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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • I wouldn't touch it, we just sold our 04 GLS with a hard shifting transmission that VW refused to fix despite the recall on the throttle valve body. It is my understanding that somebody has initiated a class action lawsuit against VW regarding this transmission.
  • I agree with everyone else! Keep looking and don't even think about VW. I own a 2005 new beetle. 2 rear window motors went out, changed out headlights 3x, some type of oil leaking out of passenger door (was told that was normal, lol), convertible top never worked right, valve body on transmission was replaced (fortunately it sat in my driveway for 1 1/2 years then the extended warranty was put into place), when gas is at 1/4 tank it will all of a sudden lose power for a few which is scary when traveling on the highway at 65 with many others, the liner is constantly coming loose, the little piece that holds the sunvisor in place broke, the middle console broke and literally exploded out into the back seat...all of this BEFORE 100,000 miles. STAY AWAY FROM VW!!
  • rr43rr43 Posts: 3
    Thank You very much to all of you who gave feedback regarding my questions about a 2005 Beetle..I am taking your advice and looking elsewhere.
  • My 2005 VW Beetle convertible was a complete nightmare! They refused to reimburse me for the rebuilt transmission caused by the Valve Body malfunction. I have all the documents to prove it. Do you think we can at least get reimbursed if the lawsuit goes through eventhough we do not have our vehicles anymore?
    I am still angry about it :confuse: :mad:
  • jubugjubug Posts: 4
    Thanks for the information. Just got off the phone with VW, my extended warranty ran out on 07/26/11, even though I am still under 100,000 miles. They only gave me 7 years not 10?
    Also, found out there is an open extended warranty for the catalytic converter, which I replaced in December, going to try and get reimbursed.
    Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit going for this? :mad:
  • There has been one started, but were not allowed to discuss on this site. You can google white vs volkswagon group of america, inc. I have contacted the attorney but havent received a return phone call yet so ??? Let me know what you find out... or we can exchange emails and discuss further. My VW has been sitting on my driveway for 3 months & I just dont know what to do! Sucks!
  • rr43rr43 Posts: 3
    What type of Beetle do you have?
  • alice86alice86 Posts: 2
    thanx les24 i took it back and they did give me my money back with no buts about it that was good now iam going to look at another car and maybe alittle newer on the year
  • im having same problems... my car is still being fixed. its been a nightmare.
  • they would not extend my warranty and Im under 100,000 miles
  • jubugjubug Posts: 4
    cutepieceofcrap, thank you for the information I am going to followup on it.
    My email is would like to swap information
    Mine has been sitting for 3 months now, 2004 Beetle Convertible with 95,000 miles and transmission is done! Problem started at around 76,000 had it to a lot of shops with the same answer, needs a new transmission $5000.00 minimum fix.

    As a normal consumer, who would know that the valve body would cause the transmission problems?
  • 2004 Convertible 2.0L manual transmission with triptronic
  • I will email you...
  • Sadly, I just bought a 2004 Beetle GLS Convertible.

    I was SO excited! Until my hubby said he thought the shifting felt a bit rough. So I went online and found this forum. Sigh.

    Has anyone here purchased a mechanical breakdown insurance policy? I'm told these cover a lot of transmission issues. I would just be surprised if it covered something I may really NEED someday.
  • Just like all others on here, I bought a VERY nice looking and riding VW Beetle used last year. Ran great for a few months, now having same issues. Sometimes wont' shift, jerks between shifts, etc. Is fine when it is cold, but when it warms up, the nightmares begin. I have taken to several shops, AMMCO, etc, all say the same thing. Needs a new transmission, but we won't work on the VW Beetle! Have to take it to a dealer. Price???? $6,000!!!! I ask, "have you had any issues with this"? No, we have not had any complaints to speak of!!!! Yeah right.

    At my whits end. Spent $6500 for a nice loaded, leather, VW Beetle, now it is sitting in my driveway of no use to me or anyone else.

    Thinking of buying a used transmission at a salvage yard, just to get it to run, then sell it, but don't want to do that to the next unknowing owner.

    Done with Volkswagen...........
  • @dougherty20

    Yep. I bought mine for $8400 (plus tax & license) - we just paid $6900 to get the transmission remanufactured.

    Seriously?? We've spent over $16,000 for a USED BEETLE?

    Do you know how nice of a used car we could have bought for that? One that actually worked to boot??

    VW is in denial of the fact that they produced many years of crappy, crappy transmissions. :sick:
  • something similar was wrong with my tranny in my 04 beetle. I took her in and it was the valve body in the transmission that needed to be replaced. the work was close to 1,500-1,600...mine was covered by warranty but that could be the issue with yours
  • Problem is, I think whoever had it before me drove it with a bad valve body for so long it completely trashed the trans.
  • Don't know what the issue is with this car got it for the wife cause she had to have it. So after 2500. in valve body repair it is starting to drop into neutral when going 60 mph for 2-3 sec then into 5th then back up to 6th and now it down shifted on me going up hill from 4th to 2nd and stalled and almost got me rear ended the issues with this car are so random but all point to the transmission or computer how much more is this car going to cost me. If any body has any info post here to helm me out and a random bit of info it would do the neutral thing only when lower than 1/4 tank. does this car have a broke driver meter on it. :mad:
  • My car does the same thing at a 1/4 mile, I haven't had it tuned up yet so I'm thinking that might be it too; I had to have the valve body replaced too but it was under the extended warranty, you ought to see if you are eligible and see if you can't get VW to pay you back. I found out that the transmissions came from Argentina and these cars are put together in Mexico and with so many postings it is clear that this was a huge mistake. I will NEVER get another VW and I will discourage anyone looking at one. My car sat for 1 1/2 years until the "extended warranty" came out because I was quoted $7000 for a new tranny which was more than the car was worth. Your back window motors will go out if they haven't already and I have some type of oil leaking from my engine that literally goes into the car underneath the doors. My mechanic will be checking into that too. VW told me it was normal...Really? Good Luck!
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