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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • jtskijtski Posts: 1

    This faulty Hands Free Link issue is absolutely unacceptable, especially since Acura has allowed it to proliferate for so many years and victimize all of you here who have spent so much time and money on this! In fact, Acura must be one of the worst luxury auto brands after all of the issues I've dealt with.

    I have a 2007 Acura TL that was serviced multiple times while under warranty for issues such as a "mysterious power draw" and sticking side view mirror. The dealer's service dept stated they couldn't find the source of the power drain, so they simply put in a new battery as if that was an answer. And the sticking side mirror still gets stuck.

    As soon as the warranty ran out, they gave me the cold shoulder. My Acura TL now won't start after only three days of non-use because its battery gets completely drained. The battery is new, the alternator passed tests, and online forums all indicate a known Acura service bulletin for the culprit being the faulty HFL module. Acura Service depts want to charge just to look at it, and Acura Customer Relations refuses goodwill service and told me to pay for the repair myself! This is outrageous!

    I want to at least be able to drive my car, so I removed the HFL module myself, which was easy. That module was hot to the touch like a smartphone after playing a long movie! And the car hadn't been driven for two days! Guess what? My car's battery no longer gets drained.

  • I have a 2006 TL. Last week, it was sluggish to start. I was told that it had a faulty HFL connection that was draining my battery (a battery that was replaced 4 months ago). I told them that I have never used the darn thing and I've had the car for 7 years! It cost $400...I just now came across this forum and learned that it could be disconnected...Acura did not tell me that!! Today, my car did not start at all. I had to get it towed to Acura for them to tell me that my starter was kaput! Now, I am thinking maybe it was the starter all along. Until, now I used to love my car...but almost $1000 in seven days!!!! This is appalling! I sent an e-mail to Acura Client Relations. Something needs to be done about this!

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