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  • This is correct (or at least what I have been told by a reliable source) - the invoice price is going up 1% but the MSRP is staying the same. This is why I am going in tomorrow (12/31/01) and place an order for a 2002.

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, were you able to get the price you wanted or did you have to concede? Email me ( or call me - I have a few questions for you off-line if you don't mind.
  • Yes, this is correct, the prices and lease factor will increase effective Jan. 1.
  • Thanks for your response/comments. Were you referring to an X5 with the 3.0 or 4.4 engine? This car has the 4.4 engine. MSRP when new was $55000 +/-.

    Hope you were referring to a 3.0. I would hate to think I need to take $6000 but I appreciate your feedback.
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11
    Had to work to get the .0019 money factor. Went with 42 mos., 15,000 miles per year.

    Premium package, rear climate, xenon, automatic. $45,820 MSRP

    Lease is $577/mo.

    $600 Security Deposit
    $577 First mos. payment
    $330 Processing Fees

    $1507 total initial payment
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I did the same. The dealers were reluctant to give the .0019 money factor, but I was persistent. I have a $587 payment, but I had to pay about $500 in advertising and doc fees. Even though I hated all these fees (including the lease acquisition fee), getting a 2002 X5 for under $600 month with NO money down (except for required amounts - deposit, acq. fee and 1st payment) is still a good deal. But, since I decided to order mine from the factory, I was hit by the 1% increase in invoice costs starting 1/1/2002. I ended up getting about $1800 off MSRP and based on previous posts, that is a decent deal.
  • Hi,

    I am considering buying a X5 3.0 that was used as a dealer demo. It has about 4500 miles and it is a 1991. What kind of discount should I demand given these two facts?
  • I would buy that 1991 X5 3.0 at any price dude. Those are SO hard to come by. So rare in fact, that I have never even heard of such a thing until just now!!! And just 4500 miles of driving in 11 years (must have been to and fro the prototype garage! LOL ;)
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    MACO fees are legit. Don't fret over it. Even Edmunds says you should expect to pay such a fee. What they don't want you to have to pay is the cost of local advertising by the dealer.
  • Hello, I am thinking of getting an X5. Currently own a mid-90s Explorer, which for all of its various faults, does have a lot of rear cargo space -- about 5' wide, x 3.5 feet in length from the passenger seats back to the rear tail gate.

    How does the X5 compare? I like the look, but do need some space back there. I can't find the rear cargo dimensions anywhere, and hope some X5 owners can help out. Everyone publishes their cubic feet dimensions, but that can be deceiving if there is a high roofline. For me, the square footage is key. The X5 looks to be a little shorter than my Explorer in terms of distance from passenger seats to the rear hatch....

    Thanks for any info!
  • pgillpgill Posts: 84
    I think you would be disappointed with X5's cargo space if you need some space back there. My previous car was a 528i and X5 has about the same cargo space as the sedan. The cargo area is not as deep as 528i but it is a bit wider and you can pile items higher. However, rear wheel wells intrude into the cargo area and the slope of the hatch reduce the volume and usefulness of the cargo area. I suppose that's why BMW marketed X5 as a SAV and not a certainly lacks some utility.
  • I agree with "pgill" re reasons for limited storage in the X5. I think that the slope of the hatch creates the biggest problem. Also the actual length of the cargo area (measured as rear seat to hatch door) is very short. There are a lot of options in the mid-size SUV market that would probably work better. But there is nothing that beats driving the X5, well - nothing much!!
  • joyrphjoyrph Posts: 2
    knoxville,tn dealership
    2002 x5 3.0i sticker price 47,650 (1000 less agreed to)
    36 month lease 900.00 down
    payment 699.00 /month including taxes etc(659+40)
    cold weather package/premium/rear climate
    automatic,retractable load floor,premium sound
    residual 31449
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11

    What's your understanding of how good the performance center experience is in SC if you pick up from the factory? Do you know? My dealer says I can either take the one I have purchased, it's currently being routed to Atlanta from SC but is delayed b/c of the weather, or I can order one and pick up in SC and do the performce center.

    BMW web site is somewhat informative but doesn't explain how long the day lasts. Sounds pretty cool though.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I have heard good things about the Performance Center experience. I will be taking my first trip in March for my X5. As far as I recall, the trip takes all day, but BMW pays for everything (except air fare). The BMW plant is quite modern, so just the tour of the plant would be worth it for people like myself who are used to the old Detroit filthy auto plants. Plus, you will get to drive a vehicle on their test track!
  • My wife has gotten the bug for an X5is to replace our 528i when the lease runs out in July. Has anyone had any experience with these both from the driving standpoint and from the purchase and/or lease standpoint. They seem incredibly expensive for an extra 40 or so horsepower. Any help out there?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I attended the 4.6is press launch and got to keep one for ten days. In my opinion, it's worth every penny. It comes fully equipped, so the only options are NAV, rear side airbags, and the retractable load floor. If you option out a 4.4i with all the equipment that comes standard on the 4.6is, the actual price difference is less than $10,000. I took a 4.4i on the ALCAN 2000 Winter Rally and while I liked it OK, the 4.6is just strikes me as being a LOT more fun. IMHO, that more than justifies the extra $$$.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    First Drive: 2002 BMW X5 4.6is

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  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Just picked up a grille guard for my X5. The dealer printed out the installation instructions for me but wouldn't print the bumper removal and installation instructions. Any idea where I can come up with these as I don't want to destroy the skin taking it off and on. Thanks
  • Since recently selling my 740i I have been on BMW withdrawal. You see I have always had at least one (most of the time two) beamer in my driveway for the last 10 years, but now my daily driver is a Jaguar XJR, my wife drives a Lexus GS430, and our suv is an Acura MDX. I would be more than willing to part with my Acura, and get a 4.6i, I am going to price one out on-line right now. Any info on the wait for one, or price increases (due to demand) would be appreciated.
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