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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nacenace Posts: 45
    per hyundai USA,2010 veracrusz has a $1000.00 rebate.
    2009 veracruz has a $2000.00 rebate. the 09 has only been released three months ago. there seems to be no marketing effort at all from hyundai. i think they have there head in the sand.
    anyone know what changes have been made to the veracruz?
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Guess that Hyundai are up to something, possibly they will no longer be offering the Veracruz. I have asked a dealer this same question and got a shrug of the shoulders.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    See my above post.....I was told recently by a dealer that they are not selling well and are being discontinued....
  • The salesperson was trying to sell what he had on the lot.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Maybe so....too bad since the Veracruz is so much nicer in my opinion....and more $$, so he could have made out better!
  • lassy1lassy1 Posts: 1
    I see some posts suggest that $10K - 11K can be knocked off the price of the US MSRPs. Is that also the case in Canada? I'm interested in the GLS and the '10s are at $38,000 and the '09s are at $36,995. After taxes and delivery, that means I could finance the vehicle over 60 months for under $600. Could it be??? :blush:
  • jaeatsdjaeatsd Posts: 1
    Just purchased a GLS FWD with premium package which had an MSRP $33,640 from Heller Auto. After $2,000 for 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo trade-in (KBB trade-in value $2,325) and $2,000 rebate the final negotiated price was $26,000 before TTL. Based upon how things went I think I could have got it down below $25,000 but am pretty satisfied with the overall experience with the salespeople there. Definitely one of the better buying experiences I have had and this is now my 7th. I was in and out driving the new car in about 2 hrs.
  • me and my wife were at a hyundai dealer yesterday, and we stumbled across the 2010 veracruz and we were really impressed with it, the dealership had a2nd sticker on it marked way up, so we wont buy there but they had a 2010 verecruz catalog so i grabbed one. and this was in florida.
  • anyone out there in florida or surrounding states,have any good experiances with any hyundai dealers that dont put excessive 2nd,stickers or charge an outragious dealer fee,any help would be appreciated.
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    i have read on this forum many times that Fitzgerald auto mall in
    Clearwater fl is a no nonsence dealer. take a look at their web site for more info
    dont etch the above in stone as im from illinois.
  • thanks for the tip.
  • Hello all. It's been a few years since I've been looking for a car and I'm surprised there aren't more postings here of people's new-car buying experiences; there used to be a ton 5 years ago. I'm looking for a good Hyundai dealer in Nor Cal or anywhere in Calif...I'm looking for a Veracruz deal. Looks like people are getting great deals these days. Thanks.
  • we are now in the market and still like the veracruz but the stock locally is terrible. anyone know of a good dealer within 30 or so miles of cincinnati. also how about pricing off of msrp. the veracruz's are in mid/upper 30's before any discounts. thanks in advance.
  • 2009 GLS FWD w/Premium package for $29000.
    2009 GLS AWD w/Preferred package for $28000

    I am ready to buy one of these vehicles.
  • I paid $28,300 with mudflaps, mats and crossrails. Seemed like a good deal to me. Let us know how your deal works out. Good Luck.
  • Today purchased a liquid silver with black interior. Paid $32806 (includes the $1000 incentive from Hyundai) with carpeted mats, bluetooth and ipod cable. MSRP on the car was $37125.
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    congradulations on your purchase. was your posted price before or after tax,title, and whatever? thanks
  • Before. With TTL, total out the door was $35741 (2366 tax, NJ tire tax 7.50, MV reg 413, 149 docs).
  • I see you purchased in NJ. Whereabouts? I was looking in Bergen County for a good deal on the Veracruz and under $33k (before taxes/fees/etc) seems pretty darn good. Was there a lot of haggling and did it include the $1k rebate from Hyundai (assuming 2010 model).
  • We bought a 2008 model in April of 2009 so it was a leftover and Hyundai was running a $4000 cashback so that was why we did so well. Went to the Hyundai dealer in Paramus on 17 and also one up in Wayne on 46. After that, we went to the Liberty Hyundai in Ramsey on 17, laid out what we'd already gotten from the other dealers and they beat the price. We weren't particular about color as they didn't have one on the lot and had to find one for us but it worked out that the one they found for us had some options in it that we hadn't paid for, but they were in it so we got those for free: built in blue tooth, floor mats, emergency road kit, and wind reflector on the roof. Good luck. They were great people to deal with by the way.
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