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  • vasylvasyl Posts: 9
    We picked up our '93 325is in Munich. The procedure is essentially handled by the dealer. For the German made cars they gave you a 10% break on the price (usually close to what you could negotiate here) and provide you with insurance while in Europe (EU countries only). You don't really save any money other than it's really great to drive around in your own car. The down side is that you ave to put on a few thousand kilometers for break-in before you can go over say 70mph, which puts you in the "slow" lane.

    America is the best country on earth but we have the suckiest drivers. Imagine cruising comfortably at 100-110 MPH (safely) and not encountering the left lane asswhipes going 55 with no intention to move over! And when the light turns green people actually take off. Here in the South Texas area everything is mostly flat and straight (it's hard to shake an F-150 or Suburban) so being in the mountains of Switzerland or country roads in France puts a lot more emphasis on handling and braking and sometimes your nerves (try the rotary around the Arc de Triomphe!) In other words it's an absolute blast to drive.

    Anyway sorry to stray form the subject. This is the X5 board after all,which by the way leads me to say that I heard you can arrange for European delivery of your X5!! But no break price wise. So just skip on down to your prefered BMW dealer who will do all the preparations, finance etc and simply specify when you will arrive in Munich and where and when you will leave your car upon returning to the states ( they give you several locations to pick from). When you arrive your car will have the European radio as well as the mandatory first aid kit and roadside reflector - the later 2 you must take before dropping the car off.

    BMW has an information package detailing all the above. And oops almost forgot that pesky import duty (a few hundred bucks if I remember correctly). Your car winds up back at the dealer (with the US radio) in about a month.

    Well this was the deal in '93, so please check the details directly- suppose you can find it online. Hope this helps.

    With "Der Schlickmeister" Out and GW In, we may even have a chance to afford our X5 and pick it up in Europe later this year.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Errr...FYI, the BMW X5 is made in Spartenburg, SC. You won't have to go all of the way to Germany to pick up the vehicle :-) Unfortunately, I don't think factory delivery is available as of yet.

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  • tclubtclub Posts: 22
    Seems like alot of X5 problems that the dealers take forever to fix or can't fix! Is this still happening. Things like wind noise, electrical, cutting off, & poor fit? Ms_Joanne have you had these on your X5? I do plan to contact Fred Meloan.
  • So far I have been very lucky. I have not had a single problem with my X. Not all X5's have problems, to be honest, I think it is the minority of them that do, but with that said, if I coughed up a ton of cash (which I did) for this car and had lots of niggling problems (which is what seems to be the most prevalent) I would have a friggin' cow and I would be unbelievably vocal. I don't dismiss a word that anyone says because I can only imagine how I would feel, as stated.

    I had my car serviced yesterday for a recall (no problems, thankfully) and the guy told me that my car was the best X5 he had ever driven (they have a service where they come get my car, leave me one, bring mine in for service, and then return mine and get theirs...AWESOME SERVICE!! That alone made the purchase worthwhile!!) So again, I consider myself very lucky that my X is, thus far, pretty darned perfect. It was a good day in Spartansburg the day my baby was built...cause that car rocks more than any I have ever owned. WHEW! I swear I get high driving it!

    Joanne (who is totally smitten with her car )
  • tclubtclub Posts: 22
    What Dealerships in the No. VA area do folks recommend for the BEST service? Ms_Joanne - do you get yours serviced at Patrick in Chicago?
  • vasylvasyl Posts: 9
    According to my very knowledgeable source at BMW of Houston North, X5's are available for delivery in Europe. Spartenburg produces X5s not only for the domestic market but also for all of BMW's worldwide locations. At the factory you can see right hand drive X5's for say Australia/UK and colors / options not available here. Essentially the transport vessels have a lot of room heading east so no problem to get your X5 a ride. Lead time however is I believe about 6 weeks to make the arrangements, so it's something you cannot do on the spur of the moment.

    Naturally it's easier to buy the car here. But if you can spend a few weeks in Europe -it's more fun than you can imagine. Renting this type of vehicle would be almost impossible and very expensive for something similar. Even a couple of weeks would set you back about a grand. If you ever wanted to tour Germany, Austria, Switzerland or France your just a days ride out of Munich. Go in September/October when rates are lower - Remember Octoberfest is at the end of Sept -not Oct!
  • And I use Knauz for a backup as they are closer to me. I will probably have them detail the vehicle once the winter is over so I can get all the salt residue out of the carpets and such. Mechanical stuff I will have Patrick do, though, because the Red Star service is available for as long as I own the vehicle.

    As for picking up an X5 in Germany I don't see the sense in that as they would have to pay for shipping it over there and then pay for it to be shipped back here again...not to mention salt air that would be on it twice. I don't think it would be worth it. Save the extra grand it would cost and go visit BMW over there and drive one of their vehicles on the Autobahn. That just doesn't seem logical to me. :)
  • vasylvasyl Posts: 9
    The "grand" I refered to was about how much you'd pay for a rental car in Europe for 2 weeks - there much more expensive than here. There are no shipping costs added. Wouldn't worry about sea salt - you'd have more exposure from some McDonald fries in the back seat than you would experience on a modern ocean transporter.

