickly came down $1000. We asked for $29,400, and they were willing, but we had to up our initial offering of a deposit from $200 to $500. The price includes destination charges, but not tax and license fees.

    After we agreed to the price, we attempted to negotiate on a trade-in (1999 Dodge Durango), but we could not come to agreement on that vehicle and decided to sell that ourselves. We wanted $3500 for it, and they offered us $2500.

    The overall sales experience was pretty good. Our salesperson was low pressure throughout the process which we liked. There was none of that "if you don't buy today we can't give you a price" bs, but of course the price they gave us was high until we committed to an order. But I didn't feel pressured or as though the dealership wasn't forthcoming with at least a starting point for the negotiations.

    We did get free windshield wiper fluid everytime we visited (2x) which was nice . . .

    We'll see how it goes when we go to take delivery.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    You didn't fill in all the blanks!!!!!!!!!

    FWD or AWD????
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    Oops - - knew I'd miss some key piece of info.

    AWD. It's upstate NY after all . . .
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    Not bad for a new model. Lower than Fitzmall!!!

    $371 over dealer invoice, $521 over manufacturer invoice.
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    Oh good! We didn't have the dealer invoice information when we were negotiating so we were a little nervous about what kind of deal we were getting . . .it's nice to know that we weren't too far off.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248

    On a side note, I resided in Rochester for nearly five years and found the Vision Hyundai to be a fantastic dealership during the times I've dealt with. Glad you had a good experience with your shopping.

    Enjoy your Veracruz when you get it. Keep us updated :)

    Should be sweet vehicle!! I thought it was on my test drive!
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    Does anyone know if I can buy the GLS base and only get the DVD without all the other junk. I really don't need a sunroof or heated seats. I just want my kids to be able to watch a movie. OR should I get the entertainment system after market?
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    No, unfortunately you cannot get the DVD with the GLS (just bought one so looked at the options pretty extensively).

    So, here's my suggestion - - either get the system aftermarket like you suggest, OR, and I think this makes even more sense.

    Buy two iPOD videos for your kids which can be used in any car or airplane and can be loaded based on your children's individual preferences. I figured that for half the price of the DVD system, I could do that, and my boys would have the perfect personalized system for them!! And no fighting about what movie they'd be watching.

    That said - - I'm trying to avoid any of these solutions because I think my guys watch plenty of screen at home. LOL!
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    Thanks for your good wishes on the Veracruz! I'm delighted to hear from a former Rochesterian that you think this dealership is ok. So far, I've been happy with them.
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    That does make sense. Two IPOD videos are much cheaper. Then I don't have to worry about that expense. Do you think the extra 3K for the SE is worth it? And do you know if the limited has a keyless start?
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I answered the keyless start question on the general board in detail, but I believe the short answer is keyless start is available as an option on the limited (but is bundled with a zillion other options that cost a lot of bucks).

    Personally, I didn't think the 3k for the SE was worth it, but I really think it depends on your needs and what you want to be happy. I am happier if I have money in my pocket and basic transportation. We can afford the $3k, but I feel that cars are depreciating assets and bad investments.

    Nonetheless, if I had a long commute or took a lot of long trips, I might upgrade because then it would be more practical. You live in your car more.

    My rides are short (usually less than 20 minutes) and around town. So I really do not need to have leather seats and all sorts of creature comforts to do that.

  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    But on the SE you do get the roof rack and 18" wheels and fog lights, but I just don't know in the long run if it will even matter. It all depends on how I feel the day I go to purchase and the colors they have. They are supposed to be getting some this week in all colors and models. So far I've only seen the GLS in dark blue, that's it. So I have to wait a couple of days.
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    Question: Do you guys think I can get the SE + entertainment package for 28K + TTL?
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    Why not just use new car pricing, pick the trim, do TMC pricing, get the invoice $.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70

    Invoice on a FWD (you didn't say which one) is $31,489....
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    You could always have an aftermarket entertainement system installed. Here's one for under $650. With installation, you'd still be under $1k. It even comes with the wireless headphones.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    I'm considering the aftermarket entertainement system option. Anyone know it that would negatively effect the warranty?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    It should not effect the warranty. It's no different than installing an aftermarket CD player. All the entertainment needs is a power and ground hookup unless you want it to play the movie through the vehicle's speakers instead of just the headphones.
  • Probably not. I just bought a dealership in Virginia's first Veracruz. It was a GLS base, Deep Blue. I love it. It had a sticker of 28,820, I ended up paying 27,650. They did not want to sell it at that. I went to buy a Santa Fe with a third row, I had a 2003 model. I drove the Veracruz and loved it. I also drove an LX Pilot, the GLS looked better and drove better. The LX Pilot looked cheap, the GLS by no means looks cheap. I went in saying I would not pay $30K for an SUV with a 3rd row and I think if the GLS Veracruz had a Honda badge on it, they would sell for $32K.
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    Unless you have a Hyundai dealer installed it for you, otherwise you risk your own warranty. So, ask.

    Remember they have the longest warranty period, else you'd have to wait after its 5yr/60,000 milse.
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