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  • x5box5bo Posts: 3
    Cisco 4440: My dealer ordered my X5 3.0 on January 23. He immediately faxed me a summary of the order with the Production Number. I was able to go to the BMW website and confirm that the vehicle was ordered. The X5 was estimated to be built in February, with an April 1 delivery. I see on the web that it is already completed and en route to the preparation center.
    I became obsessed with trying to match a deal that I made in L.A. (four hours away). I called at least 10 dealers in California. Most were unwilling to reduce MSRP, some up to $1000. I have been told that BMW increased the invoice price to the dealers January 1, with no change in MSRP. It really changed their attitudes about dealing.
    I would suggest to standc that he call dealers in the Central Valley of California (Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield.) Your X5 is probably out there! You should be able to purchase your X5 for about 2% under MSRP (this was my local dealer's "internet price.")
  • Thanks a lot for the pricing information. I wouldn't mind paying MSRP for this great car but I don't want to be ripped off by the dealers when everyone is getting a 2% off MSRP. I've called almost every dealer in the bay area but no one is willing to come off MSRP. I'll try the central valley ones. Thanks!

    Hopefully I'll be able to join this discussion as a proud X5 owner very soon!
  • I'm picking up my car next week. Here's what I'm getting - 4.4, premium, sport, rear climate and cold weather packages and Xenon headlights. MSRP is $56,345. Negotiated sale price is $55,145 ($1200 off the sticker). I'm leasing it for 36 months. The money factory is 0.00235 and the residual is 61.0% for 15,000 miles per year. That makes the payment $787.42 or $852.39 with tax. I think I got a good deal. How does that sound to you guys?
  • Thanks for the feedback, today I signed the papers on a 02, X5 3.0i, auto, premium, rear climate, sport, xenon & mats. Negotiations were a little tense, but pleasent, dealers don't want to come down too much off the MSRP. I was able to get about 2.2% off MSRP, I ended at Prestige in northern NJ, I had a little better deal at another dealer, but was not familiar with their service, and did not want to take a chance over a few dollars. Sales lady was very pleasent had a tour of their facility and it sold me. Considering the comments on previous post, I feel I had a very good deal.
    Cisco4440 and jagzbimmer thanks for your feedback, it helped. It was a great day, sun was out and it hit 60 degrees, now the wait begins, but from what I have heard from the postings and current owners, it will be worth it.
    Happy X5 Motoring, peterd.
  • on the X5 purchase. Are you going for the Performance Center Pickup Delivery option in Spartenburg SC?
  • I just leased a 2002 X5 3.0i with the premium package and auto. I really wanted one with a sport package but they were hard to find. The ones that did have them were loaded to the tilt. I was really wanting the bigger 18" wheels.

    The dealership upgrade to 18" wheels and tires will cost about $2400. This is after getting the $400 credit for my 17" wheels. Ouch.

    I found an ebay posting for 18" wheels and tires right off a new X5 4.4i. This guy bought new and upgraded to 19" wheels. So, he is unloading his 18" wheels and tires. Current bid is around $501 but it has not met the reserve requirement. If I decide to upgrade, I will chase after these wheels and then decide how to unload my new 17" wheels and tires. Not much of a market for these.