    Obviously not for everyone , but if you ever wanted to vacation in Europe it's not as crazy as you might think.
  • OK, I'm ready. Help me make the best decision. I'd love an X5. 4.4
    Are "they" dealing at all? I'm fine with the Fairfax dealer, any other suggestions?
    This 19" wheel business has me nervious, whats the best option?
  • Wide World of Cars in Spring Valley, NY just sold me a 4.4 with the options I wanted for $1,500 below MSRP for delivery in 4-6 weeks. No hassle. Just go to and ask for Michael Speranza. Tell him William sent you. If you have a frequent flyer account at US Airways you can also get 15,000 bonus miles if you buy through this dealership. Go to before you buy.
  • FYI - I spoke with Will at "Traffic Jams" in Encino, California (818) 501-5267. They have upgraded several X-5's and he recommends purchasing the base, in dash single CD player (about $200) and then have them install upgraded speakers and amp. The upgrade cost would be about the same as BMW's ($1200), but would be far superior. Has anyone else done this? Any other ideas? I'm currently research/shopping. MSRP does not seem to be a problem, I actually think I can get a grand or more off, but watch out for expensive lease factors, security deposit and acquisition fees through BMW leasing. I'll keep you posted.
  • Has anyone purchased the built in cell phone? I believe the BMW web site said it was a dual analog/digital startac. Does it work well and is it really $595 plus $495 to install? Thanks
  • As for tires the best thing to do is have winter rims and tires and swap them out every year. I would recommend this for any X5...whether 4.4 (19"), sport package, or not. The performance tires on all X5's are not great in winter. I haven't had problems this year (and we had a lot of snow here in Chicago) but next year I am going to go the snow tire route.

    As for audio I would upgrade outside of BMW **IF** you are certain that they will be able to make it work. BMW uses strange parts that no one has compatible stuff for. If this company has upgraded BMWs in the past I say go for it. I have heard a lot of people say they are happy with BMWs systems but they are like me...pretty happy with just about anything. I wouldn't have minded a few more bells and whistles in their audio system (repeat, volumn level indicators, etc.) but sound wise it works for me. I'm not exactly what you would call an audiophile, though.

    As for the cell me this is a colossal waste of everything. The whole bloody mess is about $1700.00 and that is just too darned much cash for me. NO WAY! That said it would be a nice thing to have a built in system...but my little $20.00 speaker/mike adaptor works just fine for that. I'm sorry...but I have much better use for that much doe-ray-me.
  • Ms. Joanne. Thanks for the input. I agree, a good winter tire really makes a difference. I put the Blizzaks on my Mercedes E320 WAD this year and it sticks like glue. I assume these are also available for the X-5, at least in 17" size. Also, one question, do you have the upgraded DC ($1200). Thanks
  • I'm sorry...I am not sure if I understand. If you mean the premium sound, no. I have the regular sound with the in-dash CD player. It's not's not great. It suffices for me. I am not a big bass person but there are times it could use a better bass sound. Most times, though, it works for me. (To give you a baseline from which to work...I have a boom box at home that I listen to, so consider the source of who is giving you opionions about BMWs audio.
  • atom2atom2 Posts: 1
    I am shopping for a 2001 X5, 3.0 with auto tarn premium/sport/climate pkg with radio/ad in dash. I priced one @ $45,900 lease of $659 36 oms 12k miles in the NC area. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price, I was told that it’I being discounted for about $1,300. Not sure if this is true. Anyone have any recent experience. Anyone recommend a dealer in NC metro area.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    "BMW's answer to Mercedes-Benz's ML55 rips out 6.5-second zero-to-60s at 347 horsepower. With revised fuel injection mapping and new induction and exhaust systems, this SAV is missing little except an "M" in its name":


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  • danm8danm8 Posts: 5
    I have the 4.4 with sport package. Tried the 19" tires for a couple of weeks in snow. It wasn't as bad as I feared but since I use the vehicle to travel to a country property each weekend and we get lots of snow around here (north east of Toronto), I eventually decided to go with the 18" wheels with Pirelli Scorpion S/T's. Not sure these are true "snow tires" but they get me anywhere now.
  • You should probably check the Edmund's web site for exact cost of those options, but it sounds pretty close. It sounds like dealers that have one that is not spoken for are discounting between $1500 and $2400 off of the MSRP which means they are still making between $3000 and $2100 over invoice. That monthly lease sounds pretty good depending on yearly miles (12000 or 15000) and the drive off fees (any cap cost reduction, acquisition fees, etc.). You will be expected to pay license and first month's lease payment, however, these can be rolled into the lease but it will raise your monthly payment. Good luck and keep us all posted
  • I must be getting dyslexic in my old age. That's supposed to be CD and the previous post should have been AWD. Sorry. Oops, I just realized it is my misuse of that wonderful spell checker. It defaults to THEIR correction. Ooo technology!!
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