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Cadillac SRX reliability, maintenance and quality

I am torn between a 2006 Cadillac SRX and the 2006 Acura MDX. Both are in pristine shape with approximately 6000 miles. The MDX is nice and is the safer car to go with it seems. Better overall reviews from editors and Consumer Reports. However, I'm intrigued and very interested in the SRX - rides great, good performance, great ultra-view roof and nice looks.

1. Does Cadillac manufacture reliable and low maintenance autos these days?

2. Is a dealer certification providing 100K, 6 years bumper to bumper with no deductible worthwhile if I can get it for $500, or $1000?

3. Other considerations?


  • bagsbags Posts: 12
    I recommend the SRX. I own one. It is the most solid, reliable car I've ever owned. Acura's are great, but I think most American cars these days get short-changed by people who think you can't have quality if it's American. The ultra roof is excellent; mileage isn't quite as good as I would like.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    What did you end up buying? I am torn between a 2007 SRX and MDX. Are you happy with your decision. Has it been reliable?
  • It could have gone either way, but I had a difficult time finding a low mileage SRX with the following 3 musts:

    1. ultra-view
    2. all-wheel drive
    3. 3rd row seats

    I got a call from an Indiana dealer that had just the model I was looking for, but we had an appointment at Acura that night. Since we were referred by friends to the store manager, my wife felt bad about canceling last minute. The manager pulled it from the service line (loaner) and it was in fantastic shape, so we opted for the MDX. It's probably the safer choice on paper, but the Caddie excited me much more. Had we gone to the Caddie dealer that night, we'd probably be driving it instead. That damn ultra-view had it's claws in me - difficult to let go. Plus the manu-matic made it fun to drive.

    My wife drives much more than I and she preferred the MDX. In the end, we're very happy with the MDX. Nice, comfortable interior and nice features. Gas mileage is surprisingly low...just 16.8 miles per gallon tops. That's quite a bit of city driving, but even on highway I have not exceeded.

    Don't think you can go wrong with the Acura. Can probably have more fun though with the Caddie. Enjoy!
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Thank you. Interesting, I have the same analysis. MDX is a safer choice, but the Caddy would be more fun. I agree, that roof is the coolest thing ever. I will probably buy the MDX. The shame of it is that GM could dominate this market segment if it wanted to. They make a really good 300 hp V6, but don't put it in the SRX. Even the V6 they put in the Lambdas (Outlook, Enclave, Acadia), which I think is pretty much the same engine, pumps out 20 more horses. If GM put the 300 hp V6 in the SRX, stopped with the 500 different option choices, made a package that had the 3rd row, roof, magnetic ride and sold it for $45K, they wouldn't be able to make them fast enough. Makes you want to shake them when they have such a good platform and are so close. GM will probably cancel the line after 2008 when the BRX comes out. Oh well. Enjoy your MDX, I will probably have one within a month too. Thanks for your input, I was refreshing to see that I wasn't the only one comparing these two crossovers.
  • jessgalljessgall Posts: 3
    I had those same three musts and well, got REALLY lucky in finding one used (just a year old) at a Toyota Dealer! It has EVERYTHING - (magnetic ride, DVD entertainment, GPS, stabili-track, 3rd row, performance package.... and that ultra view sunroof is SWEET!!! I feel like I am in a convertible, but in a safe ride with my toddler strapped in the back. He loves the ultra-view too, always asks me to open it. And what's nice about it is that there is very little wind from such a wide opening, I am very pleasantly surprised! It's FAST, quick from the start (V8 AWD) and feels like the luxury car that it is! The best part is that I got this car for $24,900!!!

  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Last Saturday I drove the SRX V6 for about 2 hours. I think it is underpowered, but maybe it is just too noisy? Absolutely beautiful car with every bell and whistle. But, at nearly $47K for the V6, it was just too expensive. Also, no bluetooth, sounds somewhat silly, but I drive in DC a lot and they give tickets for talking on cell phones without handsfree. So, I did the same thing you did, bought the Acura. I love it, but I have to say, I really wanted to buy the SRX, there were just too many compromises (features and $$) to get into one. I come back to my prior comment, GM is so close with a truly fantastic platform. Where are the focus groups, where are the marketing guys, why doesn't GM make it so these great cars truly compete and fly out of the showrooms. Enjoy your MDX. I am hoping that the BRX blows the doors off the competition. If so, I will be buying on in five years.
  • susanw6susanw6 Posts: 32
    I was torn between the 2007 SRX and MDX also. I ended up with the SRX and am very happy. I based my decision on a couple of convenience/comfort factors. The SRX has an electric lift-gate and the third row folds up and down electrically. These are great features when I am carrying grocery or mall packages! Also, I like to position the steering wheel low in front of me while I drive and the MDX did not adjust down as far as I like.
    There are two things lacking in the SRX that would make it perfect for me. One is Bluetooth capability. Instead they offer hands-free calling through onstar at 40 cents/minute, which is a major rip off! The second thing would be the ability to open the glass window on the lift-gate instead of having to open the entire door. At times I have one item to toss in the back and it would be nice not to have to lift the entire door.

