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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • Hi Orange Bug,

    Just wondering since you replaced the Valve body and its been almost 2 months, so hows it running now? Thanks and curious :mad:
  • les24les24 Posts: 11
    I replaced that side back window on my 2005 convert. bug about 2 months ago for exactly that price. I have had my transmission "fixed" but need to take it in for a check up because when the engine is warmed up it wants to jerk into 2nd gear. It was my understanding that the warranty was 5yrs/50,000 miles. I spent $4,200 to fix it and can hardly justify buying a new car with that expense working against it. I would not want to sell to an individual and a trade in would barely cover the $ I already spent. I have complained to VW and to NTSB but if you have any more information on how to get someone's attention to this problem, let me know. :lemon: :mad:
  • Thank you everyone for your posting. My 2003 VW beetle convertible with only 56K miles just did this to me on Monday - going into neutral out of the blue. The only thing that saved me was that when I switched to the tiptronic, it was still grabbing. I similarly had the lurching problem intermittently over the last couple of months. When I took it to the mechanic, they said the transmission was testing fine and it was just general wear and tear. Similar to everyone else, the word I got from the dealer and the independent mechanic is that the only fix is $7K replacement of the transmission, no recalls. Unfortunately my extended warranty expired last year. I'm definitely filing a claim.
  • OMG Just started reading about the transmission problems on the VW new bettle, I bought just that car 2004 VW convertible last summer for my wife, cute car and now with only 64k miles started to have the problems that every body has posted.
    First, problems started with the driver's window, did not close right, then the front axle, it just got fixed, and now the transmission started to act, jerking and going into neutral when it gets warm.
    I guess the next thing to do is to file a claim with the NTSB, if anybody knows anything else about problems with this car, please feel free to write a note.
    Never owned a VW before, I guess never will again, bad, bad PR for VW, have a lot of friends that love their VW, not me.
  • les24les24 Posts: 11
    Our favorite mechanic will not work on our VW. He told me he has a friend that loves VW Jettas, but only up to 50,000 miles and then he sells it and buys or leases a new one. After 50,000 miles things start to happen. never, and no more for me either.
  • Hello Antonio 6,
    I was just wondering what your front axle problems were? I know that mine was very squeaky but im not sure what that is. Thanks
  • convertiblebugconvertiblebug Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    VW of America sent me an unsolicited letter. The letter said that if I was having "hard" shift problems, then they would fix the transmission valve body at no cost. The letter also said that if I had already paid for the fix, then I could request a reimbursement. There was no phone # in the letter, but the return address was Auburn Hills, Michigan. I suggest that you tell your dealership to call VW of America if you are having the described problems. Hope this helps.
  • I received a letter last week re: extended warranty 7 yrs/100,000 because they found that some people were having trouble!!!!!! have all my info in the mail to the Auburn hills address with their "post card"
  • All
    I received a letter from VW extending the warranty of the throttle body assembly inside my transmission to 7Yrs/100,000 miles as well. I have already had this part replaced at AAMCO in Rancho Cucamonga (Great Mechanic) and my VW has been running fine for two months now. The repair was $2400.00 and I am hoping to get reimbursed for the repair. I would recommend that you contact your local VW dealer and let them know that VW has accepted responsibility for this defective part and if they can verify if this item is recalled for everyone. I did file a complaint with the NTB as well as others on this thread and not sure if we were notified first.

    Good Luck, I believe there is still hope.
  • I'm glad that the fix worked. Mine is in the shop right now getting the same part fixed. Based on posts that I've seen here, I am very concerned that the problem is going to occur again. Get us posted on anymore problems with yours, and I will do the same.

    It had been my intention to keep this little car for many, many years. Now, I'm not sure that I will do so.
  • I just got my letter today too, so I'm hoping I can be reimbursed for the repairs I had done last summer. Unfortunately, the letter specifically says the reimbursement and warranty applies only to the valve body and not the transmission. The valve body was cheap to fix compared to the transmission - and it was the valve body being defective that caused the transmission to fail!

    On a side note, I just got the car back from the VW dealer this morning - I had to have both front axles replaced, as well as the window regulator for the passenger side window.

    I think the best investment I made after purchasing this car was purchasing an extended warranty for it. It has paid for itself four times over so far. I paid about $3000 for the warranty. The axles and window regulator this morning would have cost me $2000, but I only had to pay my $100 deductible. They've also covered repairs I've had to have done to the catalytic converter (wtf?), the convertible top, the glove box, the other window regulator, the transmission, and the valve body.

    So all in all, there's no way I'd ever buy another Volkswagen. I was just attracted to the cute factor of a baby blue convertible bug. People compliment me on it all the time, and I immediately say, "Yeah, it's cute, but don't ever buy one. It's been nothing but trouble."
  • I will not be getting any help from Volkswagen with the hard shifting problem because my 2006 VW has just over 100,000. Also received no help or consideration when I had to put a new engine in it two months ago. Foolish me for purchasing a Volkswagen - never again.
  • I got my letter last week and just got back from the "DEALER" guess what it was a bait and switch! They found something else wrong with the Tray and said I would have to fix that first before they could do the warrenty work. The bill would be more than $500.00. So I said No, it still cost me $99.00 for their diagnosis and a free car wash!
  • I received a letter just today... It said that they will also repair the transmission valve body as well 7yrs/ 100 thousand miles. I already had my tranmisssion re-build cost me llots of $$$$!!! So car runs better but not the same as how I got it at first :( Im gonna call to see if I can get reimbursment.. Hope I do!! Other than that! Car is falling apart turn signals dont work! the handles to move the seats forward slip out windows dont roll down when I shut the doors, so the doors don't close properly! which is really fruastruating!!! The list goes on and on!!! Don't know what to do anymore..
  • What did you state in your letter? I am having the same problems and my husband is totally disgusted with the car. I cannot trade it in because I owe on it, but I can't drive it either!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • les24les24 Posts: 11
    I received the letter also and am gettiing my receipts together to send in for re-imbursement on the $4100 of repairs I had done. It took the transmission specialist 3 times and two valve assemblies to get the job done right and it is running great. the trade in value on this beautiful car is very low so if you can fix it and use it for a few more years, you should do that. I am done with it. I did not take it to a VW dealership for repairs and I am hoping I have enough records to prove I took good care of the car but it did not take good care of me. I wish you all luck. If you are in the Houston area Aplus Transmission Repair in Magnolia treated me very well.
  • The letter was a typical recall letter stating they would fix the problem if the car had 100,000 or less and 7 years or newer. My car has a little over 100,000.
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