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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • I purchased a 2006 MDX in Nov 2009 with CPO. The HFL has been working flawlessly for the past year. Yesterday, it worked on the way home from work, and this morning, it did not. There is no icon on the screen any more. I check the fuses, but none of them are blown; and all the other things on those fuses still work. I deleted my phone from the HFL and repaired it. My phone recongnized it and was fine, but when I go into the 'phone setup' and then 'status' it says there is no phone connected. After reading everyones posts, I am a little hopeful that this will be covered by warrany; especially since I'm still under manufacturer! Will keep you all posted on what happens, and what went wrong...if they tell me!
  • i have a 2010 honda odyssey i get phone to pair then when i get ready to import the phone book it tell me that the handsfree link fail so what is going on could it be that i didnt update the navigation system
  • I thought I would weigh in on this because I have been reading this forum on this issue and my wife's 2006 TL had this issue occur last month. I did research on the issue on here as well as other acura forums and gathered a lot of facts on this issue prior to calling our dealership, Acura Escondido in San Diego Ca. I told them that this was a common problem with TLs, mentioned the service bulletin that covers 2004 TLs and asked them to look at it for free and if it was indeed the problem that I mentioned and is all over the web (6000 hits on google search on this issue), that Acura pay for it. So they agreed to look at it today and after confirming what I told them, consulted with ACURA USA and are picking up the cost of the labor and a new HFL module. I recommend all of you taking the same approach and wish you all the success I had.
  • Thanks Kyle.
  • kpokry01kpokry01 Posts: 1
    I went to the same dealer about 6 months ago and they told me it was going to cost about $800. I will be calling them shortly to make sure I get the same deal you received. Thanks for the post!
  • efgraphxefgraphx Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    Hi. Just want to let everyone know that I had the dealer replace my HFL yesterday. The cost was $474.00 was used the "Goodwill Concideration." I now have a 1 year/12000 mile warrenty on this as it is a new improved HFL.
    It was alot of work, but it finally paid off. I have a 2004 Acura TL with Navi and of course, was out of warranty. After researching the problems assoicated with the Unit, I gathered all this information including the Bulletin 05-020. At first, my dealer wasn't too helpful, but through persistence and facts, I was able to get this done. You guys helped me out in so many ways, as well as the internet. So my advice to all in need of a new unit, plan your strategy, then make your move. I called Johnson Controls and spoke to the top guys in the automotive/bluetooth division. And spoke to personal. I covered all my bases before I proceeded.
    My next replacement will be the dashboard, as it is cracking. Time to start the research. And I think my Dealer is ready for me as they know I mean business.
    Good Luck Everyone!
  • glenn_nglenn_n Posts: 3
    My situation has gone from bad to worse. I insisted that they replace my HFL due to poor sound quality on the other end (about 50% of people I talk complain that they cannot understand me). Local Acura service says it sounds fine, but I also have a Motorola BT speakerphone that sounds much better. Recordings left on my home answering machine clearly demonstrate the difference, but the dealer service says no, the HFL sounds normal to him.

    Anyway, they replaced the part in the roof area - apparently this is the HFL microphone, but not the actual HFL controller. Since that time I have had a number of new problems: intermittent failure to link BT, intermittent failure to recognize my dialing instructions, intermittent failure to drop BT link when car is turned off (and no call is in progress), BT establishing new link to phone 5 minutes after car is turned off!

