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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • Hi all!

    I purchased a brand new 2004 beetle in july of 04. Since I got the car I have problems, first the Windows would go down automatically or the power window feature would not work, the air bag light would go on, the dealership would tell me that it was my fault for not buckling up and waiting a few seconds before driving off, air bag light has been an issue atleast every 4-6 months, new battery 4 times since the car has been purchased, cracked fuel line (800 bucks), just recently had to replace fuses and battery because VW told me that I had a small engine fire and it melted my fuses(1000bucks), now my temp light comes on and tells me my engine is too hot. Got it checked out at Big O tire because they run the tests for free(VW is 125 bucks) they told me that my thermostast is going out and it needs to be replaced for 240 bucks. now my car is lurching and stalling, my RPM jumps to 4 even though im giving just a little bit of gas and going only 25 mph.My car has 80,000 miles on it and gets all its reg oil changes. I am extremely upset and need to know what everyone else is doing! I was reading about a law suit and a list. Please Please contact me as to how to join this fight against VW! :mad:
    This is simply ridiculous!

    -Angry Lil Bug!!
  • No, my 04 is not a turbo. I am not sure on how to deal with this issue - I have made phone calls to VW North America. In one recent message here another person mentioned that they copied all the edmunds emails - great idea, maybe we all should copy and bring to the local VW dealer; and also send them to the executive offices at VW North America. The more copies the better for us, so that they see that it is most likely a design issue more than anything. The more copies for them then maybe they will act! Also, register the complain with the national transportation office.
  • I was told my VW was not worth fixing. I also couldn't deal anymore, the stress of it just wasn't worth it to me. I traded it in and bought a Honda Accord and feel so relieved to have my nightmare VW out of my life!! By the way, I had a 2005 beetle convertible (not turbo). It doesn't seem to matter, the trans go out on all models.
  • What kind of trade value did they give you. Did they know about your problem with the car? I too am thinking of trading it in but now I am working with the regional rep and still trying to get it fixed under the warranty.
  • Yeah that was me that pasted the complaints and e-mailed them to V.W. . And a V.W. rep called me and told me he was confused and wanted to know what my problem was.I was shocked because I spelled it all out for them. A 6th grader would have understood that I did that for the community of pissed of V.W. owners. Any way we did not speak for very long. I suggest that everyone keep pasting similar complaints to theirs and keep doing it till they get it. Especially the ones where that mention filing a complaint with N.T.S.B. Yeah paste them to a word document with a heading explaining what and why you did what you did and mail them to the corporate offices. Go get em. also maybe a lawyer should have a copy of all of these and see what he or she has to say. Is there a pissed of lawyer in here anywhere that in here that could help us.
  • I'm in, the 2005 Beetle I bought my daughter has begun shifting hard 1st thru 3rd both up and down shifting. I've had it at the dealer 3 times and am getting the same run around. There's no way VW isn't aware of this issue, I called VW America to complain about the dealership but got nowhere. I'm fed up and tired of being screwed, the car only has 65K miles and I first took it in with 58K miles on it. I was told the transmission pan was dented and the shift selector needed replacing, well I'm no idiot and have been maintaining my own vehicles for over 30 years so I threw the b--ls--t flag replaced the selector and removed the oil pan which had a small dent in it. The last time I took it in the selector was brand new and I had the service manager ride with me. She saw exactly what the car is doing, had me leave it overnight then had a technician call me the next day to say I needed a new transmission at a cost of $6500.00 which BTW dented oil pans are not covered by the warranty so I 'd have to fork over out of my pocket. Hell, I only paid $12K for the car to begin with. I'm ready to cause just as much trouble for VW as they've caused me so let's give it to them!
  • What is the email address for VW? Do you also have the address for the NTSB? What about the consumer protection council?
  • customer care is

    address is
    volkswagen group of america
    2200 ferdinand porshe dr.
    Stefan jacoby ceo

    vw executive specialist is Katherine fox
    218 754 6504
    800 822 8987

    to file a complaint go to

    good luck to you. I think what you should do is call customer care tell them you want to file a claim and have the regional rep call you. They should give you a claim number and a rep will call you within 2 business days. If they deny your warranty claim you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company if you have comprehensive insurance. I suggest you find as many blogs as you can that seem to be the same as your issue and paste them to a word document for your records to show that you are not the only one. also forward those to vw America.Then forward the complaints to news all news media possible but always forward what you send so that the next person sees where else you have forwarded the info. Then take that and forward it back to vw so that they see you have spent time and have contacted the news media. This issue really sucks and I am in a battle myself. My car has been at the dealership for a week and a half and I am not sure if my problem will be covered or not. If your issue is not covered make sure you get in writing from the regional rep. (not just the service department) the reason for them denying your claim. You will need this for your insurance company. good luck to you. I am with you but I am a college student with a family. I am fighting hard and have taken all the steps listed above. If you have any ideas let me know.
  • First off is your car under warranty?
    If so take it there no matter what they will wave the 100 dollar fee.

