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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • So it is with a 2005 turbo covertable with 36K mileage: transmission started shifting harshly at about 31k; took it to the dealer who tried to pass it off as fuzzy logic; they said they ran the diagnositics and that nothing was wrong; supposedly "fuzzy" is the bug responding differently to my and my wifes driving habits; progressively has gotten worst and started disengaging between shifts; problem is intermittent but clearly getting worst. Toyota's recent behavior has been my motivator to not tolerate large corps ignoring serious and expensive to repair issues. Returned the Bug to the dealership yesterday and told them they can keep it until they fix the problem. Fortunately, the transmission "behaved badly" when my wife took the maint. sup for a test ride. The vehicle is coming up on the 5 year warranty in July 2010. So we will see. Keep you posted....but the preceding discussion certainly has been reassuring that VW has a problem. Thanks for the postings.
  • Is it mostly with '05 Convertibles?? Does Turbo play a part in this do you think ???? I plan on printing out most of these postings and putting them in my arsenal if I continue to have problems even after the new transmission. They called tonight and said it's ready already ... 2 days before planned. It only took them 1 day to replace. When they said it was ready I thought they were going to tell me they decided to replace the valve body again instead of the transmission but they said they put it in. We shall see !!!!!!!!
  • My vw 2005 turbo convertible bug had the transmission replaced April '09 at 60,000. The new transmission is doing the exact same thing - jumping gears and clunking into other gears. I'm just praying it "goes" completely before the 1 yr warranty on the thing is over. Of course it won't do it when I take the dealer rep for a ride.....
    The 1st excuse was the tranny fluid was 2 quarts low, they could find no other excuse to explain the clunking gears. Because it has a sealed transmission they wanted to charge me $800 just to look at it. Once they discovered how low the fluid was and couldn't explain why my husband convinced them they needed to replace the transmission due to poor maintenance at the factory. We'll see what happens with the next one.
  • Thanks for the update....I too will keep you posted....Yes, after they test drove the veh. their maint sup said that the turbo wasn't working correctly and that they needed to attend to it. He didn't suggest that the tranny problem was related. The good news about sharing experiences is that it prepares us in the event they attempt the same "story". What I have gotten from all these postings is to push for an 3 years(min) extended warranty for any work they do related to the transmission. I'll let you know how that goes.
  • what is VW USA's contact info. Please blog this so everyone has it. I do not have this info. please.
  • If some one would get the contact information for VW. and email or phone info what we should all do is start calling and emailing them at the same time every single day until the proper course of action is given to us by VW. We all need to do it every day at the same time.
    We can use co-ordinated universal time or also called Zulu time. Will someone please post the info and lets all come up with the best time for us to call every day blog your time so I can see and post to you a Time. If we hit them all at once every day at the same time It just may work. It is worth a shot. We need to create a paper trail with VW. and when they dont respond to thousands of e-mails we can then take that to local media and then to lawyers congress men ntsb etc. So after you email it we can all send copies of our e-mails to eachother and keep them in a folder. The pile will build and even if you get your problem resolved please stay in the fight are you in If I get the info I will start doing it at noon every day.
  • I picked up my car this morning and I am pleasantly surprised at how good the car feels. I am still paranoid that it's going to happen again. I was mistaken ... I have 50,000 ... not 41,000 ... but still. Cars should not need new transmissions at 50,000. Anyhow, I learned that the new transmission has its own 1 year/12,000 mile warranty so when my power train expires in June I am still covered for another 8 months. My daughter will be getting this car when she gets her license (already 16 ... but hasnt' wanted to drive) and I'm wondering if I should just trade the Beetle in on my Ford Edge right now ... then get her something when the time comes? Or wait. I"m just paranoid that the tranny will go out again and if I try to trade it in I won't get sh*t for it!
  • OMG if it's not one thing it's another. This morning my rear brake light is out. This falls under work I had done in December when my right rear fender was hit from behind but still ..... will there ever be a day when NOTHING is broken on my car ?!?!? I think I"ll trade it in next week LOL.
  • I wrote them, told them my sad story and they offered me $ toward a new VW. I don't want a new VW. I want them to fix the one I have.

    Anyway, the contact info is:
    Volkswagen Group of America
    2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr
    Herndon, VA 20171
    Stefan Jacoby, CEO

    The "VW Executive Specialist" who responded is Kathrene Fox. Her number is 218.754.6504 or 1.800.822.8987

    I'll be writing Ms. Fox again soon, I'm just trying to get all my facts in order. Why don't we all write her? And Mr. Jacoby? Shoot, maybe I'll find a contact person for VW World!

    Still shifting my automatic manually,

  • The CEO is Martin Winterkorn. As far as I can tell, the mailing address would be Berliner Ring 2, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany.

