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Jeep Cherokee



  • To whom anyone who can help,

    I recently bought a 98 jeep cherokee and have been having a reoccurring problem. In first gear going to take off and up to 20-30 mph the jeep almost skips or refuses to go. There is a cutting out if you will in the gas. In order to go you have to feather the gas until it catches. If you keep the gas press you can here a popping noise in the front end. When your stopped in idle the engine will idle rough then rev up hard then return to normal idle. The cutting out does not happen in the higher gears. The O2 sensors have both been replaced.( when idleing the engine light comes on and its the o2 sensor code, eventually going away ) The fuel pump has been replaced. The throttle control switch and Idle air control have been replaced. The throttle body has been replaced. I had the computer upgraded. I've run injector cleaner through a number of times. I have changed all plugs wires cap and rotor even battery. I NEED HELP !!!!!!! I see that other people have the same problem but no one has found the cure. I need a maricle ....
  • kathyg1kathyg1 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a '96 Cherokee Sport with 112,000 miles on it. After a few repairs lately, it runs like a charm, still looks good and I love my car!! Yesterday, I had it at the repair shop for a new thermostat and the mechanic told me when I picked it up that he was obligated to tell me that it needs a new catalytic converter. I became aware in January that Jeep will soon be recalling vehicles for bad catalytic converters all the way back to my model. One of the many press releases about it can be found here: link title. My question is; Can I get it replaced ahead of time (for free) at the dealership? It is really rattling and the mechanic says the rest of the exhaust system is in good shape. Or, should I wait for the recall notice? According to the USEPA, they should be going out within the next 30-60 days. Can someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks!
  • sbond67sbond67 Posts: 2
    check vaccum wires and fire order of the new plug wires. but most likely its the ignition coil.
  • I have an '87 cherokee and have had it about 2 weeks now with now problems. Today I was driving home and it misfired once and quit doing it and I didn't understand it. Then a few minutes later it seemed like the whole engine just shut off for a split second. I've never heard of a misfire that shut of f the engine, it has a new fuel pump, wires, plug, coil, distributer. I don't know what else to try. Someone said the computer?? But I don't know help me please.
  • I did manage to find a broken vacume line near the battery. I test drove and it didnt happen I hope to god that was it ( I dont think I have the heart to tell the mechanic if thats it he's blown ALOT of cash ) If this is actually it ill update THANKS BIG TIME :)
  • sbond67sbond67 Posts: 2
    no problem, hope thats it.
  • well it didnt work. Better but not gone.. Im also still having problems with the 02 sensor both have been replaced and the alarm is reoccuring . theyll clear it and a day or two latter after the car has bee sitting and idling it will pop back on. could this be related to the hesitation.
    I now notice it in all gears not as bad but still there
  • mkrakemkrake Posts: 6
    I love my 97 Jeep. It's the first car i've ever owned! But i just got the news it blew a head gasket maybe cracked the block. :sick: How much will a head gasket cost? Does automatic trans and 4x4 make this more or less difficult... i.e. costly? How much would a total engine repair cost? Does it also need 02 sensor, radiator, fan, thermestat, etc? It has 150K, no other problems, and it's my baby. Please please please help this Jeep girl out!
  • i recently purcured a 1995 cherokee. i have a squeak in the frontend.when i turn left & right what is the problem. :sick:
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I agree that it is probably in the ignition system. I don't understand why it's not showing a code for the misfires though. Continue to check for vacuum leaks as they can have a large impact at low engine speeds and will cause it to hesitate, but once the engine is up to speed, they seem to disappear. Check the timing. Just from your description I think you could have too much timing. The spark plugs firing too soon would cause the backfiring through the intake manifold at low engine speeds, but then it would smooth out at higher engine speeds. The emissions sticker under the hood will tell you how much timing you should have.

