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Jeep Cherokee



  • I have an 01 sport with I6 motor. My a/c will cycle for about ten to fifteen min the the compressor will stop working. Have had pressures checked and was told that the oriface tube was clogged up. Also I have changed the coolant fan radiator switch on the high side because the electric fan doesnt work with the a/c. I know switch is used for telling ecm when pressure is too high, but that is not the problem, ecm is not telling fan to engage. Could this be a R134 flow problem? Dont want to throw money at this problem, could be costly.
  • zonian01zonian01 Posts: 1
    I was just curious to see if this problem was resolved. My daughter's '94 jeep cherokee has the exact same problem except that now after restarting, the problem still exists. I did find that if I turn the ignition back to acc., everything works. Heater, wipers etc.. Appreciate any help.
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    Just picked up my new cherokee, great riding suv. Went to put my child seat in rear and had problems with headrest. Anyone know how to remove or raise the rear head rest so car seat is flush with back of seat. Car seat is leaning on headrest, feels sturdy but there has to be a way to remove. All suggestions aprreciated thanks
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    my-98 gcl has a "collar" around the two steel posts..
    one has a "taper" kindaymbol on it..turn that one-(clockwise?) and pull the headrest out... then when you want to fold th rear seatsfor cargo,you'll find the same buttons that hold the rest-so yaon't loose it-on the bottom seat-flipped up!
  • nthompson1nthompson1 Posts: 13
    All of a sudden, after leaving a fillup at gas station and entering highway, my Jeep started jerking repeatedly, evenly, between 45 - 65 mph. It has never done this before. I could keep up with the flow of traffic. After an hour on the road trying to get home, I pulled off an exit and stopped at sign. The motor died, and Jeep will not start even though battery turns over. I had it towed home. About 4 months ago, Walmart would not change the oil; man said he heard a noise in the engine. A Napa station I regularly go to did change oil. A neighbor says sometimes the sensors do not communicate correctly, and this happens. Any ideas? This is a 5 speed, 4 wheel drive Jeep.
  • 93cayenne93cayenne Posts: 1
    I own a 93 JCS as well and have to replace blower motor. I do know that you may not need a switch because the "resistor" is what slows the voltage down to allow your blower motor to run at lower speeds that high. So more than likely just replace resistor for bout $15 bucks and should fix the switch problem!
  • 2002 Grand Cherokee Loredo 4.0 Engine. I am going nuts as well just trying to replace the spark plugs. I am an ole mechanic from the 50's-60's and the stuff that is on the engine does not make the identification of location or proper removal readily identifiable. Looking from the front to the back of the vehicle, are the plugs on the left or the right?
    The left has some sort of bar with additional 4 extrusions that are long enough for two spark plugs. This bar has several bolts heads that would appear to be holding it in place. Is this where the spark plugs are located?
    The electronic ignition has really small wires in a harness that runs behind the oil stick and lays against the block. What I cannot see is whether or not those wires go up to and through the bar on the left or to the conduit bar on the right. Very confusing.
    Anyone know where I can find a schematic to the 4.0 Liter Engine?
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    edited November 2011
    sounds like the electrical ignition switch to me..
    take a simple circut tester,with a light,and pull the cover plate just behind the steering wheel,to expose the wires..three t-20? screws hold it on..
    i.installed a remote start this way,and there is one wire that suplies all those things you describe,the other is to run the engine..
    i suggest first finding the offending circut by turning it to acc-finding if it works on "on" as well,if not,the contact in the switch is bad..try to clean it with wd-40,but odds are,you're gonna have to replace hillbilly side would try a toggle switch-branched from a switched(one that goes off with the key),cause if you go from a always live switch,you'll probably do what i'd do,and forget it-just once-and come out to a dead battery ! ! good luck!
    ------post script.-----------
    first,CHECK ALL YOUR FUSES??!! !!??
