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Infiniti G35 Bluetooth Questions

mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
Has anyone else had a problem with the bluetooth phone connection in there 07 G35 Sedan? My phone connects up to the car fine, and works for incomming calls, but with out going calls, the other person cannot hear me at all (like it's muted). This problem is intermittant when the car is not running, but always occurs when I'm driving.


  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What kind of phone are you using?
    Make, model, carrier?
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Samsung i730 (windows mobile 5.0 PDA phone), Verizon is the carrier.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I hang in a lot of the other G forums and I have not seen this as a problem.
    I've looked into it too,as the last gen G did have some serious Bluetooth issues... but the 07 is solid.

    I checked out Infiniti's site, and your phone is not listed on the supported phone list.
    That may be your problem.

    Supported Bluetooth Phone List

    Do you have a friend's phone you can try?
    You really need to try a supported phone before concluding the problem is with the car.

    Hope this helps... :)
  • bobzgbobzg Posts: 6
    When I got my 07 G35, people could hear me but I couldn't hear them through the speakers. I ran the service update on the phone. I forget the number, but its * and then 3 numbers. Also, I turned the ringer on instead of vibrate, since the ringer volume was technically the "master volume". I don't know which one fixed it, but now everything works fine for me. My phone wasn't on the Infiniti bluetooth list.

    Good Luck
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What you most likely dialed was *228, which is the online programing number.
    Choosing option #1 allows you to program new phones.
    Option #2 updates the Roaming list in your phone. Keeping this up to date saves battery life and also avoids dropped calls, since the phone does not have to work overtime looking for roaming options as you tool down the road at Mach 1.
    This should be updated about once every month or 2.
    The call and update costs nothing.

    It's highly unlikely that updating the roaming list fixed the phone issue you were talking about, since it has nothing to do with the Bluetooth connection.

    I have no idea how adjusting the ringer type could help, but feel free to play with it and see if that helps.
  • bobzgbobzg Posts: 6
    I tried the service update, because neither Verizon nor LG could help. I adjusted the ringer volume just because the phone termed it as "master volume". I don't know why everything works now, but I'm glad it does. :)
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I tried the service update and played with various volume adjustments and other settings -- no luck. It's very strange how it works sometimes and not others -- but the problem is always with people not being able to hear me when I dial out (not with an incomming call). Mine is the opposite problem as bobzg had. I can understand why possibly turning up the volume on his phone solved his problem.

    I was in a Verizon Mega Store and spoke to one of their "Gurus" (that's actually what they call them). He had no idea. He suggested contacting Samsung, the maker of the phone.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I honestly think you're taking the wrong approach here.

    You have friends, and these friends have cell phones.
    You must know someone who has a Razr... every other guy on the streets has one now.

    Find a phone which is on the Infiniti list and test it... should take all of 5 minutes.
    If you get nothing but clear calls where people can hear you and you can hear them, then you know it's your phone.

    Infiniti, just like other car companies, put out these phone lists for a reason.

    It stinks that your phone is not on this list, but that just may be, and most likely is, your problem.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I made a discovery today about my bluetooth problem (having the other person not being able to hear me when making an outgoing call from the car). I realized that there is a delay in the car's system realizing that the call has gone through, but eventually it does work. In one instance there was a 10 sec. delay and another time it took about 20 seconds. Unfortunately, by this time the person on the other end will have hung up (since they can't hear you and think there is no one there).

    I also did try it with a friends phone, and it worked perfectly when trying it a couple of times. I also noticed that the single strength display on the car dislay worked correclty with the friends phone, but not with mine. I guess there is some glitch in the interface between my phone and the car's bluethooth interface, most likely my phone's fault.

    My next step is to contact Samsung and see if they have any idea. Maybe an update to the phones firmware? Anyone have any suggestions? (besides buying a new PDA phone).

