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Jeep Cherokee



  • chaser1chaser1 Posts: 20
    Since you didn't mention whether you were comparing Apples to Apples, I'll assume you aren't. The Bravado only comes with a full-time 4WD option - not part time 4WD only. I don't think it's a fair comparison to make between the two (if that's in fact the case) Which -case does the Cherokee have - 231 or 242?

    BMW, I find I/I 4WD better in the snow than full-time, I've certainly never gotten stuck in snow with part time 4WD...

    Then there's the cost factor, I don't believe the Jeep and Old are in the same ball park. Mine idled fine (a little high - but smooth) in the mornings. I was able to get 22MPG with my '98
  • Folks:
    I am looking to buy a new car and am trying to keep an open mind about it. The thing is I realllllllly like the looks of the original Cherokee. I simply like it. I have a '98 Classic in mind that goes for $16,500, it was a leased vehicle. Is this price reasonable? Also, advise on any of these points please:

    1. Can the 4WD system be driven on half ice/half dry pavement, I've heard that the lower-type 4WD system MUST NOT be driven on ANY dry pavement or it will DESTROY the differentials and drive train. Selectrak can do it but Commandtrak MUST NOT. Any word on this?

    2. The rotors warp and need replacement -- is this true?

    3. What is the classic "electrical problem" Jeeps have had?
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Well lets see.

    1) The difference between the Command Trac (part time only) and SelecTrac (full time or partime) is that the Selectrac includes a differential in the transfer case. This permits all 4 wheels to travel different distances when turning. In part time mode, the front and rear drive axles must turn at the same rate, so 1 wheel in front and 1 in the back must also turn at the same rate. When driving in a straight line, this isn't a problem since all 4 wheels are turning at the same rate anyway. But when turning, the front end will start hopping around trying to force the outer wheels to turn at the same rate. This does cause an exceptional amount of wear on everything and can possibly damage stuff.

    In general its not a good idead to drive in part time mode while on pavement that doesn't allow the tires to slip. However, half ice would probably be ok, so long as you keep half the vehicle on the ice to allow the tires on that side to slip when necessary.

    2) In 70xxx miles on my '97, I don't recall having the rotors replaced. I think I've had them turned once or twice, but thats about it. Others may have different experiences.

    3) Classic "electrical problem"? Hmmm. In '97, (the most recent redesign), they did change the design of the wiring harness, so maybe they were having some sort of a shorting problem in prior years. I seem to recall something about the dash lights goin out. Other than that, there's been a recall on the fuel sending unit (which has been known to read 1/4 full when actually empty) and another recall on something for the airbag (inertia senser I think). Thats about it. I haven't been having any "electrical problems".
  • 2ndgsr2ndgsr Posts: 3
    This is going to sound stupid but...

    I'm thinking of buying a '98 Sport from a dealer. I've been driving Cherokees my entire driving career. Parents had a '79, then an '86, then my mom got a '92 along with my dad's '86, and now they are still driving the '92 and they replaced the '86 with a '96. (Oh and then there was my '85 CJ-7)

    Anyway, I'm looking a '98 Sport. 2 door. Crank winows, and manual locks. I only ask this as a curiousity, but how difficult is it to retro-fit power locks if I wanted to install an alarm with keyless entry? Does Jeep have the wiring in there already or would I have to string my own to the fuse box?

    (Spoiled with a fully loaded Integra GS-R for the last few years)
  • I appreciate the feedback and may go ahead and buy it soon. Especially thanks for the description of the 4wheel system, it sounds like the Command Track option is less than the Selectrack option. I am planning to get the vehicle anyway. $16,500, 35,000miles.

    Any other opinions on a 98 Cherokee Classic from this Cherokee community?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Well, I guess it comes down to money, but I considered a used one myself. I picked up a 01 4X4 4-door sport (new) for $20,500 with alot of options (tow, tint, wheels, fogs) beyond the normal equipment. I think I could have saved about $1000 without all that extra stuff. I'm not sure what the classic has that's so much different than the sport. I looked at sports a few years old and the savings was between $3,000-$5,000 which wasn't substantial to me mainly because of the amount of miles I drive. I'd rather start at zero than 36K. I've had it 6 weeks/4300 miles and it does the job quite well.
  • i have a 4 month old cherokee sport and the break noise is outrageous. i'm getting ready to go into arbitration with chrysler...any advice?
  • In a week or so I will be getting a 2001 Cherokee Sport and am excited about driving a SUV that doesn't need pampering.

