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Jeep Cherokee



  • I was wondering if anyone has put a 5.9 liter jeep engine in a cherokee, I would like to know if i can use the same transmission and if the motor mounts are in the same.

  • If that light is on, it's possible it's stuck in 4wd still, sometimes the vacuum line on the front diff cracks and it will cause it to stay in a disengage from 4wd. Try putting it in 4wd then drive forward a few feet then stop put it in neutral, take it out of fwd and then reverse for 50 feet it should click and come off.

    If it is stuck in fwd then that would explain the gas mileage prob but if it is just the light staying on maybe it's not registering as disengaged.

    try changed the fuel filter
  • I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee with 77k miles. 2 months ago the check engine light came on. The Jeep dealership searched the car computer and found an error with the 3-4 Solenoid but didn't believe it was a mechanical problem. When the light returned 2 weeks later, they changed the solenoid. 2 weeks later the light returned. On my way back to the dealership, the light went away. Now, every few weeks the light comes and goes. It seems to come on with colder temperatures (freezing to 40F). Any thoughts?
  • tree5tree5 Posts: 1
    driving on the I-95N in Virginia at 65mph when my 2001 jeep cherokee just shut down. engine light came on, oil pressure gauge shows no pressure. has 72k miles, this has never happened before. does anyone have any ideas about what this could be?
  • thorsnakethorsnake Posts: 14
    I had previously posted about this. The Champion stock spark plugs are cheap BAD plugs IMO! I've replaced several sets just after 6-7K on them. My Jeep mechanic said I would get a check engine light if I used after market plugs. Boy was he wrong, I went to split fires, have noticed a small performance increase, and milage increase. Plus I've checked them and they look almost new after 10k. Well worth the money, and time. I've seen goodpost about the Bosh plugs to.
  • I have the same problem I have a 01 Sport and the fob quit working new batteries no luck power locks work. Is there anothe fuse some where that controls the remote?
  • Ok thank you I will let them stay on and see if this is the case,If it works then you are the man,I just like to see them go out myself and not just head to the house ha ha. Thanks again. :D
  • Yes I have the tow package in it,and the most towing I would do is my motorcycles or boat(aluminum small)Yeah I wondered about those stock rims as I was going to bead blast and paint/clearcoat them at work,but thanks for the tip on them saved me some headaches,Was thinking about the 4-4.5 inch kits,good to buy on e-bay seems pretty competitive pricing,but don't know if I will need longer brake lines my guess is yes,I have 240k on the jeep and it still pulls like a mule,yeah so I better do some resarching on the kits a bit more but can't wait to lift it up and have the big meaty tires,I have BF GOODRICH Long Trails on it and on ice not so good but in mud yippee!anyhow thank you for the advice. :shades:
  • Just a note to say that I changed my old oxygen sensor what a difference in fuel consumption,not sure of the interval to replace it but worth every penny I have gone 260km on under half a tank,and thats with 240k on the old girl,I have a K&N air filter ,platinum plugs,too which helps a bit and I just run the cheap fuel,Is this pretty good for a 6cyl jeep from 1989?Just changed my cap and rotor and pick up in the distributor,was sad to see a motorcraft distributor in my JEEP,do they make an MSD set up for JEEPS?? :confuse:
  • ohiojrohiojr Posts: 3
    Hi all. Have a 2001 Cherokee with 93,000 miles and a auto transmission. I have noticed lately that occasionally when I take off from a stop sign that the tranny or the shaft or something seems to slip for just a fraction of a second before the rear tires engage( I am in 2 wd ). Also occasionally the rear of the car wants to push the front when coming up to a stop sign. I have replaces all 4 brakes but this did not help. I have also been experiencing a vibration at about 78 mph that seems to be comming from the floor NOT the New tires. Had the tires spun balanced and the Tire guy said he thought it did not need alignment . I was thinking maybe u joints ? Anyone have any experience changing there own tranyy and tranfer fluids. I have read here NOT to use synthetic , I have a kift and have expierince working on old Mustangs ...but not much when working on newer cars.Sorry for the long post.
  • ohiojrohiojr Posts: 3
    Forgot to tell you I think I have the factory tow package. Also would like to pick up a shop manuall. But don't find them on ebay. Any help there?
    Thanks again
  • i am converting my 2000 cherokee sport to 4wd. i am putting my transfer case in and it has the 2wd option the 4wpart time option, neutral and 4wlo option, but the shifter that i have found has 2wfull time in the display so my question is is there a diference between a shifter with 4wfull time and one with out as far as where the notch stops the shifter from going to neutral?
  • obriend21obriend21 Posts: 12
    I have a 2001 Cherokee Sport with 50,000 miles on it. As I was washing it this weekend (70 degrees in Ohio) I noticed that there were numerous cracks in the paint on the roof. Two of them were so bad that the paint flaked off when I washed, leaving two dime-sized rust spots. The Jeep is garaged (at home and at work) and I always wash it during the winter to keep the salt off.

    Is this a common problem with Jeeps? And is there any way to get the factory to pay for a new paint job? Four and a half years and 50000 seems unacceptable for paint to be bad!

    Any help would be appreciated. Other than that, I love the Cherokee!
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    I have noticed the same "slip" recently and don't know what's causing it. Doesn't do it all the time either. '99 Sport 4x4, 70,000 miles. I need to crawl under and look at the rear drive shaft. But, I don't have any vibrations. I'm thinking it may be a computer/vacuum issue. If I find out more I'll post it.
  • ohiojrohiojr Posts: 3
    Thanks Dancerman,
    I just picked up a VERY Cherry 97 Lincoln Towncar with only 71,000 miles. The Original owner traded it in for a new one to the Dealership where ALL The service was done. The point to all this is that now the Lincoln will be daily driver ( 100 miles each way to work)and I can work on the jeep. So If I come up with anything I'll let you know also.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Do you have the NP231 transfer case? Sounds like it from your description. Is that "display" the section of the console around the shifter? If so, I'd try to find one that shows the correct selections. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know my neighbors Grand Cherokee with the AWD option does not shift the same as my '01 Cherokee Sport. Which by the way, has the NP231 transfer case.
  • cperrycperry Posts: 1
    I am needing to replace the "Heater,Defroster & Air Conditioning" blower motor on my 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0. My mechanic has been able to find the blower motor, but can't locate a "resistor". Also need to replace a switch, as is now working only on high. Is there a way I can find a part # for the things I am looking for? That would make it easier for me to locate the parts.
  • nikki97nikki97 Posts: 1
    I actually own a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado and have had nothing but problems with my coolng system. Less than a year ago i had to replace my relay because my fan quit working and now I have a new problem where the fan won't shut off. I have been told by a mechanic that it is a very common jeep problem. Each time i have to replace the relay it costs 95.00 so im going to have a toggle switch put in this time. I was hoping i could find something online to tell me how to do it myself.
  • tommy15tommy15 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased my first jeep cherokee 1985 4cyl 3speed w/overdrive on the floor, the red alternator light
    came on so i replaced the alternator but when i started it
    the alt light was still on so i disconected the battery
    terminal to see if it was charging,it was. "any suggestions :confuse:
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Have you checked the voltage?
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