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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



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  • What steps did you take to get VW to pay for the repairs. I will send their President an e-mail but I don't expect that to solve much. Perhaps I should send him an e-mail everyday... ;)
  • I went to consumer affairs in my county. It took three months but VW fixed everything that was wrong with car including replacing the valve body which was the main complaint. The dealership went above and beyond. Good luck but don't count on VW fixing it without outside help. Thewoman from consumer affairs really haunted them.
  • I'm amazed at the comments about the VW Beatle. I really am disappointed in my car. Apparently the problem is more difficult because I have a diesel and I have a 6 cylinder. I also need a Valve Body transmission repair job that going to cost plenty. If you need my info for a lawsuit against VW let me know.
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  • i totally agree i just bought a vw bug a coupl months ago and my car shirted hard i paid 2000 to get it fixed not the transmission but another part worked for 2 weeks now shifting hard again.i thnk we should contact a laywer and get a case agiast vw
  • We can't discuss all automotive issues? What other restrictions are there for Edmunds forums?
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  • I had the exact same issue with 2005 VW Beetle. It would ride just fine until it started to warm up, then it would begin to act up and jolt when it shifted. The dealer in my hometown said that it was the transmission and woul dcost about 5 grand to repair. No other mechanic will even touch it because of the type of transmission it is. Any ideas??
  • Just toss the car over a bridge! VW's are garbage...lesson learned the hard way.
  • We bit the bullet after doing the math on the cost of a used car/new car/lease. It was cheaper to get the transmission repaired. Very hard check to write.
  • I was one of the very first people on here about four years ago complaining about these lemons. My trans went at a ripe old 8,800 miles with its bumpety bump and halting way of going if God forbid I was caught in traffic or ANY time the car got hot. Shook all over like it was having a seizure. You had to stop car because you couldn't shift. In the beginning I had it towed - to VW of course. They KNEW they had transmission problems right off the bat - the valve assembly was it? Can't remember the name now. It was for clutch. I wdnt fix. They wanted ME to cover because clutch wasn't part of drive train? I said stick it. Drove car knowing its' limitations. Finally 85,000 it seized up and HAD to be replaced. I did that and haven't had a problem since.

    I have heard in the interim they warranteed the valve body? Never heard a word about that but it IS reimbursable. VW pays the whole bill so if you're having trans problems they are NOW Covering it but they won't volunteer the info!!! You have to contact VW yourself.

    Me? I've also never had a set of headlights that work. Another structural 'oops'. Spent thousands and one is always out. Drive up a highway at night and see how many others are just like me - we 'wink' at each other!!

    Do the only complaining that counts: report it to the NTSB.

    Mine now has 160,000 miles. Drive was there's nothing like it. But VW screwed us ALL on this car! And I've been a loyal customer over 30 years. Shame on you VW!!!
  • It has been a long time since I have replied to this VW issue. Without, once again, writing my complaints, I will let you know that at 88,000 miles, AAMCO was terrific - replaced the transmission and had to redesign some part. With all this hype about VW Super Bowl commercial, it is bringing my anger out at them. I WILL NEVER buy another one of their cars and still wait in hope of receiving $ for my car(I know a dream). I still have the car, 130,000, window drives me crazy, my mechanic fixed the solution for the headlights. VW did all of us wrong.
  • We got rid of the car! Just couldn't justify putting 5-6000 in a 9 year old car....I spoke with the marketing secretary of the VW president....there was absolutely no offer....just a I'm sorry to hear of your troubles......

    My daughter now has joined the Honda family...will never own another VW EVER!!!!!!!!

