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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • I have a 2008 Acura TL type s 49,000 KM. this Monday Nov 19 the Hands-Free link stop working (booting up message on the screen). I removed fuse number 7 and 10 and the HandsFree works for 10 minute and died again. I called Acura office and they told me there is no recall about this issue because it is not a safety issue. They told me to take it to the dealer. Last year the HFL drains my battery and I have to pay $250 .
    I am not sure how we bring this issue up to government body to force Acura to rectify this issue free of charge.
  • Have a 2012 Tl wi. a bluetooth connection that does not work after two starts of my car. Was at the dealership for something else, and was told that Acura internally knows there's a problem, and is working on it. I have a iPhone4, and an Apple engineer in their bluetooth area doesn't think it's them (of course), but said it could be. What is interesting is what the service rep told me, since Acura never acknowledged this before.
  • Please tell me what is the part number for the HFL. Is there an website that has reasonable prices for Acura Car parts? I want a way to determine if a price is reasonable. I know the dealership quoting $800 for replacing the HFL is actually trying to rob me. I can replace the part. I have not been able to find the part number and price in this forum nor via searching the Internet. I appreciate your help.
  • Add me to the growing list of HFL failures! Lots of insight here...can't wait to hear what my friendly Acura dealer has to if it will be anything different from what I've read here!!
  • I never had any problems pairing my iPhone 4 with my 2006 TL bluetooth until (I think) Apple pushed out IOS 6. Now, the car cannot find my phone. All of the settings seem to be ok (the phone's blue tooth setting is on, the phone is in discovery mode, etc.).

    Any help would be appreciated. Again, I believe that the problem started when Apple upgraded to IOS 6.
  • I just bought the Acura 2005 TL /110mil and the Bluetooth is not working and I forgot to check when I got from BMW dealership. Can some help me or tell me how to fix or how much does is cost to fix handfreelink. Please let me know if I should go to Acura.

    I have read couple post. I see there is document that help me to show to Acura or BMW dealership, so that they can fix it for free. Please send it to me via email. Thank you
  • I just leased a 2013 TL. I can not set up my Apple 4 Phone. I get as far as phone set up but when I command pair, the phone disconnects. I looked online and it says the Iphone 4 is compatible. The Device just keeps loading also. As soon as I say, Pair, the HandsFreeLink is not connected, but is IS connected when I am in the Phone set up mode. Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated!!!! I do NOT have a navigational package. Thank you!!
  • Join the club. I asked an Apple engineer who works on the bluetooth piece of the phone, and he said it is possible it's an iPhone problem. I went to the Apple store with the same phone many times, they said its Acura, after reviewing the hardware, upgrading the software, etc. I did have an Acura rep tell me that Acura is having some bluetooth issues, (not acknowledged publicly) and is trying to address them. Eventually, I'm going to upgrade my phone, then we'll find out. I gave up- most of Acura's tech package is unusable to the point that I'll sell this car earlier than planned and get something else. And this is from a loyal Acura/Honda owner. Too many ergonomic mistakes, overly complicated pieces to this car. Not to mention a small, poorly engineered trunk that immediately slams down on your head when you put what little you can in it.
  • rg2011rg2011 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with my 2011 and my wife 2010 TL. When is this going to be fix? My wife hate it so much that she is looking to get another car.
  • I complained about this to the delaer. You can use voice commands if you go to settings and leave the Tutor on.. Its annoying because everytime you try to use the command cneter the tutor will give you the same instructional advice over and over..
  • I just purchased an 08 TL. been messing with all the features, and I can not get the blue tooth to work. When I hit the "talk" button on the wheel, nothing happens. All the other buttons on the steering wheel work properly. If i go through the menu to hands free link and hit select, it continuously says booting.... what could be wrong with it? Any advice would help. Thanks!
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I have a 2005 Acura MDX and the HFL stopped working a few days ago. Took it to the dealership and was told that it would need to be replaced at a cost of $975 plus labour. After reading this thread I figured I could buy the part from (HANDS FREE TELEPHONE UNIT *NH528L* (MOON LAKE GRAY) - 2005 ACURA MDX (39770-S3V-A61ZA). It's currently $257.

    My vehicle is a Canadian vehicle and the dealership told me that the part # was 39770-S3V-C11ZA. The module on the OEM Acura Parts website has part #39770-S3V-A61ZA. The dealership wasn't sure if an American HFL module would be compatible in a Canadian car. Does anyone know?

    OEM Parts - 39770-S3V-A61ZA
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I think that like many of us, your HFL module needs to be replaced. The issue is that if you go to the dealership it's very expense. I was just quoted $975 at a Canadian dealership.
  • I already tried a couple years ago on my Canadian 2006 tl. It's not compatible as the connector is a different shape. I sent pictures to the OEM parts guy to confirm it. Whether it's different for the MDX, I don't know but you can try asking and doing the same thing where I sent pictures
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    Did you end up finding a Canadian HFL module?
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    So after doing hours of research I found that a couple people ordered the US HFL modules and installed them in their TL & RDX and it worked for them. I found one on ebay (US module) and ordered it for $200 plus delivery. I compared the picture of the module to the module in my MDX and they look exactly the same. The serial #s on the modules are the same except mine notes "C" for Canadian and the other notes "A" for American. I will keep you all posted as to whether the American part works in my Canadian 2005 MDX.

    After reading this entire thread it seems that 2005 TLs & 2005 MDXs are, for the most part, the vehicles that are experiencing issues with the HFL Modules. I have owned 3 Acuras in the past 3 years and have always told people that Acura was a great company. After reading all of this I am very disappointed. This should have been a recalled part but instead Acura jacked up the price of the part ($975 in Canada) knowing that their customers were likely going to need to replace this part. Pretty shady if you ask me!
  • Add another 2004 TL to the seemingly long list of Acuras with the hands free issue. I will never buy another hands free/navi system as part of a new car. Way cheaper to put in a aftermarket unit, and cheaper to replace when it breaks, too. And that way I'm not angry at Honda and Acura, who I think make the best cars (for the price) on the planet.
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 31
    My '05 TL had Bluetooth die too. With such a wide-spread failure rate I would have expected Acura to have a free or low cost fix for this part.
  • larry2244larry2244 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2006 Acura TL. Does anyone have a link to the service bulliten which addresses this issue?
  • dgeistdgeist Posts: 1
    I have 08TL. I had it's fourth battery installed in nov.,2012. It has just gone dead. When I talked to Auto-Zone about replacing it, they said to have the alternator checked even tho its numbers were in the normal range. When I talked to the service manager at my Acura dealership. Without hesitation he said bring it in. He disconnected the Bluetooth connection and said I should. Have no more battery problems. But no Bluetooth. He said we would discuss the options later. If yours was a preowned car they may have disconnected the bluetooth
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