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Infiniti G35 Bluetooth Questions



  • Does anyone know if the Samsung Omnia cell phone from Verizon will work with bluetooth on a 2008 G35 without navigation?

    I've seen various complaints about Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 phones not working with Nissan/Infiniti bluetooth. I have also seen comments that the bluetooth problem is only with vehicles that have navigation but am not sure if it is true. My vehicle does not have navigation. My Samsung i730 with Windows Mobile 5 works perfectly but am looking to upgrade to the Omnia.
  • OK - Here's the problem I am experiencing. On my G35 w/Nav - when I a hang up after receiving a call, my display goes to the NAV screen - even though if I was on another screen (Status) before the call. When I initiate the call from my BB and after hanging up, the screen stays on the Status screen (or whatever screen my display was on before the call). Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I have a Blackberry Bold with OS 5.0 on it - if that makes a difference. Thanks
  • My blue tooth has stopped hooking up to phone calls from my Blackberry Storm. The antenna icon shows several bars. The car rings with incoming calls but will not pick up the call. As well, I can dial out, it rings and then drops the call. Any suggestions?
  • lovemyg35lovemyg35 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2008 G35 w/nav and have used bt w my BB 8830 for over 2 years with no problems. a couple of days ago it stopped syncing. I haven't made any changes that would impact my phone or bt. I tried to unpair the phone, however the system will not delete it. When i try to pair it to another number, it will not do that either.

    Any suggestions?


    ps, just got off the phone with infiniti bt hd, he suggested that I take the battery out of my phone, wait for it to power up, start my car and WOW, it worked.
  • jon109jon109 Posts: 1
    I just want to help, but please be careful with Infiniti biuetooth, I have a brand new 2012 and have many disappointing expierances with their bluetooth, I bought the car thinking it had bluetooth, end of problem, but their is such a thing as quaility and compatibility with these systems. To be blunt the system is terrible, sometimes it works most of the time it does not, what i mean is i can hear them fine they (the other phone connected to my cars system) cannot hear me at all or it sounds like I am talking through a mass of foil. This happens more often than not. I love the car, well I use to now I am waiting to see what Neillo is going to do about it, they have been honest that their is problems. Not just my system but others, How many? your guess is as good as mine. I am very upset by this, one of the reasons I bought it was because I needed bluetooth for my job, I drive and talk a lot, now I have to risk a ticket by bypassing the system and using the handset. Oh it's not the phone, I am on my third phone an HTC sensation 4G all the phones I tried were listed as compatible to the infiniti system. No they all worked the same unacceptable!
    Let me know your expieriance
  • If your car has navigation, it may be possible to change the microphone output. I have not checked if this adjustment is available on the 2012 models yet. It was adjustable on older models.

    I would often have a client complain of the bluetooth saying others can't hear them and would find their microphone turned all the way down. The other complaint was the sound was all distorted. Usually with this complaint I would find the microphone was turned all the way up.
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