    It sounds like the HFL controller is now on the fritz, but if it is NOT located in the roof with the HFL microphone, I wonder why these problems began as soon as the microphone was replaced?
  • Funny! The first part of March I also suddenly lost connectivity between my HFL and iPhone 3G. Called HFL customer service and they could not help with re-pairing my phone. Told me to take it to the dealer and they said I need a new unit. Cost to replace $1,000!!! Glad I checked here first. Sounds like something's fishy with HFL
  • clo73clo73 Posts: 2
    I am in agreement that this HFL needs to become a class action suit of some kind. My HFL was out of service at 56,000 miles and is very expensive to replace. I consider this a defective part. Acura offered little or no help. Of course not when you can make that kind of profit selling replacement parts. If anyone begins a suit, please contact me by email.
  • kshaidkshaid Posts: 1
    I'm experiencing the same frustrating situation. It has worked just fine for 5 years and just 2 weeks ago when we bought a new BT phone and tried to pair it, it quit working. We called Acura support and they walked us through resetting it and none of that worked. The BT buttons on the steering wheel do not work at all. Today, we were charged a $100 diagnostic charge for them just to tell us what you guys already know. Then, they quoted us $800 for the repair (I can't remember if that included the $150 labor charge or just for the part). Of course it is out of warranty now so we would be footing the bill. I DON'T think so. I believe I'll be circling back with them with all of your prior posts to see if I can get it repaired for free. This is ridiculous. :mad:
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I am having an issue with my car handsfree link bluetooth system for my 06 Acura TL. It stopped working last week with my phone. I have tried to pair it, along with other phones since, and no phones will recognize the car bluetooth (HandsFree). Also tried disconnecting the car battery and did not do the trick. Was curious if anyone else ran into similar problem?
  • Hello:
    I am a new member of the "Bluetooth handsfree link suddenly stops working" club. I have a 2005 TL. Dealer wants $950 to replace bluetooth unit. Can you email to me this Bulletin 05-020 and what ever else I could use to get dealer to repair/replace my unit for free, or for a much reduced price. It was the reason I bought this car, b/c I am always driving and stuck in traffic and need to make calls hands-free. Thank you very much. Jim
  • kari524kari524 Posts: 7
    Try this link
    I was shocked on how many recalls on the 04 there are for various reasons
  • efgraphxefgraphx Posts: 4
    The link to the Bulletin is:
    This should help as it did for me. Just remeber to mention the bulletin and print it out for them. Also,
    "Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty
    expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
    the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
    Office. You must request consideration, and get a
    decision, before starting work." As mentioned in this bulletin. This saved me $$$. Remember I as I mentione in my prevous post, I ended up paying $474 + Tax = $504. But it was worth it as it is now has a one year warranty.
    Good Luck and stick to it!! I even called Johnson Controls who manifactured this HLF which also helped. I would give you their number but I no longer have it.
  • I bought a 2006 Acura TL yesterday from Cerritos Acura and when I got home I tried to set up my iPhone 4. The buttons on the steering wheel won't work at all. I also found that my heated seats don't warm up either, lights are on but nobodys home sort of speak. How many miles are on your Acura, and what other issues should I be looking forward to?

    Thank you,
    Shawn :mad:
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I am at 78k and change. Bought the car brand new Dec 06. Overall it is a great car, but have had the following issues:

    (1) Cruise Control (on/off) button would not stay pushed in. That was just over 60k and Acura paid 90% of the cost to fix it since I was just over the warranty.
    (2) At 50-60k I had to replace the starter. I have been told by Acura and every mechanic I have mentioned to this about, and they all say that should not happen, but I was the lucky one :-)
    (3) TPMS (tire pressure) system issues. Looks like my sensors may be dead. I have a feeling it was from the last time I had tires put on that they were not careful and broke them. However I will find out this Sat what Acura what is going on and how much.
    (4) Then there is the blue tooth issue which started not working last week. All of the buttons work, and the system acts like it is working and looking to pair with a blue tooth phone, but no phones will pick up the hands free all of a sudden.
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    I spoke with HandsFree ( yesterday. They are well aware and told me other people have had the same issue with the Hands Free burning out. I also went to the local Acura dealership this morning where I was going to have them take a look. After I explained to the service manager all of the steps I had taken, he had the integrity to tell me the only thing it could be is the unit is bad and would have to be replaced. He could have charged me the $100 for the analysis and told me the same thing. A new unit for a car with navi is $700.00, which I am not going to replace something that may just go out on me again in another 4 years. It is more principle to me than the money. This should not just be burning out after 4 years. It is not due to not taking care of the car. I'll just get a nice bluetooth set for the car and be done with it. However I will call HandsFree back on Monday and maybe write a letter to Acura for all that will be worth. I am wondering if this should be a recall item. That technology should not be breaking after 4 years.
  • timsyptimsyp Posts: 1
    Same problem here with my 05 TL. 5 1/2 years worked fine then suddenly no pairing. I disconnected the unit to reset it and it worked for a few seconds then failed again.

    Has anyone had success in ordering the part themselves as it seems like a very easy install? Or even better... can it be upgraded to also include phone book import and bluetooth audio??
  • 06acuratl06acuratl Posts: 13
    Spoke with HandsFree again today. They might as well told me these things happen and oh well that's life :-) I was told it was newer technology when I bought the car and these type of things can happen. My cheap motorola bluetooth is older than my 06 Acura and is still working. I will try to get someone higher up the food chain at HandsFree and Acura for that matter and see if I can get some better response.
  • tlcamonetlcamone Posts: 1
    My 2006 Tl w/o navigation had loud static about a year ago and the module was replaced under the warranty. Over the past year there have been minor problems with linking my phone but all were resolved with simply re-initiating the process. Good clarity otherwise.

    Today the system would not respond at all. After numerous attempts, I tried to check for a blown fuse. None for the HFL were listed in the manual.
    A bit later in the day I attempted to link with the bluetooth and it responded fine.

    I am 5 days over the replacement part warranty. I will however contact the dealer next week to check for a possible short in the system.
    I too am disappointed in this expensive electronic problem since this should be rock solid for the life of the vehicle.

    If others have experienced this problem and have resolved it , I would appreciate hearing.
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