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Chevy Blazer Blower Motor Intermittently Works



  • Which relay is that? There are 3 on the firewall and the repair book I have does not specify which one does what. I attempted to do that a few weeks ago but thought I'd have to replace all 3 because I do not know which one of the three is the right one.
    I did however buy one and replace them 1 at a time and couldn't get the blower to come on at all so I returned the relay.
  • Did you find the answer? I have a 2008 Cobalt Sport with the same problems you all mention about intermitten blower fan and lights. I also suspect the "ignition cluster" whatever that is. What exactly needs to be replaced?
  • Yes, it was the ignition starter swith. Cost about $100 to get the AC-Delco part at My part number was D1498C. All the wierd problems went away! It comes with a wiring harness that easily ties into the existing harness. Youn need to open up the steering column to get at the switch which connects to the mechanical device that you turn with the key.
  • New ignition switch solved this problem plus others such as cruise control.
  • About cruise control-- I do think it is somehow connected to the electric problems. Also, it seems that when I remotely start the Cobalt, the fan quits but unsure. It didn't work for days until one morning I start the car via the key in ignition and the fan worked. Seems like a consensus and I should replace the ignition start switch but may be a different part number for the Cobalt. Thanks so much. :)
  • The cruise control leads could also run through the ignition switch. When you see the wiring harness for that switch you can see that it handles many connections. When the switch goes bad, everytime you use it there is a chance for a connection to open up or reconnect so the problems appear to be random.
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