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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • buggedout1buggedout1 Posts: 19
    please post any information that your attorney offers. I think that many of these people writing on this site would be interested in at least signing some sort of class action suit. Wonder what would happen if we could just keep sending these e-notes to the CEO of VW, if we could only get the exact email address or phone number (not their customer service people)?
  • buggedout1buggedout1 Posts: 19
    I would recommend NOT EVEN PURCHASING A VW!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Please do NOT post information from an attorney. The Edmunds forums cannot be used to organize legal actions (this includes posting links to attorney web sites, etc) and any posts along those lines will have to be removed.

    Those are the non-negotiable rules of the road here.

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  • imbanterimbanter Posts: 5
    My message did not include any information about an attorney. It simply stated that I had contacted an attorney regarding the issues I have had with VW. I'm not sure how that is construed as me "organizing" legal action or posting information "from an attorney."

    My post simply demonstrated the severity of the situation I have had with VW. I would thing Edmunds would like a free exchange of information so it's readers and subscribers can make a more informed decision.
  • girlcopgirlcop Posts: 6
    Agreed! I did not see any messages with attorney information. The safety of Owners who are driving unsafe VW Beetles need to be reimbursed for repairs they made on unsafe transmission problems. :sick:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Someone asked for information from an attorney to be posted, that's why the warning to not post such information, that's all. It's happened before in many other discussions about all sorts of vehicles and will happen again that someone mentions "class action" an the snowball starts to roll. Just trying to avoid that trap here.

    A free exchange of info about the problems you're having with the vehicles is absolutely fine.

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  • perotmaperotma Posts: 1
    This is the worst car I have ever had and I am pushing VW for money back. If you know of a class action suit started let me know. I had 70,000 miles on the car (90% freeway miles) and the transmission went out. I had an option of repair or replace and they VW talked me into replacing as "repair has a very limited warranty and I'd probably be looking at future problems". Then I received a recall notice for a transmission problem. thus the fight was on with VW because the service records talked about the previous transmission having this recall problem. 3 months and counting I'm trying to get my money back. This is VW's fault. Let me know if you want any more information. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER VW.
  • shirley14shirley14 Posts: 9
    To all those having the VW transmission problems, just saying, THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! It will take some time though. Dig out ALL your papers on the VW, especially those papers reguarding the faulty transmission.
  • nobug48nobug48 Posts: 1
    Iam so sick and tired of this VW 2005 beetles problems. We need to get one lawyer to represent us against VW reps. You can count one me. Please keep me informed.
  • laurenabclaurenabc Posts: 1
    I am a hardworking girl who only needed a car to get across country to go to school and work. Well, I have had to push my school starting date back because I made a HORRIBLE purchase.

    I bought this car with 56,500 miles on it and really since I have had it, the car has been at an AAMCO shop. We took it to two transmission repair shops and both said that the oil was smoking and that there was too much metal in the transmission oil. The transmission has been rebuilt time and time again. We only notice that the car slips when we go above 45 mph. The check engine light will go off if you drive slower than that. But the car slips really bad and gets stuck in gears. I am afraid that one of these days my car will slip and i will get rear ended. We took the car to the transmission shop at the beginning of march, it is now the middle of may. WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. They rebuilt the transmission, changed the valve body multiple times, put high performance transmission fluid in, and they even replaced my computer.

    They finally told us that they would give us all of our money back if they dont ever have to see the car again. But that doesnt help me. I am worried about driving this thing cross country and having my clutch go out.

    This is a serious problem, from what I have read on multiple websites VW knows that this is a problem. What is it going to take for them to have a recall? These cars aren't safe. I was always looking forward to having a VW Golf too, well after the problems I have had with my Beetle it is safe to say that I am NEVER going to buy any Beetle again, and I will also be spreading the word about how horrible these cars are.
  • drsteve66drsteve66 Posts: 2
    My wife owns a 2004 convertible VW Beetle. It only has 58,000 miles. Same issue here with problems shifting while accelerating, getting stuck between gears, and hard down shifting when slowing and braking. Just called the local dealer and they told me that the valve body is covered to 100,000 miles. Will be dropping it off today for diagnostics. Hopefully this will be repaired without any costs to me. Will keep you posted.
  • orangebugorangebug Posts: 13
    Good luck, we too have a 2004 convertible Beetle. We had the shifting problems and our dealer said it was most likely the transmission. They offered to take it apart, if it was just the valve body ($2000) they would fix it but if it was the transmission they would replace it for $7000.

    I hope you have a really good dealer mechanic that you trust, because the valve body should be covered by the warranty (which VW recently increased because of all the complaints).