    Btw saw a dead "bug" on the side of the road this week..... Just makes me sick ....
  • The dealer is about right 3500 or so for a rebuilt/remanufactured transmissionand 1000 to 1500 in labor the only thing to try is to replace sensors for a few hundred first. then if that doesnt work move onto the valve body for about 100 to 1500. if that doesnt work then replace transmission about 5k. basically your screwed. you could try to file a comprehensive claim with your insurance company. pay deductible get a new transmission. doubt it will work but id give it a shot. i think id try to sell the car if that didnt work and pawn it off on the next guy. unless there is an accident where the car is suddenly totalled and you can get another car . anyway good luck your screwed like the rest of us. we got lucky with a comprehensive claim but the only reson for that is they put the wrong fluid in the transmission when they tried to flush it out to see if that would help. i noticed the wrong fluid type on the reciept after crossreferencing the part number for the type of fluid my car took on line. dont even know why i did that but got really really lucky.
  • After owning this car since Feburary 2000 I have suddenly come up with a serious problem. Last week I noticed a puddle of oil under the car. When the weekend hit I got the car up on ramps and tried to find the source of the leak. I could see the oil running onto the skid plate but could not determine where it was coming from. I called my service center and they told me to get it to them to find the problem. The service center was 50 miles away so I had a tow service take it for me (cost of $255). That day I was told that they couldn't tell, without taking the transmission out, what the problem was ($700 to pull tranny). Upon getting the transmission out they told me the case has a hole that is the source of the leak. Apparently a pin in the output shaft had started working its way out and had grooved a hole in the case. The technician suspected this before he pulled the transmission but couldn't verify until he pulled the unit. I have 145,000 miles on car and haven't had any problems until this time. VW America told me that since the car was 13 years old that its life was probably over but offered $750 toward the purchase of a new car.(Whoopie) cost to repair is $4800 on a car I've bought twice and paid off twice. I have enjoyed the car and the milege and do not feel that this car has ended its life. I told corp. that I think is is a defect since there is no way to see problem or fix the problem without pullin the transmission. If this is a potential problem, then why is there no way to check or reset this pin?
    I'm really miffed and letdown thinking I have to repurchace my car to get it fixed. Guess thats what we get having our cars built in Mexico!!!!">link title
  • allinronallinron Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    I'm very encouraged that you say VW will now pay the bill for this transmission jerking problem. My wife's is a 2004 with less than 80,000 miles.
    Who is the contact at VW? The dealerships don't seem to know anything about it. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
    We bought our first beetle while in the army in Germany. This is our fourth. They sure have gotten complicated over the years.
  • I really doubt that VW is paying for all of our transmissions problems. Maybe they could have reimbursed all of us, and not do the super bowl commercial! hopefully waiting.
  • I have a 2004 VW beetle convertible. Just love the car! But the trans is shot and it was shot when I bought it but didn't know. I've spent 1500 on the windows, another 200 on the top, another 400 on electrical and now looking at spending 3500-5000 on the transmission and it's a 2004 with 110,000 miles. Is it worth it?
  • I certainly would not bring it to a vw place, the AAMCO mechanics did a great job on my 2004 a couple $ less than vw. It has been about 45,000 miles since the work has been done and drives fine..127,000 miles. It is tough because you really can't trade the car in for anything - so you might have to just fix it and drive it. Still boggles me why VW does nothing about they don't think anything is wrong.
  • leviatleviat Posts: 1
    :mad: Hi I recently bought a beetle (transmission 5-speed manual) and I saw that on the highway the car to 63mph in the 3,000 rpm this, a very high RPM, my question is, I can change the differential to decrease engine speed if I can help To fix this, Thanks!
  • bubbakatbubbakat Posts: 1
    My 2004 Turbo beetle needs new transmission at 66K. I want to keep the car as long as possible, but my mechanic warned that if I have the transmission replaced, I might have further problems considering the luck I have had with this car. I would consider going to AAMCO -- which AAMCO did you have your car repaired? Any recommendations?
  • I have a 2004 turbo covertible transmission that went out at 70,000 miles
    Paid a lot to get new one and still doesn't sound or feel the way it should.
    I had a headlite out that VW wanted 80.00 to fix. No one can get to it w/o
    Tearing off the bumper. Passenger door rattles. Water gets in when I go thru carwash. It goes on and on. Too bad cuz I like the look of it. And had a
    1973 bug for 10 yrs that never gave me a problem. Ugh!
  • beetleypbeetleyp Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I purchased my 2005 VW Beetle Convertible used in 2010 when it was just over 80,000 - It was 5-years old, seemed like someone finished paying it off and traded it in for something new, and VW was phasing out the convertible at the time. I bought it because it seemed very stable, drove fine, and I'd had a 70 VW convertible before that I restored from bare metal back in 1988-1990. About a week after purchase, the check engine light came on. I took it into my local dealer/repair and it was the fan system for the coolant. $1,000 +/- later - I had new fans and no light. Yeah! I hadn't driven a new beetle before, so I didn't know that it wasn't supposed to shift down hard from 3rd to 2nd or 4th to 3rd. Occasionally, during the next 6 months, it would take a moment to kick into reverse - it'd rev and then jerk back once it kicked in.
    I stopped by my local dealer/repair for something else and asked if the hard shifting was normal - they did a peak on the computer system and there had been an alert by VW about it and an extended warranty for 6-years or 100,000 miles covering the Transmission Valve Body repair. So, they pulled it in and I was good as new a few days later. I thought that a letter was sent to all current owners, but figured that it went to the previous owner and they had no idea who I was.
    I then started to do more research. I haven't experienced the window motor issues, but that seemed to have happened earlier for most folks, so I'm assuming the previous owner had to deal with it. I did, however notice that whenever my tank is about 1/4 full, and I'm going up or down hill, it will suddenly gasp for air and cut out. When it happens, I just lift my foot off the gas for a moment and it goes back to normal and I'm off and going again after a brief coast. I thought that maybe I had gunk in the gas tank from previous owner and later had the fuel pump go out. When VW was replacing that, they sucked everything out of the tank and it was clean. I thought it was maybe the fuel pump starting to go out, but it's still doing it and I've heard from others that theirs do it too right about 1/4-tank.

