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Jeep Cherokee



  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    I have been out of car sales since 1996, 6 years now. I have a question for you. What is your base salary? That is what you'd make for your 56 hours a week, should you NOT sell anything. When I began in the business in 1969 it was $75.00 a week. When I left the business in 1996, it was also $75.00 a week, and this was universal. After mandatory taxes the net-net was $62.00 a week. On a $2,000 profit, a "lot charge" (way to steal money from salespeople) of $200.00 was deducted. I was paid 20% of the profit, so on a gross of $1,800.00 I made $360.00. Figure up from the moment she first said hello to the customer, until the customer drove off in the vehicle, how much time she spent either speaking with the customer, doing paperwork related to the deal or whatever else. Statistics say time spent per deal is 2 & 1/2 hours, average. So it's like $150.00 an hour, not UNrealistic in the 21st century!! She picked up an extra $360.00 on that deal. Personally, I would not have done what she did. It was not right, and I sure don't condone her doing such. To me, it's cheating.
    But, as an adult married man it's very difficult to live on $75.00 (gross) a week, unless you're in a cardboard box, under a bridge somewhere. If you wanna make $$ in the car business, get thee to a Toyota dealership. Those things sell themselves, and you'll have an easier time and make more money too. Go to one on "the highway" in a lower income area and learn all you can about financing, or the oppisite extreme, Mercedes in a wealthy area. This will also involve learning to play golf and joining a country club! The mark-up on a Mercedes is $6,000. You do the math.........
    and....Best of Luck!
    If & when you get sick of it, you can do what I did....Buy a Dunkin Donuts. The mark-up on a donut is (percentage-wise) double that of a car! and they stand in line waiting FOR YOU! $1.25 for a cup of coffee that nets you $1.05 profit.
    If you stay with cars, don't cheat your customers, you'll never get a referral or a repeat customer, and therefore you'll not build a customer base, worthy of 1 cent. Be honest, give them a decent deal, and don't let them take advantage of you. If they get fresh to you, walk away from them, telling them "If you will not respect me, then go elsewhere" PERIOD.
  • Thanks for the advice Sandy boy. I think I will stick it out for a while and see If I can live off of selling cars honestly. I refuse to comprise my morals.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,957
    btw, Cherokeelmt, there are some fun discussions over in the Smart Shopper Boards where several other salespeople hang out. Check 'em out if you haven't already. Look for the "inconsiderate buyers" one too, LOL.



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  • I have a 00 Classic, the lease runs out in Feb. I would not mind buying it but not at the price they say is residual. they say that price is set and they will not deal on it. It would seem to me that if they could sell it to me they save themselves the trouble of reconing it and trying to sell it. they are after me to "come in and get another one" is this story with the residual true or just more car jive?
  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    It's true! Chrysler will pay them the residual, and other "credits" so why should they sell it to you, FOR LESS?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Just keep in mind that while you may be able to buy a similar jeep at a lower price (assuming that's true) you wouldn't know anything about it. It would depend on how much of a variance we were talking about, but I'd pay a slight premium to purchase a vehicle I knew everything about. I've known people to negotiate buy-outs, but they weren't with DC. I think they were still being overly agressive with their residuals in '99 and therefore to get those low payments you've enjoyed, the residual was set too high. They've learned from thier mistakes which you'll discover if you go lease shopping again. Plus you can't buy Cherokees anymore. Dealer I know says they've seen a bit of an increase in demand for clean Cherokees. Considering the liberty turd, I can understand.
  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    Yes, the worst thing they did was to discontinue the XJ Cherokee. Very, very little had to be done to bring it up to 2003 levels. The Liberty is a joke! Why does it have to be so darn high and look so top heavy? Why does it have practicly no room between the tailgate & the back of the back seat? Why does it have to have that goofy-looking "Neon-esque" front end on it? Do you think it could ever continue to sell for 17 consecutive years, as did the Cherokee? In Cherokee's poorest year, 2001 (because it was the last year) it STILL sold 129,000 units!
    DAIMLER-Cry-slur is no better at designing a tough sport ute than DODGE would be at designing a $165,000 car! Dodge might be better!
  • We can all cry in our beers together :) and then go off-roading. At least I can tell people mine was one of the last ones built.

    All we need is someone with some cash to set up an importing business to bring in the slightly modified ones they are now building in China ( Too bad a North American company didn't buy the tooling and start producing them.

    It's hard to accept the cancellation of such a good selling, reliable vehicle that had all the tooling and factories paid for (and was making tons of profit for DC) just to produce something that "seems" to fit the market image better. If they would have done one more upgrade to the XJ including a rear coil suspension, a split rear seat with headrests and maybe a little more rear seat room they would have a contending vehicle for way less than the cost of producing the Liberty. Plus they should never have gotten rid of the 4.0 I6 in this class of vehicle. A simple, proven engine that nearly equals the 3.7 and offers more low end. I just hope someone up at DC eventually offers the 4.7 in the KJ.
  • I know that i got low payments because they set the residual high, the last thing in the worl i want os a Liberty or a GC so i guess I guess i will take it back and look for something else. The dealer i go to has one the lot for almost 1900 less than my residual price. I know the one I got but it is not worth that much more to me. Thr GM triple zero thing looks good
  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    Lengthen the XJ 6". Split that 6" two ways. Add 3" to the cargo area in length, and add the other 3" to the rear seat entranceway(s). Lengthen the rear doors 3". Add the factory option of a Power Moonroof. As you said, rear coil suspension and a split rear seat with adjustable headrests and a center fold-down armrest would be a nice touch. Make 16" tires & wheels standard across the line. Split the rear window, "a la" Ford's Escape, and allow the people who want cloth interior to order & get the 2 options that are restricted to the Limited, that being the overhead console & the Infinity audio system. For those who don't go "off Road" but want the 4WD for snow offer a "soft ride" suspension option. Make the exterior spare tire attachment a no-charge factory option, giving buyers a choice of where they want the tire, and if they chose outside, put it in a nice plastic color keyed cover, like Mitsubishi does on their Montero. Lets get that glove box light back in there, too. Can we get thicker pile carpeting in there as well?
    There....that's just about purr-fect!
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    even if it would have taken a ton of work to update the 4.0L for whatever emissions, they could have used their new 2.4 for those looking for a 4cyl. It would work better than it does in the liberty, considering a 4cyl liberty is 300# heavier than a 6cyl Cherokee. Then throw the 4.7L V8 in as the larger engine choice. Probably have to lose the AW4 tranny which would suck (can I say THAT without getting deleted??) but you've got to give up something I guess. I'd give up the ultra-reliable tranny for the 4.7L in a 3400# vehicle:)

