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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ever wonder how much time Hyundai dealers spend on this site pretending to be typical car buyers? This is true about the so called customer reviews for the Veracruz's on this and many other sites. I wonder if they are paid by Hyundai to write them. This is especially true of the early customer reviews that read like ads-Just traded my 2008 Pathfinder for the Veracruz. I was worried about blah blah but it turns out to be the most fantastic car on earth. least make them sound real. In truth, I did sell my 2003 Murano SL and bought a 2009 Veracruz fully realizing that it was downward mobility. The Murano had a ton of features missing on the Veracruz. The Murano was beautiful inside and out. It pooped out at 140,000 miles and I did not want to be upside down again so I settled for less. That is ok but lets not pretend otherwise. I miss the leather heated seats, pretty interior, 6 disk changer w/bose, remote starter, etc. I think the Veracruz will be hardier-it certainly looks like it should be!

    I'm hardly a Hyundai dealer. Had a Murano SL AWD w/ leather, etc., and I currently have an '08 Veracruz Ltd. I don't see the downward mobility issue at all. I really liked the Murano, and especially liked the handling. But the VC is a different beast.

    I really like the quietness. It has the 6-CD changer and XM. Neither of mine had/has the remote start, and the VC handling isn't in the same realm as the Murano. But, the 3rd row seating is very useful for me, and the VC has plenty more cargo space than the Murano, at least in the stuff I've hauled.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Wow! I'm the first person in a year and a half to buy a Veracruz? No matter, we love our 2011 Veracruz GLS "executive car"/demo (6k miles) that we bought last week.

    Yes, we knew the model was being discontinued. But wife really like all the features, ride, handling, power, style and comfort.

    We paid $27,000 for the GLS with Premium package. MSRP was roughly 32,000. We got about 2 grand more than trade in book value for our 2004 Mazda MPV ($5,500). Edmunds private party is $5,600, so we did really well with our trade in. Everything together I think our actual cost was around $25,000.

    Probably could have come within a couple thousand of that price if we bought a 2012. We really liked the demo car, so we decided to buy.

    Curious as to why these suv's don't sell better, as it is a great suv at a great price. :confuse:
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