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Jeep Cherokee



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    compressen check on that cyl will tell you about rings or valves
  • Having problems finding the fuel filter. Does anyone know where it is?
  • I live in Springfield OR and I am looking for a cheap place to go and get a front driverside electric track. Does anyone know of a good place to go? The seat is in good condition, but the track is busted. The last owner was a very big man.
    Thank You
    Paganmomma :shades: :)
  • U don't need to be big person to bust that track. The whole seat structure system stinks on these Jeeps. First vehicle that I've ever owned that something like this has ever broken. Cheap materials!!!! :mad:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Ask around at a salvage yard. Maybe a body shop if the electrical stuff is ok and it's just the track that needs fixing.
  • mguymguy Posts: 5
    what ever happened to your project?? did you find a pcm??
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    thanks for asking mguy..what happened was winter came,got too cold to play wih..found a father/son who needed a 4.0 engine to rebuild,so junior would have wheels..sold them my-90 pioneer with a great body and a bad pcm for 500..i even threw in all the extra trans,rearends,ect i had to it..took that money and picked up a 97 grand cherokee laredo all wheel drive-with a growling rearend and two broken windows..
    i've "hillbillied" plexi into the passenger door ,and the 1/4 glass on the passenger side(why they missed the rear door-i dunno)'s a v8---is that the 318?--.but the guy's brother-in-law had it setting at his work's bodyshop for two broke the windows..his boss started giving him greif about inherating lawn decorations and sutch,so i got it for 500...the body's straight,a tune up should fix the motor,but the rearend's's that all time all wheel drive,
    --has anyone tried putting lock/unlock hubs on those?..cause i notice why the rearend went out..i turn tight in a parking lot,and can feel it binding..should be good in crappy weather,but on a dry parking lot,it binds.....haven't ran the first tank through it yet,but have already discovered --it LOVES gas..and drinks a lot of it!..i'm hoping it will get me through the winter without too mutch trouble..fortunately,all i need is to get to my doctor's and the grocery,so it should make it that long
    rebuilding a rearend should prove a challange to my abilities,but-i've got more time than money,and will give it a whack!

    -- :confuse:
  • try your local auto salvage. If there is a pull and save near you that would be your best bet. I did the track and seat last year and paid 30 dollars total. Good luck.
  • mguymguy Posts: 5
    Well, sounds like you got your hands full. I got a ecm (pcm) from a junk yard and my 96 jeep fired right up. MY 97 grand cherokee Lorado's engine just took a dump. At least i have one running car now. Before the engine (200,000 miles) died , the rear end had been growling also. but that was after i put in new bearings in rear of pumpkin. (pinion bearings??? i guess) Is there any adjustments in there to make noise go away? Noise louder when under load>
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    :sick: i've never really torn down a ring and pinion before,but,i may end up learning how..
    --your not giving me a lot of hope for my new aqusition,with yours going "clank"..
    did you fry the bottom-crank/rods,or was it electrical?
    was yours "all wheel drive"?,are all laredo's?..
    -i was thinking about the "all time 4wd,and would trading out the transferr case to a shift in 4wd case-like out of a cherokee- a good idea? would it fit?
    my motor sounds good,other than a fresh set of plugs and wires..
    were you running that 5w-stuff in it?..they should ban that stuff..someone might use it,and think it lubricates!5w is too thin! 3-in1 oil is 10 weight! DO NOT USE 5W-NOTHING!!..not in anything you want to keep running!!
    ..guess i'll spend the winter researching some stuff,get in contact with some rock crawler peoples,and make a's hoping it makes it through!
  • does anyone know if you can interchange an 86 seat track for power seats to the same in an 88? :confuse:
  • mguymguy Posts: 5
    I know this isnt much of an answer, but I bet you can call any junk yard (auto wrecking) and they would know or be able to tell you straight away :blush:
  • Yep your right it didn't help much because it was the junk yards that weren't sure if it did or not. They have an 86 track, but aren't sure it fits the 88 seats. I guess I will have to go done and look at it and compare. Thanks though.
  • Did you call the dealer and inquire if the part number was the same? Too simple or what? :)
  • I have a very used (180,000 miles) 1994 Cherokee 4.0L. I bought it 3 months ago. A week ago, I noticed a grinding sound coming from the front drivers side when turning right or left. This gradually got louder. Before I was able to get it in the shop, the grinding sound was replaced with a loud snap, then a thump, thump, thump, (also very loud!) that accelerated with speed. I could feel the thumping on the drivers side floor board. I drove it the 12 miles home. I am sure causing even more damage. I have been reading other posts and it seems that it could be many things associated with the axle, hub, etc. Could someone please get me started looking in the right direction. Thanks!
  • how to remove glovebox and or dashboard. having ventilation prob's an am looking into installing "heater treater" parts.
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    go to ""
    set up a account-enter your kind of car,and they have a online manual-with exploded views,this will give you a idea of what comes apart,and where to look for the screws ..
    "heater treater?..maybe heater core?..anyway,the online manual is there..maybe that'l help..
    merry christmas :sick:
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    sounds like you snapped a cv/u joint..have ut towed,to avoid further damage-after you've done your phone work..look for someone who specialises in jeep service,as there are special tools for 4 wheel drive..
    if you shop for the cheapest guy,he may not do all the little extras that might save you more work later on..
    you also don't want the mecanic who'se trying to bring everything back to new--it's NOT's got 180k on it!..but-with proper service,they can last to 500k
    but you don't do that by snapping a axle,and driving it home-just becausre it's still moving--get to the side of the road,orthe next exit,anbd STOP..when things are grinding metal to metal,those are expensive parts grinding up..usually more than the wrecker/tow truck would've cost you..and-with any 4 wheel drive-when calling a wrecker-let them know it's 4w drive,as you can't drag a jeep with any of thec wheels on the grou need a rollback or a trailer..
  • len19len19 Posts: 4
    Workng on kids 2005 grand cherokee. Can't turn the ignition. have tried the tricks i know. he went to dealer, says it the cylinder. can't get it out. any tricks. the wheel is locked but i can put in gear. maybe thats the problem? Thanks
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