    I am guessing since you have a 99 you have no warranty. In this case find a specialty shop that specializes in vw. Most of the time they will diagnose for free. They should be able to tell you what you need to do. The steps are 1 drop the pan save the fluid and check the magnet. If there is metal in there you are screwed. 2 if no metal and the fluid is good put that fluid back in this will save you some money a flush is around 300-400 3. try resetting or more likely replacing the transmission control module (500). If they say to replace a temp sensor ask them how is that going to fix my problem because it more likely wont but it is only 100 dollars.4th If all that doesn't work a new valve body may be required about 1000. You can also try millenium transmissions out of Gilbert AZ. They seem to have good prices on used transmissions around 2000 plus. It is that V.W. always puts in new parts. You can have the part shipped to your mechanic and it will have a 2-3 year warranty. Sure beats 6000. You can google them and call them to be sure of what I say as I have not contacted them. Good luck.
  • Mine is not a turbo but it is the limited edition.
  • I ment they will wave the fee if they can fix it under warranty. sorry bout that
  • bug24bug24 Posts: 1
    ive finally had it with the beetle... my wife bought a 2005 vw nb on the 2006 brand new.. i never drove the car until it was about 15k miles, and i realize the transmission was slippin'.. i took it to vw dealership and they told me it was fine, i was outraged by it, so i made the mecanic drive the vehicle with me in it and he noticed the problem. long story short they replace my transmission with a brand new one and guess what ... nothing changed, same problem. ive been in that dealership more times i can count, i even talked to vw north america and they literally told me "we apologize, theres nothing we can do" WTF something NEEDS TO BE DONE..
  • Im an owner of a 2004 automatic conv beetle! Ive had it with that car!!!! I purchase it pre own. Back in Aug of 2006, it started having little issues!.. like the windows not properly lowering when shutting the doors.. lights going out, my turn signals blinking to fast! Batteries going out!!! NOW... Im having serious issues with the transmission! it's sliping all the time!! for the first two yrs it never gave me any transmission problems! This just recently started happening in Aug of 09!!! It's the only car I have N I needed for work! I hate driving in that POS vehicle! I had to take it with my mechanic today.. and he will let me know how serious is the issue with my the car!!! After reading all this messages about tranmission getting fixed and not doing anything for them... I don't have much hope.. please let me know of any information for claims!!! so frustrated with the situation...
  • Thanks for the prompt response. I've now taken the bug in to an independent transmission specialist who informs me that while I do have a dent in the oil pan, it did not initiate the problem. In fact the pan isn't even touching anything on the solenoid pack. The issue we all seem to be having with these transmissions is not limited to VW vehicles only as similar solenoid packs are used in many vehicles. The problem is the solenoid internals are coated with teflon which after a period of time apparently begins to "gum" up causing the solenoids to hang and resulting in the slipping and hard shifting problems. He told me a company in California is manufacturing a kit to correct this issue and he has personally installed this kit in other vehicles with very good success. The best part is the cost is only $800 to $900 vs $6500 and if the kit doesn't work it doesn't cost anything. He is installing my kit today so I will update all with the results soon.
  • can you post information regarding the kit? Where can I get one?


  • Let me know as soon as you can If that worked. I would love to hear how it worked out. It certainly sounds logical. mine is still at V.W. I just cant believe they wont charge you if it does not work. What city are you in I just may have to take a drive up there if this guy gets it done.
  • How may miles on it now? And did the dealer replace the transmission control module when they replaced the transmission? I would find out because they are suppose to. Find that out and let me know. I am not sure what the next step would be but while your car is still under warranty you are stuck. You can try a different V.W. dealer if it is conveiniant for you. let me know and read some of my other blogs there is some good info in there. We all need to file a complaint with D.O.T. and keep emailing media and email complaints to V.W. and make sure they see a forwarded E-mail from you to a news station or radio or newspaper. I have written instructions and contact info on previous blogs.
  • Do you have an extended warranty? How many miles on it? Also don't just take it to any mechanic even if you trust them. If they are unfamiliar with the car or do not have the proper diagnosing equipment they may have a hard time dealing with this issue. Pay the mechanic for his time but try and get it to a beetle specialty shop asap. They will know more trust me. I trust my mechanic too but I am afraid it is not a headache he can fix. It is nothing personal it is just a safer option. Also see my previous postings for information on how to file a complaint to D.O.T and contact info for V.W.
  • Big O tire is not the place to take your V.W. No I like those boys at Big O too but you really need to take it to a V.W. specialty shop. You should be able to find one. I have listed all the diagnosis steps on previous blogs to help you save money and have listed contact info to complain to D.O.T. as well as various ways to communicate to V.W. Good luck if you need anything else let me know. Also a radiator problem has nothing to do with the transmission and a thermostat is easy to replace should not cost that and I am sure a specialty shop wouldn't rip you off. I bought a thermostat for my 2003 nissan and it cost me 8 dollars. Now it took me about three hours to put it in but hey I'm not a mechanic. How much does a thermostat cost. I mean the part only. Any way it is something in your transmission it may be simple and maybe not but take it to a place that specializes in Bugs not just a place that says we can fix it or fix anything. No No No.
  • sad_bugsad_bug Posts: 3
    I should have done my research before buying my 2005 VW New Beetle Convertible last week.!!

    I was deceived by its "cuteness". It has 70,000 miles & its automatic.

    When I test drove it, it was so smooth. Then a week later when I finally got approved the loan, I drove the car off the lot and noticed the tranny was slipping @ 2 & 3 gear and when it would down shift.

    Now I know why the owner was trying so HARD to get me approved for this loan. Cuz he wanted to get rid of his piece of crap good looking car.

    I am SO sad about this cuz this is my first financed car and I have to go thru this stress.

    The dealer supposedly "FIXED" it....but 10 min after I picked up the had the same problems.

    So my question long can i drive the car with its slipping problem before I REALLY mess up the tranny? :mad: :P
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