  • i have a 1993 Cherokee with a auto in it with the 4.0 high output 6. i also have a 1990 Cherokee with a auto and the 4.0 inline 6. but not the high output its got the old computer in it. what i want to know is i want to put the motor from the 93 into the 90 will the computer harness from the 93 plug into the firewall and work in the 90 Cherokee? so basically i need to know can i put a motor and computer from a 93 into 90 jeep and just plug and play?
  • Hauling that heavy of a load and driving so fast and kicking it down to pass cars is whats doing that. I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 318 and i have changed everything you have except for the clutch fan and mine does just fine. It gets hotter than normal when my other half has me haul more than its made to haul. But I baby mine. The fastest I had it was 65mph on the highway which is the speed limit. Mine has 209,495miles on it and still going strong. But I don't drive it hard or hot rod it like your saying your other half does. Hope this helps you out. :D
  • I own a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 318 in it. I have changed all the sensors that are on the throttle body,both sensors by the thermastate housing, replaced all fuses and relays,new K&N air filter,its had a tune up, except for the cap and rotor cause its a pain in the a_ _ to get to. Getting ready to change that and fuel filter here in a day or so. But what it's doing is when it's cold it starts and idles like it should. But after it gets to normal operating temp when I startit, it dies or idles down so low it almost dies but it catches it self and idles back up. I have no problems while driving it. Just starting it. And some times here recently it dies when i stop after being in reverse. But thats when it's still a little cold. Any ideas what could be causing this? :confuse:
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    cap-rotor,and maybe plugs+wires.. my-98-318 had a slight miss-till i freshened up the cap and rotor,got lucky when the parts store was having a sale,and got split-fire plugs for 2 bucks each.. been two years now-with 150k,.. still purrs!!
  • Although I have reviewed some of the posts concerning death wobble's, I want to ask about my specific situation. My 1998 jeep grand cherokee limited (5.2l motor) had been doing the death wobble quite often, about a total of 20+ times at higher speeds of 50mph on up. I learned quickly how to control or stop it by coming to a quick complete stop. (on the side of the freeway) Most of the time the problem was initiated by going over a bump. I noticed finally that my track bar bracket broke, just below the bolts to the frame. I was told this is very uncommon. I replaced that, now my c/v axle's are getting bad. I have noticed that it seems to do the death wobble less in cold weather. I'm kind of assuming maybe its because the bushings, etc. are stiffer, which creates less play rather than when its hot out, and the bushings are warm and flexible. Do you think the track bar bracket bushing is the cause or a combination of parts, or something alltogether different? I look forward to your opinion. Oh, and what could happen in the worst case senario? Besides crashing and burning? What would be likely to break altogether? Is this quite unsafe for this to be happening on a semi-regular basis. I'm not that stupid, and think I know the answers to this, but would like to hear it from a mechanic. Thank you. Jason
  • The same thing happened to my 1998 Jeep.
    I replaced the steering stabalizer and the sway bar bushings. The death wobble stopped instantly. That wobble was the worst thing especially when merging onto a highway!!! I always tried to avoid bumpy roads!! Ha
  • I had this problem two Jeep Cherokees ago, it turn out to be the wheel bearings in one wheel. It wasn't that expensive to get fixed, I would check that.
  • Hi,
    does anyone have an experience with replacing of the control arm bushings? I'm affraid it's waiting for me, I have never done it before. 1998 Grand Cherokee. Any special tool needed ?
    Thanks for reply
  • underphoenixunderphoenix Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    While rummaging through behind my glovebox i accidntally cut a red hose that is going to the temperature knob. this hose is accompanied by multiple other hoses going to the same spot. Will i be able to replace this hose?
  • natas226natas226 Posts: 1
    hello. i'm having the same issue and was wondering if you ever figured out what it was. please let me know.
  • I have a 94 Cherokee Sport w/170,000 miles. Recently it has started cracking the spark plug in cylinder one about every 3-4 weeks or about 500 miles.
    Does anybody know why this is happening?
    thanks for your help.
  • any coolant leaking? i'm thinkin hot plug-cold water=crack??
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