    There are lots of issues with this batch of New Beetles. If you're looking to buy one, I can't recommend more highly that you purchase one of those after-market car warranty plans that they sell online.
    If your car hasn't hit 100,000 or 6-years, go to your dealer now and tell them that your transmission seems to be shifting hard. Ask them to look up the service bulletins from VW and any recalls. It can save you a world of hurt later on.

    Good luck.
  • maxpricemaxprice Posts: 2
    Purchased this car new with the Tiptronic 6 speed transmission. The car now has 136,XXX miles. Highly maintained. The car would slip out of gear when driving or would not go into gear when shifting at an idle position. Towed to VW dealership - $4800 for new tranny. Towed it to AAMCO - rebuilt transmission for $4500. Going to try one more place tomorrow. This is frustrating. Should be put the money into the car or put it into a new car and sell the 2004 for parts and then scrap it? So sad to do that to a 10 year old car. It is a diesal and should have lasted longer than this. Suggestions anyone? :confuse:
  • geogaldo1geogaldo1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    had the same problem with trans, took dealer to small claims. was told i should have taken vw corp to court instead. lost lawsuit. do yourself a favor and file small claims and take vw corp to court. my car only had 45k miles when it started shifiting funny. franchise only covered half the cost $2500. ontario vw. never by another vw. reported to bbb with their complaint. judge felt franchise was not responsible. elected to settle and not spend my time with another trial.
  • rbean1rbean1 Posts: 1
    2002 beetle was misfiring in the rain. Mechanic said to replace spark plugs. Next rain, problem returned along with two transmission codes. Then car started having trouble getting out of 2nd gear. Mechanic referred me to transmission shop who said transmission needed to be rebuilt to the tune of $1600-$3000! And this still would not address rain misfire issue. I never use dealer because of high repair costs but broke down and decided to take it to dealer for 2nd opinion. Dealer says transmission is fine! Water test showed Crack in ignition coil caused misfires when it got wet in rain. Misfires caused transmission codes which cause transmission to go into "fail safe mode" causing wierd shifting issues. Coil replaced, transmission codes cleared and shifting fine. Glad I took it to dealer to learn my transmission did not need a 3k repair. I have not driven in rain yet so jury is still out on misfire fix but optimistic At the very least it is worth paying diagnostic fee (110) at dealer to diagnose problems before expensive repair. Dealer will credit back fee if you have them complete the repair. Wish i had gone there first before spark plug diagnosis!
  • neisalneisal Posts: 1
    My husband and I purchased our 16 year old daughter a 2008 Beetle. We thought it would be a good starter car for her. Two weeks ago, she was driving down the road, and she says that all of a sudden after she turned, the car slowed down and she though maybe she ran out of gas. She says that she was trying to press on the gas and nothing happened. People were driving around her, and so she turned the car off, and then turned it back on. She said it felt that it kicked into gear and then she was able to drive off.

    Yesterday, she made a left turn and the same thing happened again. She said the car slowed down again, and she pressed on the gas and nothing happened. She said she pressed on the gas real hard, and the car took off on her. She lost control of the car, and went up the curve, hit a construction sign that broke her windshield and then she was stopped by hitting a light post. She said she was braking the whole time.

    Of course my husband and I did not believe her, and we were very upset with her. We felt that maybe she had taken the turn too fast. When the police came to investigate, they said that the tire marks were way past the point of her losing control after a turn. As I read on this forum, it what people are describing, is what she described happened. The damage to the car is extensive, and I can not believe that she walked away from the accident. Another thing the cop found interesting, is that the airbags did not go off. He says with the impact of the sign, and then the light post, that her airbags should have gone off. I am so scared for her to drive this car again. Any information would be helpful so that I can get rid of this car.
  • maxpricemaxprice Posts: 2
    We had a 2004 that did the same thing. Left us stranded on the interstate and in town several times over a week long period. Had 3 different transmission specialists plus the dealership and they all said the same thing...needs a new tranny ($3800-4000). We sold it off for pennies on what we paid for it and got rid of the headache. We bought a good old 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee....American made. No more imports for us.

    Your daughter is probably telling the truth on this one. :lemon:
  • Wow! so glad your daughter is ok! We got rid of our 2004 ...just could not risk something bad happening and refused to put anymore money into the car!! I myself have been a long time Honda owner, my daughter now has a Civic. Lost money...but her safety was far more important!!
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