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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • calitricalitri Posts: 1
    To Perotma: My wife has a 2006 VW Beetle with only 34,000 miles. The car is at the dealer as I'm writing this and they inform us that she needs a new transmission; the cost $6,000.

    We never received any information concerning an extended warranty for a transmission valve body. regardless I can't imagine an automobile with only 34,000 miles needing a new transmission.

    I would appreciate any information that you might have that would help our dilemma.
  • jmargaretjmargaret Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 beetle. Covertile that had to have new transmissio at 70,000 miles. Took out a loan an paid for it( missed warranty also-something I knew nothing about). Now- 3 months later it needs new motor! Can't pay this time. Its just sitting in driveway. Please please let me know of any recalls. I have all paperwork. Have all paperwork. Just waiting!!!
  • ericm1461ericm1461 Posts: 3
    Now my wife's Bug has joined the many here with transmission issues. It started at about 44,000 miles. Same thing of inttermittantly lurching and not shifting. Took it to a Big specialist and he was reluctant to work on it, but did do a service of the oil and filter. He said the 6-speed autos are terrible and advised us not to buy another VW! This from a VW specialist.

    So we made it a couple more months and finally took it in to another reputable transmission shop that my auto buddy recommended (forget the shifty VW dealer in Dublin). They gave us a best price of $5000 for a rebuilt transmission. i am not sure that even addreses the possibility of the tcm being bad, which from what I have read here could cause the problem in the first place.

    I am pissed. My wife drives very conservatively and bought the car new. This is absurd. The car shows on KBB as having a fair value of $6000. We are honest folks and could not sell it without telling about the transmission problem. I found the class action attorney listed before and emailed her to see if the case is still viable.
  • dee119dee119 Posts: 2
    I Just bought a used 2005 turbo convertible and I'm having the same probs. I took it to the dealer after reading all the blogs on the possible problems and at first the mechanic tells me there is no fix. Then I mention the recall, which expired in 2011. And suddenly he knows what I'm taking about. My car stalls and recovers even on the freeway at 80mph. He wanted to replace the fuel pump at first, his diagnosis, but I told him that from what I've read, others have replaced the MAF, fuel filter and fuel pump but and the problem still exist. I wasn't comfortable guessing at what the prob could be. Of course, there are no error codes which I already knew that because I had taken it to my own mechanic. The dealer tells me to try to call customer service and maybe they will help me. I do call the and get a rehearsed answer from the rep so I call corporate and get a very nice lady, Emily Goga but when she calls the dealer they tell her they suspect a different transmission problem other than the valve recalled part! And I have to pay $120 for the dealer to diagnose the problem, she won't take my mechanics word. But that VW in no way could help with the cost because the extended warranty has expired. On top of that my airbag light has come on and they want $600 for a module that has gone bad. In my opinion, VW is ok with having unsafe vehicles on the road. :lemon:
  • What is the TCM? I replaced a 600 dollar part that has resolved the dying issue when you slow down and the really hard JERK after a 15 minute warm up. It still does jerk from 2nd to 3rd, but not as hard. VW dealership gave a 1400 price tag to replace valve body and AAMCO gave a price of 1600.

    Mine is a 2004 vert turbo with tiptronic. 124,000. I bought it used, title was LEMON, but hey, most of the lemons are finally fixed, right? well, things have gotten better with it. I love the smooth ride, the gas mileage, but in town always has me nervous because of the herky jerky stuff.

    I also emailed the attorney that has the class action, I have NEVER heard back from him/them so I don't even know what is going on with that.

    I am 500 shy from the 1400 to replace the valvebody. Thinking by the end of the year should have enough.

  • vw_johnnyvw_johnny Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    Well, it has been 25,000 miles and 2 and half years later and the transmission is still working great - so far :shades: . The rebuilt valve body from The Transmission House in Covina doing good.
  • I got the same song and dance from Volkswagen. 62k miles car shifted fine when cold would not shift reliably when warm. Checked and had extended warranty on car for valve body. VW refused to change. Checked on line for valve body rebuilds, removed the valve body, had it rebuilt and replaced myself, car runs like it was new. Very simple fix. Remove pan from trans,remove valve body, send out for repair, reinstall. Fill with expensive fluid from VW and drive. VW has been ZERO help with the issue.
  • ericm1461ericm1461 Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    We heard the same thing. Our VW specialist said it worked for one person he knew. He recommended never to buy a new VW.

    Went to GMC. Leased a Buick Verona for $217 a month (24 months) for what it would have cost to replace the tranny. Apparently, if the Valve Body has gone bad for too long it damages the rest of the tranny. Talked to quite a few folks on this.

    Funny part? We went the VW dealer to try and get the recall honored. They said no. Told them we would never buy another ever. Walked out the door. One guy followed us... Said "I drive a Toyota".

