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  • burrsrburrsr Posts: 255
    We just purchased a CPO 2003 X5 4.4i, 18,000 miles. Love the car, but noticed that after a car wash or driving in rain, the rear passenger-side carpet is soaked. There are no leaks around the door, so it seems to me that water is coming in from below. Any others experience this? Any solutions? I plan to call the local dealer tomorrow. Thanks.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    If it's under warranty (since it's 2003 with 18k miles, it's probably still the original factory warranty), then just take it to your BMW Center and they'll take care of it....
  • hello

    so i have in the past owned 94 and also 97 740i. i have just ordered my frist x54.4i white/truffel sp,prem,cold pakg,and nav. belive it or not i didentt even test drive the truck.just figured it would be awsom just like my other bmw. can anybody tell what to expect out of this sav.

    thanks for your input
  • Has anyone gottern the iPod adapter installed? How does it work? Any advice to me as I research/schedule getting this for my X5?

    Thank you
  • I just purchased an 2006 X5 4.4i with the premium sound package and am incredibly underwhelmed with the quality of the sound the sound system produces. You have to set the bass, treble and equalizer settings to their max to get anything close to decent sound out of the system, which is still underwhelming. I traded up from a 2002 X5 3.0 with the premium sound package which clearly sounded better. I'm am getting nowhere working directly the dealer and BMW North America to get this problem addressed. Anyone have any suggestions or similar experience with their X5 ? All of the service techs agree the sound system sounds wimpy but no action yet after nearly a month of owning the vehicle. For nearly 60 grand - I expected a better product and service from the dealer and BMW.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Have you tried listening to another X5 with premium sound? Is it a "model issue" or specific to your car?
  • Thanks for the reply. Well that's what the BMW tech engineers (New Jersey and Germany) are apparently trying to figure out...the particular dealer had no other 06 X5s on the lot, but we did listen to other year models on the lot (4.4's with premium sound) and they all sounded a lot better. The open question is whether something got changed (downgraded) in the 06 model. And that, quite frankly, makes no sense. Why can't the company answer that question quickly. I certainly would have taken pause about buying the vehicle had I known. Nothing in the literature about car suggested that the sound system wouldn't be the same or better than in my 02 X5 3.0. Bad assumption I guess.
  • hello

    i have just picked up my new have posted befor i wanted to know what to expect from this sav.well let me just say that this sav is just out of this world. :) i mean it has just blow me me away .in every aspect of this sav is by far the most exciting bmw i have owned .and i have is the past owned a 94 and 97 740i.i sold the 97 befor taking ownership of the x5.there is nothing that is a disappointment and i mean nuthing .i am just in haven.the handaling ,breaking ,streeing,and relay fast. just beyond my widest .i am soooooooo happy with this x5 that i think i on a cloud 9 .thanks :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    It doesn't seem like you need an answer, because the X5 is everything YOU expected, and then some. If it weren't for the fact that a new X5 is due in a year's time, the 4.4 would also be the BMW I would lust after.
  • skim2skim2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 X5 4.4 Sport with 19 inch wheels.

    I want to install snow tires and was interested in getting 17 inch wheels. Does anyone know if the 4.4 Sport can take 17 inch wheels?

    I wasn't sure if the brake rotors/calipers, etc were different for the 4.4 Sport from the 3.0 - which comes with 17 inch wheels standard.

    Thanks -
  • I have a 2004 BMW X5 4.4 with normal sound system. Can I upgrade the sound system? Has anyone of you tried?
  • I just bought a 2002 BMW X5 3.0i with 42K miles. I know I can take it to the local BMW dealership for service and repairs but they are very expensive (I had routine service done and it cost me $450). I was wondering what is the best way to find a certified BMW technician who could give me better labor rates than the BMW dealership technicians. Is this recommended? I live in the state of Maryland. Any advice for or against doing this would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

  • I had the IPOD adapter installed at BMW dealer. It works pretty good: much better quality sound than any FM transmitter, charges IPOD, can advance songs and change volume from the steering wheel controls or the radio controls. You have to set up 5 playlists called BMW1, BMW2, etc. and that's all it will play. You can change playlists from the radio buttons. The downsides: does not display song title on radio and you cannot control the IPOD when it is attached. I'm fairly happy with it -- but not sure it's worth $400.
  • I do 90% city driving and 10% highway driving. I get a consistent 15 mpg.

    2005 X5 3.0
  • Try looking in the Roundel magazine. I know there is a listing of independent BMW mechanics. I am sure you will find one up there. There are way too many BMWs not to have independent mechanics.

    Personally, I use both the dealer and an independent BMW mechanic. I'll go to the dealer for any scheduled maintenance since it is free. But I also change my oil every 7500 miles and I take it the independent mechanic for that.

  • I have a 2006 X5 4.4, with NAV and DSP (premium sound). Although it is very hard to believe this car does not have a CD player so I bought the factory 6 disc changer. The manual states that it will also play MP3 and WMA files and display "audiotext" for these files. My changer does not play those discs (burned several discs with different compressions and formats), it will play regular CDs but with MP3 or WMA I get just a piercing sound of a binary data stream. It does not report any errors (reading the CD) and it will even fast forward. To me (as a computer consultant for many years) this is either an installation problem or a software bug or this is not possible with DSP. Anybody has this problem ?
    This is way above the dealer's technical expertise and I can not find a BMW technical contact anywhere.
  • Update - well the BMW NA technicians finally resolved the problem. Replaced amplifier and six disc changer the system now works properly. Not sure why it took so much time.

    Also found out that the IPOD adapter doesn't work with the premium sound sytem. It also works in the same port as the 6 disc changer, so it's one or the other if you don't have premium sound (which makes sense I guess - if you use the IPOD you don't need a 6 disc changer).

    So - if you want to use your IPOD - don't buy premium sound. An IPOD is of course way cheaper - premium sound is $1200 and definitely not worth the money considering the speaker package you get.
  • I have the same vehicle without NAV - and have been able to play discs both with MP3 and WMA files. This capability is important since you can't use the IPOD adapter with premium sound.

    You might have an amplifier problem. I would insist that the dealer replace the amp - and if that doesn't work - replace both the amp and CD player until it works. It is supposed to work. Make sure they consult a BMW NA tech if the dealer service techs can't get it work.
  • If you have premium sound - the adapter doesn't work. You also have to ditch your 6 disc changer if you have one.
  • Agreed that the 06 X5 4.4 is pretty neat to drive (having traded up from a 3 liter) - once you get past any flaws or issues encountered with your purchase. I hear the 07 will be a much bigger vehicle. Not seen any comment on other goodies. For me - the 06 is big enough.

    However - lusting is a sin ! (grin) It sometimes causes you to leap too early. If you're at all inclined to leap, secondary to lust -I'd suggest you not pre-order - really do your research - and not hand over cash until you get to see, touch, feel and test drive - test drive - test drive !
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