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Mazda Millenia EGR problem

kaczjoneskaczjones Posts: 1
I have had an EGR problem with my 1999 Mazda Millennia since the first week a I had purchased it in 2002. They replaced the EGR valve and knock sensor multiple times. They even drilled bigger holes in the engine and my engine light continues to remain on. Now the engine light is blinking. Any suggestions? The dealership where I have been taking it to told me to ignore the light. The only thing is $3000.00 later I have the same problem but now can not drive it because the light is blinking. The dealership told me now I have to replace a part that is going to cost around 2600.00 just for the part. Please help with any advise!!! I can not trade it in or drive it!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might also want to post this in our Technical Questions discussion. It's not limited to the Millenia and I think you'll find more gearheads hanging out there than you will here.

    But we'll wait to see if someone here can help as well.

    Good luck.
  • easylivingeasyliving Posts: 4
    Does anyone have the layout for the oxygen sensors for the 99 mm S. I need to find the bank 2 oxygen sensor.

    Thanks for your help
  • I really don't have any suggesstions other than write a letter to the main boss of Mazda. Its rediculous that you can not trade or drive the car. A part that small should not cost so much. I would expect that price on a major part (engine, Tranny...) I am having similar problems with my 2001. I can not seem to get the check engine light to stay off. I have replaced the EGR Valve, put fuel system cleaner in it and cleaned out the ports. I had a mechanic look through the whole emissions system and he says everything is working as it should, but the light continues to come on. I am sorry for your bad luck with the car. It seems many owners are haveing similar problems. You would think Mazda would do a recall, but you know they are in it for the money.
  • I have had this problem for 3 years, the only way i past emition last yearr was because a friend new a friend that passed me. Dont know what im going to do this year. Mazda cant fix the problem
  • I'm having the same issue with the CEL light 01 2.5 for the pass year didn't pass emission was able to get trough it in 06.Replace two sets of converter o2 sensor EGR valve clean smoke test perform still CEL light on.Back and forth to the shop original converter was tested and fuctional TSB on the o2 sensor.Can't drive the due to expire tag I had 2 temporary tag can't receive anymore,notified the Dept of Safety in Tenn about this situation to request a hardship so I can bypass emission to drive the back and forth to work
    and have more test perform. and possible an EPA issue.
    The last diagnostic code P0431 if anyone can help does this code mean I need a converter or pre cat? and what web site I can find a pre -cat and price.I don't want to trade the car looking to move into another house don't want another bill.If this continue I might not have any choice but to trade.I went to three independent dealer and was told to replace the cat converter,but the mazda dealer stated that I need pre-cat talk about confusion.Need help
  • 1. Replace both 02 sensor code reset.
    2. P0420 code cat convertor
    3.Replace fron and middle converter code reset
    4.P0431 code appears again
    5.replace both cat convertor CEL still on
    6.TSB on both 02 sensor
    7.02 sensor replace CEL still on
    8. Pass emission in 06
    9.Diagnostic perform from 3 other dealer Cat code
    10.Tenn Dept of Safety State emission analyzer code P0431
    11. Mazda Dealer might need pre-cat due to Codes P0431
    12.EGR Valve clean
  • I have had a 1999 and a 2000 Millenia. The EGR value issue is a big chaotic problem, yet with a simple solution. If you take the intake off the throttle body, and remove the four screws that hold the throttle body on and remove it also. You WILL see a really clogged hole in the bottom. If you take some engine cleaner, and spray it in it will break up the build up. I usually straighten a paperclip and clear the hole that way, but I think it would be better to instead of letting it fall through, picking it out. The check engine light will stay off, until there's another buildup. It is hardly ever the EGR Valve. Only few mechanics know this, so when they replace the EGR and it still does the same, you are all confuse. Wierd enough, you may also have carbon deposits in your exhaust, please don't check it while it's running. LOL
  • Had the same problem a few years ago. There is a EGR sensor (or something like that) that is up in the middle slightly to the passenger side right up by the firewall. It plugs into a harness. It has a Mitsubishi emblem on it. Take it out. Start the car. Always have the TCF off light on and the engine light, but no more stalling. :-)

    (note, this is a completely different problem from the previous one I just posted- I felt that if I was asking, I might give something back)