    I'm thinking a letter will be coming together sooner than later.
  • I just sent V.W. various blogs I have found on this site and several others. It was one big fat e-mail. I also sent them a car fax report detailing all of the items that have been checked. I dont want them to stroke me and I think that they will. I have 41k miles and my warranty expires in april. Now that I have all of my ammo I am ready to take it to the dealer. I hate doing it but I have to try and get my new transmission before it is too late.
  • was your car fine after the new tranny was put in? I too have 41k miles on it and I think this was always a problem with mine. I got mine used and lived in a very small town so it never really got warm. But now I live in a different area and have to drive further distances. I pulled up a car fax and noticed the Transmission control module was replaced a month after it was put into the street. there were several other things of course but this told me there was always an issue. I think V.W. put the 5 speed triptonic in on accident instead of the six speed because in 05 that's when they came out with the six speed. This is just a theory and that is why they replaced it. They wont admit there mistake they will just hope that many of the incorrect transmissions they put in will outlast the warranty.
  • myposbugmyposbug Posts: 2
    I am the unfortunate owner of a 2003 Beetle that I purchased 2 years ago used. Had the valve body replaced last year and now the tranny is completely gone. I will NEVER buy a Beetle ever again. Once I have this junker paid off I'm getting rid of it. There's no way I would put another tranny in this thing after reading all the horror stories here. Did VW purposely build this car to go bad on you? :sick:
  • moanddonmoanddon Posts: 1
    My story is similar to yours! My 2003 Conv. Beetle jumped into neutral today while I was taking it to a VW dealership.(First occurrance happened a week ago in town - have seen 2 mechanics for this problem in one week) I was on I-95 going 75mph and suddenly I was going 40 to 25 - 15 and in neutral. it was all I could do to get it over to the side out of traffic coming behind me. When I got to the dealership, they said they had never heard of this problem - and yet I read all of this!

    When I got home tonight - in my delightful replacement rental car (the VW dealership did not have a auto for me to use) I called VW of US and they did not have a record of this problem. I agree - this problem is as serious as the Toyota issue and should be dealt with the same.

    I am appalled that the dealership and the VW of US is not aware of this. For me - my days of owning a VW are numbered if at all. When I purchased this car (we have had SAAB's for 20 years and expect our cars to last) I intended to have this car for more than 6 years and with 63,000 miles on it. I do not know what the VW dealership will find or be able to even help with this problem since this seems to be a new one for them. I would like to move further on this issue and present this to some group that will be able to help. Please advise. Thank you!
  • Yeah I just took mine in today and emailed v.w. The guy was at least nice where I went. I also think it is appalling that these service writers say they have never heard of this issue. I feel bad for you. I only hope that they can fix this problem. I have forwarded v.w. information and some customer complaints from here and various other websites I suggest you or someone else do the same. They need to know that you have filed a complaint with ntsb and that you are aware that others are having the same issue as you. the only way to help yourself and others is to create a paper trail and e-mail the piss out of them with whatever information you find. also forward your complaint that you sent to v.w. to news media, radio, newspapers etc.Then forward those emails back to v.w. so that they see that you are sending this information out to others. This I think is one way to fight back and the only way they may finally listen. If everyone here did that we just may get somewhere together.Good luck I send one email sometimes two a day. I would have loved to see the look on the guys face that read one of my e-mails and realized I forwarded it to cnn. Till next time.
  • myposbugmyposbug Posts: 2
    I think I figured it out. I bet the problem is the transmission can't handle the turbo. I noticed starting in 2006, the beetle was made with a 2.5l engine and a tiptronic transmission. :(
  • same thing happened to my 2004 vw beetle...on route 95 in NH and the car gears were all in brackets, and the car slowed to about 30...needed to get to the right lane and get off highway! I truly cannot believe that VW NorthAmerica has customer service personnel just telling us that it is our problem not theirs. Cars should not need new transmissions under 100K miles! It is surely a design problem that they will not own up to.....I would very much like a reimbursement from them for the $5,000 I had to spend on my car. WHAT CAN WE ALL DO ABOUT THIS????? I try to talk to VW North America but can get nothing from them. It is more than frustrating....look what is happening to Toyota....we need to keep these write ups going.
  • shaunnalshaunnal Posts: 27
    I am curious if yours is a turbo also? As per the other persons thoughts who posted right before you. Mine is a turbo. Please let me know and yes we do need to make them fix these issues but how??
  • shaunnalshaunnal Posts: 27
    Good Morning,
    Well there certainly is ALOT of complaints on here to try to keep up with. I am wondering what you have found out, as I see its been about 3 months since you posted this. I have a 2002 turbo beetle with tranny problems...besides many others. Something has to be done!! Thanks for your reply
  • shaunnalshaunnal Posts: 27
    Today I called our local Dick Hannah Dealership, talked to the manager. Told him my problem and of course they want 100.00 to diagnose the problem. Im so frustrated that I contacted our local News Paper, hopeful that they will research this out and write a letter in the paper. Maybe they can help get things done. I have contacted the NHTSA (if that is the correct abbrev.) Others have as well, What is it going to take!!! If I can barely afford the repairs, what makes them think I can afford to take it in just so that they can tell me what I already know is wrong?? WOW SO FRUSTRATED!!! SOMEONE HELP US!!! The value isnt worth more than the TRANNY REPLACEMENT!!
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