    Other than those two things I am veeeery happy with my decision. Its comfortable and looks great!
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Enjoy your SRX. I really did love the car. It was much more carlike then the MDX, which I bought. I thought the fit and finish on the Caddy was better, the sunroof was fantastic and the NAV system is far more intuitive. However, at the end of the day, I bought the MDX because the third row (kids, really important) was more usable and could be split. Also, the bluetooth was really important because I drive in DC a lot. You can't use a cell phone and drive. They actually pull you over and give a ticket. The layout of the MDX is better and it handles so well. It really is fun to drive. I tried hard to get into an SRX, but the $$ was just too much. If it was even up comparably equiped, I would have bought the SRX, but even with the incentives there was a 5K difference. I am glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that these two cars were in competition with each other. Enjoy your SRX, it is a sweet ride.
  • I purchased a new 04 srx in mar04 and in jun06 found the storage area for third row head rests full of water. The dealer took the car apart and found no seal in the right rear quarter panel. The car wasn't sealed on the assembly line! They sealed it and after some crying to Cadillac the carpet and all were replaced. Cadillac also gave a warranty for the rear of the car for leaks until 2011.
  • ;) I purchased a new 04, my final offer was for the 6 yr. 100K bumper to bumper at NO CHARGE! I got up and was ready to walk, and all I heard was.....OK. Just push and they will will give in!
  • Just curious, how is the SRX holding up? Is the vehicle reliable and holding together well since purchasing? The reliability ratings concerned me a bit.
  • My 2007 SRX purchased 4 months ago is a LEMON. It is currently in the shop for the third time for a total of 28 days with a transmission issue. Now they are waiting on a new transmission, but none can be found. Time to enact the Lemon Law in Ohio.

    V8 - Six speed Auto
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I have a V8 with the six speed auto and have had no problems as yet. My SRX is about 5 months old with over 8000 miles. I am curious as to what the transmission problem is.
  • From the somewhat limited information I have, it was a bad casting resulting in metal shavings in the transmission. They are installing a brand new transmission this week.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    That should fix the transmission problems then. I have not had any problems with mine.
  • badsrxbadsrx Posts: 7
    I have a 2004 SRX. It has the V8 and every option. It has been the worst car I have ever owned. A partial listing of the problems include leaks into the rear storage compartments, corroding trim, sunroof will not open/close and is noisy, side view mirrors malfunction, coolant pump failure, heater core failure, defective brake pads, DVD system failure, failure to start for no reason, paint flaws etc. etc. The dealer has been of no assistance. GM has been worse. The Cadillac customer service people are experts at "managing" upset customers. They keep asking me what I want. I keep telling them all I want is a car that does not require service, on average, every three weeks. They treat me like I am trying to extort them. I have given up. This was the first and now last GM I will ever own. Do yourself a favor and buy an Acura MDX. I have had 2 Acuras and 2 Volvo's and they were superior in every regard.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I'm sorry your having so many problems with your SRX.
    I have an 08 SRX V6, and "Knock on Wood" no problems yet.

    Your 1st mistake is actually buying an SRX, let alone any GM product. My car is leased, and i won't ever go beyond the warranty period for any GM vehicle. I just don't think they seem to last in the long run. Just my opinion from experience with other GM leased vehicles.
  • badsrxbadsrx Posts: 7
    Point of clarification. The SRX is leased. I like the car however I have a bad one. There has never been a time during the duration of the lease where the car did not have a problem that required service or was waiting for parts. It has gotten to the point where I simply ignore smaller defects rather than endure another trip to the dealer (only to be told that they have to order the parts). The worst part is the attitude of GM. You would think that with less than 6 months left on the lease they might make some kind of deal in return for leasing another vehicle....nothing. My last 2 Volvo's saw the dealers contacting me to bring them back early and get another one (and they were great cars). GM can't see the forest for the trees. I have never been treated this way by any other company. I tried to escalate my concerns to more senior people at GM only to be told that "they don't talk to customers". That is a direct quote and one of the funniest comments I think I have ever heard. I have chosen to vote with my feet. None of my friends would ever consider buying/leasing a cadillac as a result.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    Pardon me, but you stated " It's the worst car I have ever owned ". I assumed the obvious.
    As far as your dealings with GM, I understand how that can be very frustrating.
    I'm surprised they couldn't have even done a pull-ahead on the lease, but i guess that would only apply if you leased another GM vehicle.
    I'm also curious that if you had such good luck with Volvo and Acura, why bother with Cadillac in the first place?
  • badsrxbadsrx Posts: 7
    The SRX is an interesting vehicle and was a good size for our family. It is my wife's vehicle and she liked the extra horsepower. I was willing to take the leap of faith and lease another Caddy or an Enclave but as I mentioned, GM/dealer were not willing to do anything. I have since been told that the 04 models were a disaster with many dealers having to make right with customers. What is most frustrating (and even funny) is getting Cadillac customer service on the phone and recounting the service history and making them state for the record that they see no problem with a vehicle that has had more than 20 service visits. It is like trying to convince them that the earth is flat. I have learned that the dealers have very little say in these matters and that they have a dim view of GM. The dealers get left holding the bag. This should be a concern to anyone looking at a Cadillac. If you have problems you are on your own.
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