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Jeep Cherokee



  • Have you tried to spray brake clean or starting fluid in the carburetor? If that starts check the vacuum lines up by the ps pump.
  • I am wanting to know if I should use a rebuilt 2.8 or if I can upgrade with out spending alot of money?
  • they say there's no such thing as a dumb question but, boy, do i feel dumb askin this one.

    i got a 2000 cherokee, right hand drive, (yeah, i deliver mail) my flashers stopped working...i have a new fuse but i can't find where it is to replace it....anybody out there know where it is?..i've looked under the hood, under the's probably right in front of me..but i dont see
  • My '99 has a fuse access panel in the right front kick panel (next to your right foot). I don't know if this will be the same for your mail Jeep.
  • thanx dancerman, i found that box...there were 3 fuses...none of them matched the serial number i have on the part....pulled them all out and changed to the new part...had no effect.....either that's not the right ones or i have another (i hope not...just bought this thing in 11/'s already cost me nearly 3 grand for repairs...although they never stated anything was wrong with it)
  • It may be the flasher or the signal switch.
  • cloecloe Posts: 1
    My 1997 Jeep cherokee started making a clunking type thumping noise underneath. I had new brakes installed and they were rechecked for problems to make sure nothing was loose or malfunctioning and they checked out okay. The clunking noise isn't all the time. It comes and goes and stops when you apply the brakes. It makes the noise sometimes while just driving along and also will start after turning sometimes. It will make the noise for a few minutes to a few miles then go away then comes back. Any input on what the problem may be would be appreciated. Thanks
  • My 1997 Jeep Cherokee Limited auto,pumps out transmission fluid when I am climbing hills on the road (some-one said "it could be a seal in the torque converter needs replacing)
    Has anyone had this problem, or know if this is correct ? ?
    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  • garry7garry7 Posts: 6
    Your clunking noise sounds like problems with wheel bearings in front hub. I wonder if this noise only happens when you're in full-time 4 wheel drive ? ? if so try driving just in 2 wheel-drive, and see what happens, but either way, get the front wheel bearings checked,
  • jonnyvjonnyv Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    Would greatly appreciate any help. I have 96 Cherokee Sport with 215/75R15 wheels and tires. Just wondering what is the biggest possible tire size I can put on it with the current rim size. I'm thinking of getting bigger wheels, perhaps 16" or 17" and maybe 2" or 3" left kit in the near future. I've installed the K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK) last summer and not sure if getting a lift kit would in any way affect the FIPK. Again, thanks a million for any input. I'm trying to figure out what options are possible 'cause I wanted to have some fun 4X4 and the factory tires aren't cutting it. :confuse:

  • I to have this exact problem went to mammoth this weekend and on the last grade, witch is a long climb, my transmission started leaking, i could tell by the smoke trail i noticed in my rear view mirror, i stopped by the side of the road and saw a puddle of transmission fluid on the ground and dripping from my transmission couldnt really tell were it was leaking from but it was either from trans cooler lines or where the engine mounts to the transmission, i suspect it either the torq converter leaking or the transmission where it connects to the converter, but i checked the trans fuiled level, it was full. i made it to mammoth i kept the engine rpm under 2500 the rest of the way up and also all the way home witch was a 300 mile trip, transmission does not slip or make any noises, works fine, does need a fuiled change though kinda dirty.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Off road guys usually talk about tire diameter when discussing larger tire sizes, for example 33's or 37's. I know without a lift you are really limited in tire size as you will hit the fenders only a few sizes over stock. Your FIPK won't care what tires you have but when you go with a bigger tire you will need to recalibrate your computer or your shift points (auto transmission) and speedometer will be out of whack. But more importantly, larger tires will cause you to loose low end torque because you are in effect changing the gear ratio. It also puts more stress on the entire driveline. You may want to pose your question on a web site that it geared more to off-road. Here's one ; there are many others. Good luck.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    Can you tell me if the change in thermostat kept the electric cooling fan from constantly cycling on and off? In the summer with the ac on this fan cycles to the point of annoyance. I would almost rather it stayed on all the time instead of cycling on and off.
  • garry7garry7 Posts: 6
    I think you will find that it is your air conditioner that is cycling on and off and not your cooling fan. and it is normal for your aircon. to do this.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    To remove the radio, first grasp the fake wood "or platic" surround. It's easy to do. Grab it at the very bottom on both sides and pull, you won't hurt it and it will pop loose and then you can simply lift if up and remove it. Once that's accomplished you have complete access to the radio for removal. I had to learn this to replace my fog light switch. The dealer wanted over $200 dollars to do this. I found out from another Jeep owner about how to get to it. Bought two switches on Ebay for 20 bucks each. It took me less than ten minutes to change the switch.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    I'm not sure it is the ac cycling on and off. Watch your temperature gauge. The electric fan does cycle on and off a lot in warm weather and especially if you are using your ac.
    I would still check the relays first. If you fan won't stop running, pull the relay and see if that stops it. Buy a new relay, they're cheap and see if that fixes your problem.
  • 90xjgirl90xjgirl Posts: 3 wrangler and cherokee stuff is there or
  • mikkinmikkin Posts: 4
    Hey everyone...

    FINALLY.. the vibrations gone..!!! And guess what.. its not the tires, the shafts or anything major... my mechanic explained me that its the yoke in which the shaft sits which became loose due to wear and tear and that made the shaft move around causing vibrations above 55MPH... and the main part is that the jeep dealer to whom I had taken the car initially said that "this is typical jeep..!!!"...Hmmmmm.. I dunno... initially i thought of trusting jeep dealers more than my local mechanic... but i guess i was wrong...Guys.. if anyone needs any help in this regard..lemme know.. if you stay in and around upstate NY then i can give you the mechanics address..
  • bb1362bb1362 Posts: 1
    can you put a motor from a a0tomatic into a standerd.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Is this the front or rear axle shaft, or the front or rear driveshaft? How much was the part for the repair?
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