    At any rate, my question is whether I should bother going to the 18" wheels. Has anyone upgraded to this tire size, if so, what benefits have you noticed other than looks?
  • Thanks, I'm thinking about the Performance Center Delivery Pick-up, I read about it and I like it. Trying to figure a way to fit it into our schedule, my work, wife's work and kids.
    Donelonpc: From your experience as far as upgrading, now you know why it pays to take the sport pkg. Dealer wants 2,400 for wheels / tires vs 2,100 for pkg. with all the other goodies. I had the same problem when I bought my 2000 Benz E320, did not like the wheels (16"), dealer wanted around 2,500 for 17" wheels / tires, last year I found a OE set (17") on E Bay with less than 100 miles on the tires, bid started at 600 ended paying about 900, still better than dealer, when I received the set, they were like brand new. Goodluck and enjoy the X5.
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    Anyone gotten Steel Grey and if so, what interior seems to go best (besides black). SG seems to have different looks based on lighting, but seems to fit the X5 body lines well.
  • I am trying to purchase an X5 4.4 with the above referenced equipment and have run into two issues that I would like comment on. 1.The 745's tying up 4.4 engine production and I will need to order it. and 2. BMW has gone to "no haggle" pricing and I will pay near list price (approx. $56k in this case). Also I am exploring the 36 month Buyer Option walkaway financing option. Would appreciate comments on all? Thanks.
  • I think that if you go with leather, get the saddle color. It looks sharp. I saw one at the dealer where I got mine. Otherwise, you are limited to black in leatherette.
  • I've noticed a shortage of 4.4 X5's in my area too. Although no shortage of 745's, I don't think people are warming up to the new 7. A couple months ago when I bought my X I inquired about a 745 and was told there was "at least a 6 month waiting list" The first 7's hit this dealership about a month ago and I saw 7 or 8 unsold 7's on their back lot yesterday - not counting the 2 or 3 I saw up front in demo use.

    I thought I wanted a 4.4i when I decided on the X but was suprised by the spunk of the 3.0. I went with a fully loaded 3.0 and have no regrets - the 3.0 is an excellent engine.
  • I'm thinking about buying an X5 3.0 for my wife.
    Has anyone had any success faxing an offer into the sales manager of a BMW dealership offering close to dealer "invoice" cost? It seems to me that since the car will need to be ordered they won't need to worry about carrying the inventory and all the costs associated with it on their lot.
    I would appreciate feedback, positive or negative on buying an X5 without the need to actually go to a BMW dealer. I test drove the X5, liked it but HATED being "sized-up" by the salesperson.
  • BMW dealers only get so many X5s to sell each month and they're selling all they've got (from what I've gathered). Why should he sell it to you for next to nothing when there's a line out the door of people willing to pay more? Two quick ways to find out the going rate are 1) Edmunds TMV and I actually bought mine going thru carsdirect (who routed me to a local dealer). I communicated with the dealership thru email until the date of purchase so I never got "sized-up". Truly painless, and since I was still buying thru the dealership I got the BMW loaners, free car washes, free floor mats and a few $s off MSRP.
  • Leased an X5 3.0i on Saturday. Steel Gray with dark popular wood, gray leather interior and manual transmission. Options: Premium Package. The numbers...MSRP $43,594 including BMW Mats. Discount $1,688.00 (3.87% off of MSRP). Selling Price $41,906.00. Monthly Lease is $528.58 which includes 9% PA sales tax for 39 months at 15K miles per year. Lease numbers are: Out of Pocket $4,198.83 includes 1st payment, $2,600 Cap Reduction, $625.00 Acq. Fee, $234 PA Sales Tax on Cap Reduction Amount and $211.25 tags & fees. No security deposit since this is my 4th lease with BMW Finance. Residual set at 61% of MSRP with a money factor of .00238 (5.71% APR).
  • Why would you lease as oppose to purchasing the car outright?
  • The 3.0 certainly would save money on the initial purchase costs and operating costs as well, but I am curious if the 3.0 is potent enough to make me forget about the 4.4. Any comments?
  • Does Bmw have a "mid-year" model? I guess what I am really asking is are there changes/fixes made mid-year to correct problems that seem to plague some people and keep Consumer Report's reliability rating of the X5 as poor? Or should I wait and order a '03 X5, knowing that the reliability gets better every year?

    In addition are there any interesting options coming in '03?
  • Recently, while my friend was en-route from NY to Florida his 2001 X5 3.0's tranny failed. I understand the X5's transmission is manufactured by GM, and is the same as the Cadillac CTS line...

    Anyone else experience this rather bizarre problem?
  • Has anyone brought an 2002 X5 3.0 in Northern California lately? If so, which dealer and how was the experience? Also, was the price pretty good? Any deals? I would appreciate any bargaining tips.
  • qbbeeqbbee Posts: 1
    I'm considering the X5 and am interested in what anyone knows about resale. Also, does the GPS system really make a difference in resale? And if you get the GPS, how inconvenient is the CD player in the back?
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