    Enough said...
  • maw322maw322 Posts: 1
    2006 with the same problem as all the rest, tranny fine when running cold... but once the car is warmed up, it lurches between 2nd & 3rd gears and the car throws forward when down shifting to a stop. VW dealer says I nned a new trNsmission, but it's more than the car is worth-what a waste :(
  • I've posted before about my beetle and paying for new transmission. Mechanic told me he would never take on a beetle again. Then I started having various engine problems totaling $5,000. New mechanic told me not to waste any more money on it. Prob have another problem later. How long does ANY body think it will be b4 a recall on this nightmare?
  • It only had $70,000 miles on it when it started! I got the warrany letter AFTER it expired. Had prior owner.
  • My wife has an "04 Beetle convertible turbo. Transmission skips gears, gets stuck in gears etc. Same story I have read over and over. VW sent a notice about the valve body replacement but I arrived in the mail after it had expired. We paid to have it replaced...$1000. No real change in the problem. Car has 82,000 miles on it. I would like to have it work right for her. Where do I go from here?
    So disappointed....
  • That's what we did. My wife's 05 Bug was in pristine condition, 48k miles. We got $4500 trade in for a Buick Verona, which we love.
  • Hi, I saw your post #787 and am very interested in learning more about who you used to rebuild your valve body. My story is very similar to yours. Just had my transmission control unit replaced which seemed to fix the shifting issues for about 10 minutes until the car warms up. My mechanic said he thinks It is the valve body but wouldn't know until he gets into it. He recommended replacing the transmission all together, but I'm concerned about ending up in the same place if I buy a used transmission. I Will not buy a new tranny, just don't see the point if in 60-80k it's going to do the same thing. I just want to get this car running and out of my life. What a nightmare! I'll spare the details as so many have experienced the problem already. Can you tell me how difficult it is to do this on my own. Are you a mechanic or a very talented DIYer? I have a friend who is a commercial mechanic and I can use his shop and tools. I am very handy myself, and would like to know if I could pick your brain a little since replacing the valve body seemed easy for you. Like you, VW is no help. They told me the warranty extension for the valve body expired in May of 2013. I knew nothing about the extension. My car has 89k now.
  • Take it back to volkswagen; the valve body is/was under warranty to 100,000; I did it a few years back and so far so good. I don't know about any warranty expiration; I can't believe they can do that. Go to Volkswagen and make a HUGE stink!!!
  • Having the same problem as everyone else-- hard shifting from 2-3rd and 3rd-4th. Took it into the dealership and was told it was a faulty valve body and would cost $1800 to fix. Called VWA an they said the warranty on my car expired in 2012. Basically, it was a waste of time to even call them, they were of no assistance. I blatantly asked them what all of the new owners of these cars should do, sell it and pawn off the problem onto another person or just drive it until it breaks down? She said "that is up to you." Ridiculous. I wouldn't even know where to begin on filing a class action lawsuit but, if anyone has any information, please contact me.
  • exit152exit152 Posts: 1
    edited January 2014

    I have a 2005 New Beetle. I am the second owner and I was never even aware of the valve body having any issues. I got the vehicle in 2010 with 31,290 miles on it as a high school graduation present and now fast forward to 2014 with 86k miles and the bug started having all the same issues as everyone describes. My parents paid for the diagnoses once for other reasons that were supposedly causing the hard shift etc... and the second time to see if VW would be of any help and come to find out they were not. The valve body warranty ended on 9-27-2011 and I got the car on 7-29-2010 and was never aware of the warranty until I started having issues with the vehicle. I spoke to the Assistant Manager at my local VW and they processed a case, but VW did not want to help at all. My car has been sitting in the garage and it has not even been completely paid off yet and I start school back up in a few days without a car for transportation since I commute to school. I just wanted to say THANK YOU VOLKSWAGEN for making my first car and my favorite model a nightmare!! I'm never purchasing a VW ever again.

  • 2006btl2006btl Posts: 1

    i have a 2006 VW Beetle. My transmission is having problems. i'm worried that it's going to leave me stuck on the freeway. I called a friend of mine who works at a repair shop and he said, oh yeah, the transmissions on those fail prematurely. It's typically the Valve Housing. i'm going to have it checked for sure. I see from reading this forum that this is a known problem and it appears the VW is not assuming much accountability for their product. I sincerely hope that VW is manufacturing their newer transmissions with better reliability. If Not,....then BUYER BE WARE!!!! Thanks for this forum.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,172

    @2006btl said: i have a 2006 VW Beetle. My transmission is having problems. i'm worried that it's going to leave me stuck on the freeway. I called a friend of mine who works at a repair shop and he said, oh yeah, the transmissions on those fail prematurely. It's typically the Valve Housing. i'm going to have it checked for sure. I see from reading this forum that this is a known problem and it appears the VW is not assuming much accountability for their product. I sincerely hope that VW is manufacturing their newer transmissions with better reliability. If Not,....then BUYER BE WARE!!!! Thanks for this forum.

    Welcome to the forums. Be sure to let us know how things play out. Hopefully yours turns out to be something minor, but sharing the info benefits us all

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  • debbie157debbie157 Posts: 1
    edited August 2014

    I feel somewhat bad reading about your problems with fairly new/low mileage bugs. I have gotten a lot of life out of mine bought it new in 2001 and it has 251,000km (150,000 miles) on it, is an automatic, diesel engine but now I think the transmission is going ... a least three times, I after I have left a stop, all of a sudden, bang, just like I have hit a big unexpected pothole - very jarring and then it just carries on - I have had a number of other instances but not as hard ... a bit disconcerting, discussed the problem with my mechanic ... transmission .. he said it would need to be rebuilt at a cost of $4,000 and my car isn't worth that ... I fully expected to get another 100,000 km out of it .. engine is great after some initial issues with the diesel and it still looks pretty good other then the grid which gets hung up on everything ... would appreciate comments from anyone else who has experienced this/solutions .. am not keen to give up the car although have to admit have bought a new Mini (delivery not until November) Thanks

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