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Jeep Cherokee



  • mcstevemcsteve Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a used 2001 Jeep Cherokee
    The particulars are as follows: 4.0L I6, 126,000km

    At highway speeds (110km/h or 70 mph)it develops a rather loud moan that really isn't noticeable at lower speeds. The vehicle seems to run fine and the problem is more annoying that anything (for now anyway...)I took it into my local Chrysler dealer who suspects it is noisy front differential bearings (apparently a chronic problem from a poor design from the factory) but isn't sure. Apparently the tires look good and the u-joints are okay. His suggestion is to keep driving it until the problem is better defined. Driving the vehicle until the front diff implodes doesn't sound like a good (or cost effective) solution to me. When asked if I could replace this frontdiff with a scrap one I was told that I would likely inherit the same problem from another Dana 30 axle and it should be rebuild special by the dealership. Until I know the problem, I don't want to dump tons of money for a possible hit and miss scenario. I also understand that this problem may be covered by TSB 03-001-01A but I don't have access to this info (read this in Phil Edmunsons Lemonaid). Can anyone confirm or shed any light on any of the above?

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    A net search for 03-001-01A will turn up a few hits like this one.

    The NHSTA Item Number is 625612, but says it concerns the Grand Cherokee, not the Cherokee (

    You can also try an Advanced Search here from the link on the left sidebar for Cherokee Whine - you'll get a couple hundred posts about whine, but many are about a whine from the rear (and quite a few are about whining passengers <g>).

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  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    My '99 has had an annoying growl in the front since new. It's not that noticable when driving at slower speeds and only gets loud after a fair distance (20 miles or so) at highway speed. I had the front axle rebuilt, transfer case rebuilt and a TSB service on the 4-wheel shifter linkage, all under warranty. None of these things helped and in fact, I think the axle build made it worse. I gave up after the warranty expired.
  • jimoldsjimolds Posts: 5
    I need recommendations for a replacement muffler for my 88 Cherokee 6 cylinder 4 liter. I currently have a Dynomax Turbo muffler and 2 1/4 inch pipes. I have used this system for two years with good results. Free flowing muffler increased horsepower,seat of pants acceleration and mpg. But, it is too loud. Any recommendations for a high performance muffler that is quieter. Don't want to go back to the restrictive stock muffler but will give up some hp to get a little less noise. Will keep the 2 1/4 inch pipes. Thanks!!
  • mcstevemcsteve Posts: 2
    I've been told that some of these things can roar forever and nothing happens to them in terms of breaking down. My Dad is a used car dealer and sold me this thing for a song so i can't complain too much. As long as it doesn't fail I can live with it and after searching a couple of forums it seems pretty common. The local Chysler dealer wanted $1200cdn to "rebuild it". I'll drive it until (when?) it fails and throw a scrap diff on for $300....

  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    Have you looked at Flowmaster? I had a Flowmaster 40 series put on my '99 Explorer 4.0, and it's pretty quiet. It makes a little noise when you get on it, but for the most part it is pretty quiet. I was actually hoping for more noise out of the flowmaster, but no dice. Of course, that could save me from getting pulled over.
  • srocks4srocks4 Posts: 13
    The jeep uses a serpentine belt, does belt need or use timing adjustments? Plus, is there a web site showing details of what a 90k and 120k maintenance pertains? My manual was stolen during a break-in. Thanks.
  • mpp2mpp2 Posts: 88
    Has a timing chain. There is no belt and you don't need to change the chain. As for a website, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this since they also have a forum, but try My owners manual shows the same service for 90 and 120
    -Change engine oil and oil filter
    -replace air cleaner filter
    -replace spark plugs
    -Inspect and adjust drive belt
    -Lube steering linkage
    -Drain and refill Auto transmission fluid
    -drain and refill transfer case fluid
    -Inspect brake linings

    Additional services at 120 are to replace the ignition cables and to change the front and rear axle fluids. I have a '98 so there may be some differences, but they should be generally the same. Good Luck.
  • srocks4srocks4 Posts: 13
    I had a quote from a shop that wanted $750 for the tune-up or $275 for just cap/rotor, spark plug/wires. Decide to learn and do it my self.

    Looked that the jeep site before posting, had to buy a book for the info.

    Most of the work has been done in the past 2 months, just need the cap/rotor, spark/wires and transfer case work. Attempting to do it this weekend. Thanks again!
  • mhall02mhall02 Posts: 38
    $750 for a tune-up and $275 for plugs, plug wire, cap and rotor? Hard to believe, must be high on parts. Plugs, plug wire, cap and rotor should be under an hour of labor to do, plus it isn't too hard to do. For the cap and rotor, unhook the original and put the new back on just like the old, tricky thing is the plug wires, do them one at a time, take one old one off, put one new one one on, don't mix them up. On the newer engines, what more is involved in the above vs a tune up?
  • tolincjrstolincjrs Posts: 2
    We purchased our first Jeep Cherokee in August of 2003 for my son's first vehicle. He wanted a Wrangler(still does)but we found a green 1996 Cherokee with a 5 speed standard and ABS for $1500.00. Our mechanic recommended it as he knew the owner and had done the servicing since it was new. The body, with a wash and wax was in excellent condition. He installed front wheel bearings and gave the vehicle a going over including an inspection before we brought it home . What a great first car! Since then we've added 10,000 miles, new tires for winter and a muffler. My son had a minor mishap and took off the side mirror and rear window sliding down a hill backwards on ice and then just recently hit a deer doing 50 mph. The insurance gave us $2,100 of which we spent$600 to replace the grill, lights, and take care of the other minor damage. Now we have a free Jeep with a couple minor dents. Can you beat that?

