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  • scotthemiscotthemi Posts: 27
    We currently have a 2001 X5 4.4 that we are planning on trading in for a new one (pretty much the same, except probably going for the sports package this time). Any idea how much off retail I can try to get in the Dallas area, specifically Classic or Moritz (never going back to John Roberts - ever again!)

    When we bought this one, there was too much demand, so no deals were to be found, but the purchasing climate seems to be more buyer friendly now, but I don't have any idea of what I can expect.

    Also, if anyone has experience with either Classic or Moritz, please share.
  • rjr57rjr57 Posts: 7
    After being torn between the FX35, Touareg and most recently the RX330, I decided on the X5. Reading through the boards on Edmunds and the other brand-specific forums, it's clear that they all have their strengths, quirks and quality problems. But the test drive on the X5 won me over - unbelievable handling, and with very decent ride quality. I think it will be lots of fun to drive, and cross my fingers that it doesn't live in the shop.

    I pick it up in a month - got black sapphire metallic, with gray and dark poplar interior. Does anyone have this color combination, or has anyone seen it on an X5? The dealer had a 5 series in that combo, and I thought it was pretty cool.
  • If you're looking for pics try ebay motors -- they've got just about every color combo under the sun if you search current & past listings. I also waited a month to pick up mine; lots of sleepless nights! Hears hoping your X5 is as trouble free as mine.
  • rjr57rjr57 Posts: 7
    I appreciate the help and the thoughts. I checked out ebay, and there were plenty of black X5's, but no black sapphires. [It's tough to detect the difference in pics anyway.] Maybe it's a relatively new color - or just not popular.
  • farm4farm4 Posts: 2
    I have a X5 with the Star spoke 57 rims(standard nonsport). Been looking to move up to a Star spoke 69. I see this rim(69) takes a 255/55R-18 tire. Would a wider tire fit on the rear rim and car, to give to give it the look of the 19" Y Spoke wheel(255/50R-19,front; 285/45R-19rear)? My dealer said that even though there are X5's with wider tires than the 255/55R18 in the rear, with this combination of rim and car, this in the biggest b/c of strut clearance. Any Help?? thanks!!
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I think he's right. The rim width is the most important factor here. I would contact the folks at They can probable give you a difinitive answer.

    You could go aftermarket and get a wider rim to support your need for the wider tire.

  • adfsa1adfsa1 Posts: 4
    I would appreciate any recent buying experiences from 3.0 owners---curious to know whether $500-$1K over invoice is feasible on the 2003 X5 3.0 Thanks
  • ajl1000ajl1000 Posts: 15
    What year did the taillights of the X5 begin appearing as a combination of red and white intead of the red and orange?

  • AJ,

    I think you're looking at the difference between the sport package (clear corners --"white") and non-sport (orange). The sport package has been around since the inception of the vehicle.
  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    For the astute X5 clan here....if someone knows.. breakdown the diff between the 2. I like the 03' well enough but if they plan on using more aluminum, add'tl safety mechanisms, etc for the 04 and the price is not too elevated it might be worth waiting until they release? I understand they still have quite the inventory of 03's so that could delay the 04's release? I really have no problems with the 03'. It is now old enough that BMW should have worked most of the kinks out and actually start their brilliant innovative tinkering to this class of vehicle. Thanks.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    For 04:
    1. Front facia change with new grill. Looks smaller in front, less trucklike.
    2. 3.0 gets a 6 speed vs. the 5 speed manual.
    3. 4.4 goes to 315 hp.
    4. Bi-zenon and adaptive headlight option.
    5. Rear signal lense now clear vs. yellow.
    6. Sirius satellite radio option.
    7. 6 disk in-dash CD changer option.
    8. New standard steering wheel.
    9. Different standard and optional wheels.