    Keep us updated.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    It does sound electrical in nature. It could be the computer. You should be able to find one at a local salvage yard or on ebay for not too much money. Check your other sensors as well. Any one of the MAP, TPS, or CPS could cause these symptoms as well. Also, with the engine running, wiggle the wiring harness. You could have a short in a connection or even a broken wire that separates under certain conditions.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Ouch!!! First off, hopefully the head is cracked and not the block, but it could be. The head gasket itself is not too expensive. The auto tranny and 4wd shouldn't affect any repair cost as the engine is the same. I'm in the process of rebuilding a '96 Cherokee 6-cylinder for transplanting into my '95 Wrangler. My block, cam, valve train, head, pistons, etc... are all in good shape. So all I'm having to do is replace the rings, bearings and gaskets, of course. I've had to buy a few tools, but I will have a little less than $300 in this rebuild. Of course I don't have to pay for labor. Just Wild A$$ Guessing it, I'd say a complete rebuild at a professional garage should be in the $1,500 to $2,000 range. I do know that professionally rebuilt complete engines can be purchased for under $1,500 online.

    While you are in there, I'd suggest replacing any other parts that are easy to get at while the engine is already apart/out. The radiator is a good candidate. They can be purchased for about $150 and wouldn't take 10 minutes to replace it while the engine is out.

    But I do have this question: Why did it blow the head gasket in the first place? Did it overheat? Or did it blow without warning?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Well, we need more details. Is it squeaking only as you turn the steering wheel? Does it squeak all the time the wheels are turned, then stop when the wheels are straightened? Does it do it only when the Jeep is moving? And does it make different sounds at different speeds? Does it only make that sound when going over a bump?
  • mkrakemkrake Posts: 6
    Thank for the post! Yes, the jeep was overheating and leaking coolant at 150K with no other problems. so we thought it was the water pump. then the head blew up on a steep mountian grade in Western North Carolina.

    i just got quoted 275 for head gasket and 1400 for engine without labor. is this fair? is there anyone in you know with a used engine for sale? thanks!
  • cojocojo Posts: 1
    THANKS. I was wondering too! Here's another question:

    When I turn my steering wheel side to side (engine off or engine on) I hear a clunk-clunk and can feel it with my foot if I place it on the (driver side) floorboard. What is it? It seems to drive fine, but everytime I turn I hear it and can feel it with my left food on the floorboard. It's WIERD.

  • Well here I sut again eyes a fire from hours of searching for the maricle :) It goes in tommorrow and I will have the timing as well as the grounding to the 02 sensors checked also the main ground to the engine is pretty worn. I will replace. I am so glad for WARRANTIES. Ill keep tabs in a day or so WISH ME LUCK MAN !!! THANKS again for all the input... :confuse:
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Yeah, I've got one sitting in the garage right now just waiting to be put back together!! But of course, you're in NC and I'm in KY.

    The prices you were quoted aren't too bad. The $275 for the head gasket probably doesn't include any other problems encountered when the head is removed, such as a cracked head or block. Replacing the head gasket on that engine is a very simple procedure, however it's labor intensive.

    The $1,400 quote for the engine is a replacement engine? Replacing an engine is more involved than just the head gasket replacement and it is still very labor intensive. However, if the rest of the Jeep is still in very good shape and your motor has other damage from overheating, you COULD be better off with the new engine.

    I don't know your mechanical abilities or your workspace facilities. If it were me, and money doesn't grow on trees around here, I'd go the head gasket route first.

    Good luck. And BTW: That 4.0 liter 6 cylinder you have in your Jeep is a great engine. I know of several with over 200k miles, and even a couple with over 350k miles on them and they are still going strong. I like that motor so much, I drive an '01 Cherokee Sport and my wife drives an '04 Grand Cherokee, both with that 6 cylinder engine. And as mentioned earlier, I'm puting one in the '95 Wrangler. That's how much faith I have in it.
  • mkrakemkrake Posts: 6
    Do you know of anyone else with a 6cyl 4.0 engine for a jeep cherokee around? Lexington Ky is about 4 hours or so from my NC location. Knoxville is about 1hr. anyone that can help? i'm looking to do this right away... :)
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Sorry, I can't say as I do. If I get a chance, I'll see what I can dig up online. Do a search on ebay for "Jeep 4.0" and see what comes up.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Here's a good one. Comes with a warranty and is in NC!!! I hope you see this one in time.

    link title
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