    I could tell my friends when they see my phone number on the call display, give it 20 seconds before they hang up.
  • mlw34mlw34 Posts: 4
    I have noticed an issue with my phone (I suspect its a phone and not a car issue though) its a European Nokia 6630 (similar to the 6620) about 3 years old. it connects and works great. but if I turn the car off before turning off the bluetooth connection on the phone, when the car is restarted, the phone sometimes does not connect again unless the phone is switched off and turned on. has anyone seen that issue?
  • scott99ascott99a Posts: 1
    We just purchased our new 07 G35 (non-navi) and were having some issues with incoming calls. Can send calls out without a problem, everything works great. On incoming calls, it seems like it is connecting(once we press connect button on steering wheel)...but they can't here me and I can't here them? Strange and can't find anything in the manual to help w/ this problem. Looked over phone as well and all settings are accurate to description on the infiniti bluetooth website.

    I'm using a Treo 680, which is just like the supported 700 model. Can't imagine it would be so different it wouldn't function right.

    Didn't find this out until we already left dealer. Hopefully someone has the answer and can save me a trip to my dealer.

    Any help much appreciated.


  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    This is a follow-up to my original post -- when making outgoing call - other person cannot hear me. I did discover that it will eventualy connect and the other person will hear me. It ranges from no delay to almost 45 seconds before that happens, though.

    I spoke to the manufacturer of my phone, Samsung, and they couldn't help me. This was second level tech support, so I think I'm out of options. There are no firmware or software updates for my PDA phone, so there's not much I can do. The only suggestion they had was to remove the profile (stored connection), and then re-establish it. I tried this, but no luck. The only thing it did was to cause me to loose my phone list in the car. They said sometimes there is not an incompatibility between devices and there is nothing you can do. I also learned that the bluetooth version in my PDA phone is 1.0, which may be the problem. I believe that the latest version of bluetooth is 2.0.
  • bs55bs55 Posts: 15
    Got car today, havent played aroud too much with it yet...but when i got an incoming call and pressed the voice button it went to the screen to accept..pressed the voice button again and it doesnt pick up the call, i need to press the accept call on the touch screen. Are there any work around or another way to do it.

    Thanks for the help
  • wazinnwazinn Posts: 2
    Hi I need some help please from someone! I have a G35 Coupe w/Motorola Razor and when I make calls using bluetooth it people can barely hear me, say it sounds like I am very far away! any ideas on how to fix this???? Thank you!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What year do you have?
    One of the very common complaints of G's prior to 07 was the Bluetooth sound quality, and it was mostly caused by the Mic in the car.
    If you have a previous year, it may have more to do with the car, and less to do with the model phone you are using.
    The Razr has had decent feedback in the 07's
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    There is likely a simple solution. It's probably a matter of adjusting the outgoing volume control within the car settings. There are separate controls for incoming and outgoing volume for the phone. I don't remember the exact location within the menus for that adjustment. Let me know if you can't find it.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    From the manual:

    If reception between callers is unclear, adjusting the outgoing volume may improve the clarity.

    It never really enlightens the reader on how to do so though. :P
  • wazinnwazinn Posts: 2
    thanks for the reply, i have an '07.
  • What a joke: Phone not on the list...What phone is?? If you really look at the Infiniti web site for the 2007 Bluetooth phones you'll notice that 95% of the phones are OLD!
    I have spent the last two months trying to upgrade to a new compatable phone...visited very carrier web site, called inifinti, emailed, the only "newer" phones that infinit listed are the Blackberries that have tiny buttons that I can not use. I finaly broke down and got a new phone yesterday-but of course, it is not "on the list".
    I am not happy with Infiniti using such an outdated bluetooth list for a brand new car (2007 G35x, bought in Dec.06).
    PS; Good luck getting ANY help from Infiniti on this issue!
    They acted like they could care less!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Sorry to hear about your phone issues.
    I'm one of the lucky 5% who's phone was not on the list, but it works.
    They listed the V3c, but my V3m works very well.

    Now if only Verizon could stop removing the usable portions of my Bluetooth, I could maybe transfer my contacts. :mad:
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