    Recently my wife and I set out looking for a new vehicle to replace our '94 Blazer and considered both a Wrangler and a Liberty. The Wrangler was out as a family vehicle, at least for now. It's more for fun. But the Liberty caught our eye. After doing extensive research and shopping I decided we'd have to order one to get it the way we wanted it. If I'm going to buy a new car I want it the way I want it. My son and I both test drove a Liberty with a V-6 and a std. tranny and though the ride was fun, we both got out of it saying to each other it wasn't what we expected. You're supposed to get excited and want one. He was more excited about his $1500.00 Cherokee. So I started looking and searching the web for a Cherokee. There are no new ones available and it's a shame. The Liberty is no replacement. It doesn't have the space in the rear and I didn't think 16 miles to the gallon sounded like what I wanted from a new $21,000 auto. The Cherokee was the answer. A good practical SUV without all the BS. I found a beauty. Slate Blue, Aluminum Wheels, Auto (I'd rather'd had a standard) 36,000 miles, clean and polished. The dealer was about 1.5 hours away and I decided on a Friday to just go look. I looked, test drove it, bought it and drove it home that day. Now we have two. All the shopping paid off with a good decision.

    I had the dealer send me the printout of standard features and options and I'm confused as to what the Up Country package includes. It doesn't list it specifically but has the following as options: a 3.55 axle ratio, L&R front and L&R rear spring (upgrade I assume), two customer preferred packages 2TJ and 26J and TZAP Goodyear Brand tires. I know these options come a la-cart, but does anyone know the specifics on this?

    It rides good but it's stiff. I paid a little more than I had planned $14,500, but if this has everything on the list he provided, it explains it - along with 1 owner and a 3 month bumper to bumper warantee. The vehicle had been serviced and gone over, including new brakes and nice tires. I'm happy the shopping is over and that the dealer was so accommodating. I just hope it makes the 245,000 miles our '96 has got.

    Next is the Wrangler. We're already looking and with 3 Jeeps I'm sure there'll be nothing but a big fight over who who gets to drive the Wrangler. Good luck out there. This is a great site and I'll be sure to visit it often.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    What year? I have a build spec sheet from when I bought mine that has the description of the codes. If yours is an '01 (and the codes might be similar for previous years, I dunno) I'll try to find it.
  • tolincjrstolincjrs Posts: 2
    That'd be great if you have it available. The one I bought I'm in question about is a 2001 Cherokee Sport. I have the codes for the springs and such and have read about the up country pkg. The left front spring for example reads ZFKP The list I have kind of tells you, but it doesn't unless you can figure out what it all means. Thanks!
  • srocks4srocks4 Posts: 13
    You're right the mark up is the parts. I had that shop change out the serpentine belt, they said they saw a crack. Total cost $98, the belt was $53 (Goodyear).

    I did changed out the spark plugs/wires, cap and rotor myself and worked on one wire at a time. From here on out, I'm changing my own plugs/wire and cap/rotor. Yes, they wanted $275 for the work.

    Agree with tolincjrs. The Liberty is no replacement for the jeep, I rented one for a week.
  • srocks4srocks4 Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone,

    Another question. The past 2 weeks my temp gauge has gone a tad beyond 210, I open up the heat vend and the temp drops down. The only time the temp has gone up was on the freeway either moving slow on a hot day or accelerating to pass or going up a slight incline. Never had this problem before.

    I will try and change the thermostat this weekend, if thats not the problem the next thought was to flush the radiator, but figure it might not be the problem because last Dec. I had the changed the water pump upper/lower radiator hoses due to a slow leak.

    Any thoughts on determining the possible causes for the temp to rise? Thanks.
  • mhall02mhall02 Posts: 38
    Yeah, anything you can do or learn to do will save you some major bucks. I bought the Goodyear Gatorback serp. belt at Autozone for around $30 and put it on our 2000 Sport in 10 minutes or less, wasn't to worn, but had over 80,000 miles on it so better safe than sorry. My wife got me the Jeep/Chrysler ASE service manual for the 2000 Cherokees, it has more information than I would ever need, but its nice to have. I have a Haynes repair manual (much cheaper) for my 1991 Dakota truck, it helps explain things as well, good investment if you don't have one already.
  • matteo2matteo2 Posts: 17
    I have a 2000 cherokee sport with 77,800 miles
    Recently had some weird noises start, First one is a loud screeching sound that comes and goes when driving, and for some strage reason it stops when I slow down, It is not my brakes I checked them, maybe a wheel bearing?

    The other is a constant low rumbling coming from the engine compartment,this noise is their all the time, seems to be on the passenger side. Anyone have any ideas what these could be ?
  • mhall02mhall02 Posts: 38
    Screeching could come from the serp. belt, how does it look? Loose or glazed? Rumble, early on had to have some sort of bushing in the transfer case replaced that caused a rumble. Was under warranty so I don't have any idea which one or where it is.
  • matteo2matteo2 Posts: 17
    I did replace my serp belt about a month ago, goodyear gatorback, but the screech seemd to develop two weeks later.I did tighten the belt up the other day but it did not help screech came and lasted 20 seconds then stopped. Can it be an idler pulley?
  • ed96ed96 Posts: 20
    does anyone know the widest tires i can put on my cherokee classic without lift kit. im thinking about 235s
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