    Apparently this car has a history of a faulty computer that turns the TCS off light on when it shouldn't. So the TCS off light is misleading. It has nothing to do with the TCS - it's emissions. Removing the sensor has solved the problem on 4 others that I know of. Happy driving!
  • same problem here 99 Millennia S.
    have been driving with the Check Eng Light on for almost a year. Recently it started to blink. took it in to Firestone for Diag; they told me i have PO-431 Ignition coil #4 mised fire and typical O2 sensor issue. I plan to chang my spark plug this weekend. Don't spend money on O2 and anything more than a Thousand dollars repair just ignord it as long you have AAA just drive this car and have a good time - I really like this car but have no intention to upkeep it,
    cars are losing proporsition from day one.
    just gas and zoom.
  • PO-431 mean mised fire - replace the ignition coil.
    go to Pepboys they sell it for $149, $90 installation.
    replace the spark plug yourself but i think you can only
    buy the distributor cap from the dealers.
    Diag at Firestone is about $59 but i believe you can get a free one from PeppBoys.
  • goodcargoodcar Posts: 4
    Duh!! In it for the money? Do you really think so?
  • jazzyman26jazzyman26 Posts: 18
    If anyone and a Mechanic can give me some insight pre-cats (both front) 2.5l 01
    I"m considering buying two universal catalyic converter instead of going to the dealer paying $ 2000.00 can this be done or do I have to go to the dealer?If anyone
    that have the same issue and use universal catalyic let me know please before I spend the money and what brand is best for universal converter Eastern or Magnflow
  • gnc54gnc54 Posts: 1
    hey i have an 02 mazda millenia with an EGR VALV and CAT CONVERTER prob how do i fix that? how much is it to fix? does it make sence to even fix it?
  • If you have determined that the EGR system is actually OK, then try the following:
    1) Replace air filter--K&N hi-perf filter runs about $65 and is worth it-

    2) double check battery posts/connections---clean/replace as necessary-

    NO check engine light should BLINK and that may indicate a screwed up computer---very expensive!! Last resort-

    Since you have the supercharged model, it's possible that you have too much boost---as nice as it is, the boost just uses up more gas and, let's be realistic here, it's not going to walk away from a BMW M3 or Porsche, so turn the boost down and see if that clears the indicator----you know that you can turn the light off by simply disconnecting the battery, right? (have to reset all your stereo channels--bummer) BUT IF YOU CLEAN UP THE BATTERY POSTS WHILE YOUR AT IT, IT'S WORTH THE EFFORT--

    code reader may be also worth the $300----good luck and aloha, Mike in Kaneohe
  • i was told by auto zone that these diagnostic codes needed to be addressed:
    p0301 & p0170 & p1522

    i have already changed the cyl#1 spark plug(to fix #p0301)
    i had the mechanic do an injector cleaning
    i closed the screw on the idle and it would not adjust, it remains @ 800 rpm
    Can someone plz help me and give me an idea as to what i have to do for these problems. Hopefully someone knowledable can assist.
  • Dude---do yourself a favor and do it once & do it right---replace all 6 spark plugs AND the wires---I realize that this can run some bucks but you will thank yourself (and maybe me too!!) when your Mazda runs at near 100% and you also get maybe 5 miles per gallon better mileage---I have done it twice (2 different cars) and the diff was incredible----runs better, more pull and better gas mileage, and better reliability thrown in as a gift--I had to replace my distributor ($500 my friend!) but it was THE SOLUTION to my problem at the time---I have a used one that is OK which I would sell for $100 if you need one-- ( I am assuming that you do NOT HAVE a supercharged, Miller-cycle engine as I am NOT familiar with that option!!)--I run 89 octane gas, and am forced by Hawaii law to use 10% METH gas, and usually add a bottle of gas treatment when at 1/2 tank---I am getting around 22-24 MPG on average, so it's a decent rate--you gotta watch your mileage as it is not just about dollars, your mileage also reflects the overall status of your motor----keep your oil clean (change oil & filter every 5K mi or so, and always check the condition of your hoses every 4-6 months)---especially the emissions-related (like CGR and others) that can result in a motor that is not only polluting the air but running HOT---(a bad thing here in Hawaii!!)--these cars are very solid and can run over 200K easily IF YOU MAINTAIN THEM!!!--I have an entire 1995 motor laying in my driveway, next to the tranny and all sorts of accessory parts (starter, alt., A/C compressor, and on and on) + wheels, tires and more----it's a very good model to stay with long term---one tip I'll give you is to break down a good sized cardboard box and slide it under the car, motor area above, and right after returning from a trip so everything is hot, and look for any fluid leaks----the Millenia is known for leaks from the rack & pinion steering (up against firewall), and also the valve covers--(front one duck soup, rear one a real pain), and anything else that may show up----discovering the leak source(s) can save you a lot of $$$$$ not to mention a possible tow job----watch battery water level and tape a penny onto the battery near the posts---it will stop the battery from crapping out the electrolyte---trust me, just do it!!! Also, don't forget that the tires are UNIDIRECTIONAL, so you can put driver front to driver rear, and the reverse, but DON'T put left side tires onto right side (passenger side) unless you have $300 to blow----

    You are welcome to get me at rather than the forum---either way!!!

    Aloha, Mike
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  • Aloha Mike,

    Thank you so very much, my hubby finally fell asleep... has insomnia trying to get the car in working order..

    It's people LIKE YOU (helping others) that make this a Better World! :-)

    with the economy the way it is and our personal crisis; we gotta fix and cannot buy!!
    he will probably have me email you again tomorrow if that's ok with you....

    we are in Florida!!! The Atlantic Hawaii.......

    Ada & Angel
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