    I would appreciate opinions on the virtues of part-time v. full time 4 wheel.

    In the past I have driven an AWD V8 Explorer and an AWD Lexus rx 300 (both parents' vehicles) so I may be a bit spoiled when it comes to 4wd.
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Your spoilage means you probably won't be content with Command-trac. If you are accustumed to driving around in 4wd, you'll want the full-time 4wd ability of Selec-Trac.

    Command-Trac is part time only and can be used only when offroad, on snow, etc, not on dry pavement.

    On the other hand, unless you get a limited slip, you'll have 3 open differentials with the Selec-Trac; you can get stuck if even one tire loses traction when in 4wd Fulltime (of course, when that happens, you change to part-time).

    Since I'm not spoiled by AWD, the part time transfer case works just fine for my needs.
  • Just drove by our local dealer, he has 2 2001 sports on the lot, both yellow. One is a 2 door, other is a 4 door. I cant find any info on Jeep producing a yellow Cherokee, it's not listed in the colors on the jeep website. Anyone else seen yellow? Going to check it out now and see what the deal is.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    By biggest problem with the full-time system is all the extra parts. I like to keep things simple driving as many miles as I do because I don't like expensive repairs. The part-time system is a very good system and has less to break. If you won't keep it more than a few years and mainly are on the road, the full-time system is probably just fine for you.
  • Maybe it saw use as a cab in the tropics?

    Maybe it worked for the electric utility pulling spools of wire?
  • These are brand new 2001 models, and now they have three, 2 four doors and one 2 door.
  • eaganeagan Posts: 25
    my local dealer has actually quite a few yellow cherokees on the lot. i didn't notice if they were 2 or 4 door but they definately stand out. my friend had(until he cracked his rear axle) a yellow wrangler and it looked sweet. i still dont know id i would buy a yellow car though.

  • I have a 2000 Cherokee sport and I love it. I have 14,500 miles on it and have had only one annoying problem up until last weekend. This weekend, I had the oil changed and I was told that the differential is leaking. I am very easy on my Cherokee it is never abused. I have used the full time four-wheel drive four or five times in ice and snow. I am a little concerned about this leak and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. If this is a sign of problems, I think I will invest in the extended warranty but generally, I think extended warranties are a waste of money. I am concerned that I may be seeing a sign of future problems. Anyone know anything about this?

    Also, the minor problem I referred to earlier is a shimmey in the tire. It is with one tire and moves with the tire when they are rotated. It seems to stop for a short time after the tires are balanced but comes back after a couple of weeks. Anyone had this problem?
  • Hey Fellas,

    I just got a brand new 2001 Cherokee Sport and I think I may have a rough idle. When I sit at a light or before I start out, I notice that my RPMs bounce a little, maybe 700-800 RPMS and the truck vibrates.

    And I also notice that (sometimes) when the engine is cold the RPMs are a little higher, around 900 or so.

    I used to drive a Concorde, which was a smooth riding road machine, so I'm not sure if I'm not used to the Jeep yet, or if there actually IS a problem.

    Could there be a possibility that I didn't let the Pistons seat properly during the initial 500 miles. There are 2000 miles on it now.

    Anyone know??

    One more thing, I also notice a metal to metal rubbing sound on the front left wheel/axle when I drive. I know its not road noise. It sounds like something needs to be greased.

    I have been switching in and out of 4 wheel over the past few weeks with the snow we have had. Could there be a problem there?

    Thanks again.
  • I would feel like a cabbie in a yellow car.

    Watch out for tires getting sucked into the engine in those Concordes!

  • Re the yellow cherokees:

    my jeep dealer tells me a lot more will be arriving at dealers as part of a last ditch marketing effort. They think that yellow will be popular in the spring.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    The idle you described is normal for this engine. It's a work horse. It will idle higher when cold also. If the climate control is in either defrost mode, the A/C will cycle on which also raises the rpm's for a few seconds.

    Is the noise constant in the front? Mine is noiser especially in 4X4, but I don't know about metal on metal. The air intake is also on the drivers side, which makes alot of racket. An inline-6 engine sounds alot different than a V6 or any other engine for the most part. If it's actually metal on metal, something will self-destruct soon and it won't be a mystery!
  • Is it common for Jeeps to have *ignore* seals? I have a 94 4WD Sport 4dr and it has a *ignore* main seal, and rear differential. I have noticed a few other Cherokees on the road with the rear differential looking a little oily.
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