  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    One other you have any thoughts on the % of car that is comprised of German/USA/Canada parts? If I remember correctly it was 50%G/35%U/balance C? They are assembled in SC right? I suppose that ratio is parts %? Doesn't appear to be a problem. It is very impressive facility. I have seen the spy photo of the 04's and I really didn't fall off the chair. I do like the adaptive bi-zenon in certain times. I would opt for the step auto trans. 6 speed sounds good and wife said she wouldn't object to manual but something tells me with 2 kids in the rear and having to pass something back there dictates auto. Overall, looks like I could live with a 03' or 04'. 225 hp should be enough and I love their inline 6. I am passing on the sport option. I read your comments about that option on the X5. Made sense. That steering wheel jazz...geez. Sirus is nice. Wheel options Pluhleeze...I was overwhelmed already! Now I just need to find the vehicle and fair deal. Choice: Black/grey leather/some bs prem pk/auto/right price. Thanks again Jack for your input.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I thing the US content is about 40% now. There are many European manufacturers that have opened facilites in the Greenville/Spertanburg area in order to supply BMW.

    The engine/transmission comes as one large component from the mother land. So, almost the same as the engine used in the 5 series. One interesting point, 3.0 in the 5 series has an oil capacity of 7 quarts, the 3.0 in the X5 has an oil capacity of 8 quarts.

    If you go for the black exterior, check out the pastel green interior option. It is the best looking interior color for black. It also works well with the creme and light green colors.

    Speaking of color, 5 new colors:
    • Mystic Blue (A07)
    • Kalahari Beige (481)
    • Toledo Blue (482)
    • Sterling Gray (472)
    • Olivine (349)

    And... new interior upholstery and trim:
    • Truffle Brown Dakota Leather (LCTE)
    • Poplar Anthracite (Gray) Wood Trim (435, no charge option for the Premium Package)

  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    Glad to hear that about the trans. I am sure they "tinkered" and came up with 8qts. I will check that pastel green color out. I know I haven't seen it but sounds worth checking out. I do like the creme with black but I think my wife wants the darker colors like grey. She mumbled something about bubble gum, spittle, etc. I have black on black in my car and love it but who am I in this story!.. ;-) Truffle Brown Dakota. I cook with Lastly, when are the 04's due outif you know? Thanks.
  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    Thanks. I would really love to just go pick it up at the plant...Fly in, cruise for a day or 2 and break her in afterwards. Wait a minute I am getting a X5...not a Alpina! I'll just play the fax
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I couldn't tell by the tone of your message, but plant delivery is available for the X5. The delivery includes:
    - one nights lodging at the Greenville Marriott near the airport and the plant,
    - dinner at the hotel for you and guest,
    - ride to the plant in the AM,
    - explaination of cars features, etc. (delivery),
    - driving course specially designed for the X5,
    - lunch,
    - tour of plant, and
    - free time in Zentrum (museum).

    There are many good driving roads in the area too.

    Plant pickup can be done in about 3 weeks. Most delaers have enough vehicles in the production schedule to work things out for you.


  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    Were talking 04's right? I think I read somewhere that production has stopped for 03's? Well that would be cool and I would have blast. I could just explain to the expecting wife that I would do all the leg work and bring her car to her! Actually, I should consider it. I was just being facetious earlier. How do you set it up? a dealer,make the deal, order the car, go pick it up and drive it home?
  • billfishbillfish Posts: 16
    I checked their web site and they give some info. Basically tell the dealer and they set it up. Nominal fee? First born? Included? I know a couple of people that bought and took the european delivery on a MB. Said they had a blast. Doing the car thing would only enhance that trip I would imagine.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Plant delivery is the same price as dealer delivery. The cost used to transport your car to the dealer is used for the Performance Center Delivery (PCD). You pay your own way to the Greenville/Spartanburg airport and they take it from there. BMW PCD includes hotel and meals. You get a full tank and directions home at the end. The dealers like it because it's on less delivery for them.

    So, say your dealer has a production "slot" for the week of, oh say, October 20. He changes the production order to match your specs and makes arrangements for PCD. PCD picks up the ball and works out the details with you. You can actually track your car's status on the web based on the production order number they give to your car. They're usually built about a week before your delivery.

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