    arlodog: if you can pick up the same vehicle for $1900 less I'd give that baby back and get the other one. Knowledge of the prior vehicle isn't worth that much. Maybe a grand, max. I bought a Tahoe on the 0% for 36 month deal back in July. New vehicles are selling like hotcakes now. We decided to sell our Galant and when talking to the salesman we bought it from, he said he's sold one used vehicle this month. This is a rather large dealer and this salesman has been there for nearly 10 years so he's no slouch. Delivering new cars like crazy, used ones are just piling up. I may just keep the car if I'm going to take a bath on it. The thing many people don't realize is that if they are trading, they are getting killed on the trade-in value, so the actual savings are negligible.
  • ...we'd now have a Grand Cherokee. What we've described is almost exactly what the ZJ was. The problem with these upgrades would be to keep the price of the vehicle cheap enough to still be in the same range as the Liberty. They probably could have done it now that they've moved further upscale with the WJ Grand Cherokee.

    The bottom line seems to me that the Cherokee was replaced not because it didn't have consumer demand, but because it was veiwed by management as not being what the consumer wanted in a vehicle.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    a hundred thousand consumers just threw away their money every year on something they really didn't want? DC is dumb. A CRV or Escape is in the same price range but yet people kept buying XJ's. The Grands are nice, but they are quite different IMHO. They have a bloated non-hussle feel to them, along with a ton of complexity that make them scary with a ton of miles on them. This is the same thing that's happening to Toyota. The old Tacomas & 4runners were rather simple and even with extremely high miles reliable. 10 years out the most expensive repair on an XJ would be an engine/tranny. It's one thing to sink a couple grand into parts that extend the life of the vehicle (drivetrain components) but when the auto-climate control module blinks out and it costs you $1000 to fix, that's the pits. Nothing like general run-of-the-mill parts costing 1/4 of the vehicles value.
  • DC is dumb.


    The Cherokee is gone.


    At least I still own one.

    You're totally right sebring. After 10 years (and 200k+ miles) you might have to replace a gasket or two in the engine or maybe have to do a rebuild but that's just the perfect reason to get a stroker ( Then you could have a 4.7L in the XJ...

    I found the same thing with VW. I had an '87 that I put 360k km on in 5 years with nothing to fix but a valve cover gasket ($20) and a '93 Passat that cost me $3000 in repairs in one year for electronics and 'minor' items.
  • I am a salesman at a Chevrolet dealer. Last night we took in an 02 Blue Liberty limited in a trade for a Trailblazer. I thought great here is my chance to trade in my 99 cherokee limited for an equally equipped Liberty for cheap money, Because I can get them for what they paid for it. After a good look at the liberty I didn't even have to drive it, It was cute! It reminded me of a New Beetle. I will stick with my 4.0 Bad [non-permissible content removed] Cherokee, Wholesale price or not!
  • Hello all,

    I have a Cherokee Classic 2000 equipped with the keyless entry system.

    When I use the remote to unlock the doors, it unlocks all four doors but the liftgate remains locked.

    If all doors and the liftgate are unlocked and I use the remote to lock the doors, all doors lock up but the liftgate remains unlocked.

    When I tried this, I can hear the mechanism engaging behind the liftgate lock, but the state of the lock remains unchanged.

    Does anyone know if the remote is supposed to lock/unlock the liftgate?

    Please help.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    It should lock/unlock with all the others. It sounds like it's receiving power if you can hear it. I assume it locks/unlocks with the key? If so, then it's something in the mechanism between the switch and the lock itself. Shouldn't be to big of a deal to fix.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    A friend of mine with a 2000 GC had this same problem. Jeep replaced the power locking mechanism under warranty.
  • Thank you Sebring95 and Boggse!

    Yesterday I have taken the Jeep to the dealership to have the master shield re-applied.
    If it is done every three years, DC offers a lifetime warranty on all body panels.

    I have mentioned the lift-gate problem, and the service advisor said that the remote should not open the lift-gate lock.

    When I insisted, knowing from you guys that it should work, the service advisor checked with the service manager and acknowledged the problem.

    The remedy was, and I quote from the work order, "repaired spread terminal to rear actuator".

    There was no cost for the repair, still under warranty, but the master shield cost was 115$.

    Thanks again.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    I'd be a little nervous if my gauge was reading that low.

    I would change the oil pump just for peace of mind. You may have a bit of junk in the oil pan and it may be blocking the oil pickup a little bit. If it blocks it enough,...........

    It's a bit of a pain to get the oil pan off but if it was me, I'd change it. Make sure you have a torque wrench to reinstall the oil pan.
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