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Pontiac Bonneville Engine Surging Problems



  • what will fix this i have the same problem...up hill at steady rpm will buck like its trying to down shift. thanks
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    Most likely plug wires and plugs.

    Replace with quality OEM type and AC Delco spark plug.
  • thanks for reply..i left out what i did allready, plugs,plug wires and made sure no plug wires touched 02 sensor (#6 was). droped tranny pan replaced filter and fluid. replaced several rubber fittings to hard vac line which direct factory replacements dont exist but got it done anyway (rubber "L's" and "T''s). cleaned two positive side battery connectors (corrision medium). new battery last year. this was my dads 97 sse and has 82 thousand miles. it came off the show room floor and has all options down to the chrome opt. rims. he had this problem for several years and it had its third ecm/com replaced while under warranty. used to be occassional but now its definately daily. its a bad [non-permissible content removed] ride and i cant sell it espically with the surge. all suggestions appreciated
  • i had the under load uphill surge like all u guys...did all the stuff per my earlier post. lastnight i just installed a new-adjustable transmission module to the tune of 27.00 and now under hard throttle i can scratch 2nd gear. old module had lost its tension ability on the nipple that slips into the transmission and it was full of tranny fluid...probably do to my dad overfilling the fluid level to the point of filling the dip stick tube which was how he tried to fix the surge at about 50,000 miles. gonna do more uphill testing today but last night it seemed to be gone. module located on drivers side near exhaustmanifold. also comes with new 3 inch long L shape hose to eliminate old funky 2 hose with inline connector. more connectors equalls more chance for vacum leak. also car now shifts more harder than i like so hopefully a few turns of the screw inside the vaccuum nipple will solve that. also front tires burn out with traction controll on now...turning screw now good luck
  • surgeing now gone ...still shifts a little hard,,,will try adjustment on modulator after it cools down...way to close to the exhaust manifold to chance,,,probably why everyone has this flaw or maybe vaccuum modules like 800 degree neighboring parts...not
  • :sick: I have an 89 pontiac Bonneville and everything on my car is original except for 5 internal pieces and a few external. Recently we had a series of problems on the fourth of july my car was running just fine we get to the fireworks show i kill her start to start her back over and she wouldn't crank (this is after all day my driver's side door wouldn't open.. after she wouldn't crank that started opening again and hasn't messed up since) but what it did that night was basically i putted it back to the house. I took it to the shop they swore it was my spark plugs.. nope nope.. then it was my catlike converter.. still not a fix. After my muffler fell off now the only problem i have is once i start hitting 40 and she kicks back down in rpm's she will start vibrating real hard at me as long as i stay on the gas for the majority it goes away. (its real hard to explain its one of those things you just have to drive it.) If anyone has had the same problem or any idea im up for it i just don't know whats going on and please don't say junk the car she is my baby and pride and joy i have more sentimental value in that car then money can buy!
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