    We took my car to Aamco, where they can rebuild transmissions but also do valve body work. Fortunately, it was only the valve body, we paid for the repair, made a warranty claim and were reimbursed. My car is running great with its new valve body!
  • blackdog20blackdog20 Posts: 19
    I hope you are right, but don't be surprised when they next tell you that it isn't covered. VW is playing with you. Ours had 84K and it wasn't covered. Check your owners warranty info. They changed the warranty every year just about. We had a 2004 and it was not covered.
  • surfosurfo Posts: 1
    WoW this is crazy.. we should protest in all VW Dealers... same problem in my wifes car.. 2003 convertible triptronic transmission.. , i took it to the dealer so they could change the valve... and they didnt want to, they said I needed a new tranny... no I drive a 2011 Hyundai Sonata i love it 100,000 Miles .. no problems .. VW will start loosing customers if they don't act and fix their big problem in all defective transmissions.. So what can we really do ?
  • My car has the same proiblem. 2003 beetle convertible with 73,000 miles. I was told that I needed a new transmission (dealship $6500.00) Now taking it to a local transmission shop who says all 2003 VW Convertibles have the same problem. I got the letter but I was 6 months too late to be part of the "recall". I think a class action lawsuit would suit us all!!
  • d11rcdd11rcd Posts: 1
    "It reminds me of the Ford Pinto. All those people were killed even though Ford knew there was a defect in the engine that if hit would cause a fire or explosion. This went on for awhile and several people were killed in the process before Ford got busted. "


    "...the number who died in Pinto rear-impact fires was well below the hundreds cited in contemporary news reports and closer to the 27 recorded by a limited NHTSA database. Given the Pinto's production figures (over 2 million built), this was not substantially worse than typical for the time. Schwartz said that the car was no more fire-prone than other cars of the time, that its fatality rates were lower than comparably sized imported automobiles, and that the supposed "smoking gun" document that plaintiffs said demonstrated Ford's callousness in designing the Pinto was actually a document based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations about the value of a human life — rather than a document containing an assessment of Ford's potential tort liability."

    And clearly it had nothing to do with the engine.

    "Toyota's recent problems that caused serious accidents were immediately addressed."

    Toyota's unintended acceleration problems started with its 1996 Camry model.

    "In February 2010, a motion for retrial was submitted on behalf of a Minnesota man, Koua Fong Lee, who, in 2008, was sentenced to eight years in jail for rear-ending a car, killing three of the five occupants and injuring the other two. This happened in June 2006 when he was driving home from church with his family and exiting the highway. Koua insists that his 1996 Toyota Camry sped up to between 70 and 90 mph despite heavy braking. In May 2010, a vehicle inspector hired by attorneys for the convicted man reported finding problems with the car's accelerator system."

    Hardly "immediately" addressing the problem.

    "What car co. ignores such a dangerous issue?"

    Clearly Toyota is one of them.

    I clearly understand your dismay and disgust with the problem you have with VW and your car. No argument here. But the mis-information you are spreading via your post not only exaggerates one problem and understates another, but it is a huge disservice to those who are looking for factual information regarding situations like yours or the ones you referenced. Given your responsibility per your position on the net ("Let it be noted I run a consumer show about commercials at the world's largest live streaming internet network."), I respectfully request you do fact checking before you "spread the word" via your medium. Spreading falsities does no one any good.
  • imbanterimbanter Posts: 5
    How are things looking up? The only way this is going to be resolved is if EVERY owner files a complaint with the National Transportation Safety Board. Here is the online link to file a complaint:

    If you really want help everyone needs to light up the inbox of the NTSB with complaints.
  • megandh8megandh8 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 VW Beetle and recently its been shifting down into first/second gear when i reach 50 MPH. Any lower speed and it runs just fine. I had a diagnostic program run on it and it said the speed sensor was bad, but after speaking with the auto repair shop they said it will normally read that with a lot of other transmission problems. I cannot afford to drop $4000-$6500 on a new transmission, realistically is this what I should expect?
    Thanks!!! :sick:
  • emc90405emc90405 Posts: 2
    To add another Beetle to the list - my 2005 convertible had just over 40K miles on it when the transmission went. VW insisted it wasn't the valve body, told me I could have a new transmission for $5000. Like others, I opted for the Aamco route. Got a rebuilt transmission in January 2011, during which I was told that the valve body was bad, contradicting the VW dealer. Since then, the valve body has gone bad again (in March) and the car is now back at Aamco (in July) with major electrical problems in the sensors and contacts related to the transmission. At least Aamco is honoring their 1-year warranty (so far), but I've been carless for about 4 weeks with all these various repairs and learning to love the city bus.
  • After it is fixed, get rid of it. Use it as a trade on something more reliable.
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