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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • mrhatboymrhatboy Posts: 4
    My bluetooth/handfree also went out in the same fashion about a month ago. I own a 2005 TL without navi. I took it to the dealer as well and they are looking in to it. I was getting the "BOOTING UP" message also, which was going nowhere.
  • gpko666gpko666 Posts: 1
    .... My bluetooth / HFL button not workin also.. have the booting up message also i have no idea how to fix it , had disconnect the battery , waited for 10 mins then pulg in back on, still wont work..... 05 TL as well......................=[ :mad:
  • tl500tl500 Posts: 1
    I also have this same issue. It stopped working a few months ago after ~1 year of working flawlessly. Can't figure it out...
  • mrhatboymrhatboy Posts: 4
    UPDATE: I had the HFL module replaced on the vehicle. Did not find out why it had failed. I purchased the extended warranty on my vehicle when I bought it new and the module was replaced at ~98k miles. Just short of the 100K warranty. I did not realize that the extended warranty covered this part. But I only paid $50 out of pocket for replacement. Acura (or the warranty) covered the rest. The part cost they showed me was ~$650 for the module.
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    Good to know--I too have the extended warranty and only have 43K miles on the 05 I purchased last year. I also spoke to my own mechanic about the problem and he suggested that I check with Acura first as this was a $600.00 + part..
  • mrhatboymrhatboy Posts: 4
    Also, just FYI, (I don't remember what yr U said your TL was) but there is a Technical Service Bulletin from Acura for TL's in a certain VIN# range. I don't remember what the TSB number is but I know my 05' TL was not in that VIN range. This may also be an option for some of you. I found it on the internet so look for that there if you want to know more. Best of luck.
  • anniebeanniebe Posts: 2
    Good Morning,
    Thank you for you response. Can you tell me were I can find this bulletin?



    Thanks will post if there is more info.
  • talia05talia05 Posts: 1
    We brought our 05 TL to the dealer this past weekend to have the HFL checked out. After some hours, the service advisor had said that the unit is busted and needs to be replaced (which is about $650). Well, since we purchased the extended warranty when we purchased the car, we assumed it would be covered. Because the warranty center is closed on the weekends, the service dept was unable to get the approval to replace the unit. Being Saturday, we were able to get a loaner for the remainder of the weekend and our service advisor would call the warranty center come Monday morning to get the approval. We just got a call from the advisor stating the warranty we puchased DOES NOT cover electrical parts only engine and powertrain! This is really dissapointing!!! :mad: Looks like we won't have HFL anymore! :cry:
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    Its odd that you were not covered. I made an appt with the dealer where I purchased the car, told them the problem, they checked it out, ordered the part which took a few days to come in and then had the part in the car in about 10 mins--totally painless. Now it could be that it was only 11 months after I purchased the car and it was a CPO car......... and I have the extended warrenty too but I know it saved me about 650 bucks! HF works fine now :)
  • efgraphxefgraphx Posts: 4
    I own a 2004 Acura TL with the same problems. Sofar have not been able to find a Replacement part for my car. Could I use the HFL Unit from the 2005 TL?

  • My HFL also stopped working about 6-8 months ago. I finally made it to the dealer today, to learn that it's a $680 part, plus 30 minutes of labor.

    Has anyone on this thread found a different resolution?
  • No unfortunately that is the fix--- first I went to my local mechanic that I have been going to for years and he warned me it was a very expensive part - over 600 dollars and suggested I go back to the dealer since my car was CPOed - They ordered it, replaced it and all for 0 dollars - thanks goodness. It works beautifully now
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    What does CPOed mean?

  • My 2006 TL has had a reliable Bluetooth Handsfree Link system (HFL) for 4 years. I have been very pleased with the operation of the Bluetooth system. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new wireless handset and attempted to pair it with the HFL. The HFL did not 'see' the phone.

    I then performed a HFL system clear and a battery pull (hard reset) on the phone. Subsequent attempts to pair the new phone as well as several other phones that worked in the past now consistently fails.

    User initiated Acura HFL diagnostics pass and the voice recognition interface works fine.

    I dropped by the Acura dealer to get the HFL problem checked out. Only a couple of minutes in the service bay and the technician returned, advised that the HFL was not working and that the Johnson Controls Bluetooth module in the roof console would have to be replaced.

    The dealer service for this repair / replacement was quoted at $708.00! Wowie Zowie! An engine replacement isn't too much more! This price is extremely high and I declined the service. A little investigation reveals this problem to be very common and increasing in report frequency. If you are reading this perhaps you have also experienced the HFL failure. If you haven't, you likely will!

    The dealer, the manufacturer (Johnson Controls) and Acura Corporate Quality have all ignored this issue. Since the module is located in the roof and fails after just a few years, the cause is likely heat-related component failure. We may never know. If I get the opportunity to analyze the root cause, I'll report back here.

    Needless to say, I am disappointed in Acura's electronics reliability and the company's attitude. Over the years I have bought several Acuras but probably not this time.
  • I just got a 2007 TSX and over half my friends say the sound quality is terrible. I now ask everyone - the other 1/2 say it's fine.

    Did you ever get your problem resolved? I think I need to insist that the dealer give me new microphone - or do they have to replace the entire HFL module?

    I also have a Motorola bluetooth speakerphone. I have left messages on my home phone while driving on the highway, using both Bluetooth units. The Moto is very clear, the Acura HFL sucks. Naturally my local dealer thought it was fine on his end. He suggested that the Moto speakerphone sounded better because it was located closer to me - so I moved it to the passenger visor and it still sounded better.

    BTW, here's how to use other Bluetooth device and avoid pairing with the Acura HFL ... simply make sure to turn on your other BT device before you turn on the car.
  • gt4roegt4roe Posts: 1
    Erich - good news - I just found a Honda Parts site that sells the exact unit needed for the 2004 Acura TL for only $275. The link below should take you right to the page, or you can search - it is under the Interior Lights category. state=5&make=Acura&model=TL&year=2004&version=4DR%20BASE%20%28NAVIGATION%29&tran- smission=KA5AT&section=ELECTRICAL%20/%20EXHAUST%20/%20HEATER%20/%20FUEL&componen- ts=INTERIOR%20LIGHT&submit=submit

    I just pulled out my old one and it is easy to replace yourself. The link below has instructions.

  • Hey Thanx Mike. I'll check it out and get back to you.
  • k19k19 Posts: 9
    Thanks that helped! I have a 2005 TL. Did you just have to unplug bad HFL and plug in new HFL? Or did you have to connect wires?

    Thanks again

  • clo73clo73 Posts: 2
    I am having the same type of issue with my 2007 Acura TL. It is just out of the 50,000 warranty and is not working. I was given about the same estimate for repair. I wish that we could get Acura to see that this is an issue. Any suggestions for some type of group effort?
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