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Wood/carbon fibre/aluminum trim dash kits



  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Just installed my 26 piece med. Walnut burl Wood dash Kit in my 2001 Ford Escape. Purchased same from AAA Exotic Wood Dash thru E Bay for 110.00 plus 5.00 shipping.
    For those of you with "NO PATIENCE" forget it.It took me about 2 3/4 hours. You first have to apply lacquer thinner with a Q Tip or small cotton ball, then clean off with alcohol, then apply the prep, then apply the wood dash piece.You have to be very careful not to get any of the lacquer thinner or prep on any area other than for where it is intended.
    The final product looks great and it was worth it to me to do my own, as I do have patience for that type of detail, however; make sure you take your time and it must be in a warm area plus a blow dryer helps when applying the kit.Once you apply it, you can't slide it around to the proper area...It has to be right "the first time".
  • If you are looking for something different, I just put a bronze dash kit in my wifes 2000 Sienna. It looks great with the taupe and black interior. Wood dash kits are nice for the older crowd but I like the metal and carbon finishes. Not many of the dash makers sell the bronze. I got mine from The price was better than any one the others I checked out.
  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    Thank you for your most informative post on wood dash kits. It was very interesting. I hope your communications with the dealers was more direct and intelligible. Perhaps that might explain their unwillingness to work with you.
  • Somehow my last message on this subject did not get posted or it was removed. Perhaps a software glitch in applying the hew format. Here I go again. I own a 2000 Alero and am considering putting a wood dash, etc. on the car. However, the sites I have looked at have a host of differences and I am perplexed as to which is the best and what I should be concerned about. The sites I have looked at are,,, and, Can someone give me some guidance so I can have some confidence that I am making the right choice. Thank you.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    From what I have seen there are only a few makers of these kits, which are sold by a lot of different companies. Check out Ebay too. The kit I purchased from Custom Auto Trim was of good quality. I do wish that a few of the parts were a little larger. Went on easy and matched the factory wood look.
  • I purchased a 15 piece kit from Exotic Wood Dash and Trim, but the pieces provided for the two rear doors didn't come close to fitting, so couldn't use them, and the passenger door control piece fit terrible, and looks terrible as a result. I called the company and basically was told "that is how we make them, and don't have any replacements". Bottom line, 12 out of 15 pieces worked well, but it cost me a lot for 12 good pieces.

  • shehzadshehzad Posts: 52
    anyone know a good place to buy a wood gearshift knob for a 1999 xj8? I really hate the plastic knob, but the dealers prices for the knobs are almost $200.00, which seems kind of steep.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    That sounds about right considering that you have a real wood shifter. The split Nappa leather/burl walnut shifter on my vehicle had an MSRP of CDN$365.

    Try for real wood gear shift knobs. They sell a generic shifter (your choice of burlwood, mahogany, or rosewood) for just under $96.

    Hope this helps!

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  • shehzadshehzad Posts: 52
    Thanks Drew, I emailed them and am just waiting for a response.
  • devoredevore Posts: 39
    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience removing a trim kit after it's been applied.

    I ordered a metallic dash trim kit to be installed with my new 2001 Civic. A day after I picked up the car, I realized that the installed trim (which is metallic with a "gold" hue) doesn't match the standard trim (which is metallic with a "silver" hue) around the stick, and on the door handles. So right now if I look at the inside of my car, I can see trim that's gold-hued, and trim that's silver-hued - yuck.

    Honda apparently has realized that people would make the mistake I did, and they are releasing a "sliver" hued dash trim kit. My dealer has offered to remove the old trim kit and install the new one for free.

    But is it possible to remove these things without damaging the dash? I'd rather have the silver trim kit, but not if the dealer has to damage the dash in any way to remove the gold one.

    I've looked at the installation instructions for the trim kits and both use an adhesive backing to apply the part.

    Thanks for any info!
  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    but it is also possible that it will damage the dash. It is stuck on with a heavy duty adhesive, but the ones I have seen are basically double sided tape (very good quality double sided tape) with some sort of foam or other padding between the adhesives to allow for some imperfections. If nothing else you can just rip off the trim and the adhesive backing will split at the padding. Then they will have to clean off the residue with some sort of solvent. That will almost certainly "damage" the dash, but since you are going to cover it again, why do you care. If you mean are they going to gouge the surrounding area while trying to pry off the trim, you better ask the dealer. They could replace your entire dashboard with a new one if they screwed up so if they say they can do it, let them.

    I just installed a "wood" kit on my car and really didn't like the looks of one particular piece which I thought was overkill. I just ripped it off and cleaned off the adhesive with alcohol, but this was only on about an hour before I had my epiphany. I expect that if it is on for several hours it will then be much harder, but not impossible.
  • devoredevore Posts: 39
    Yeah, like you said, I'm not so concerned with them using solvents to remove the adhesive. I'm more concerned about them using some kind of tool to "pry off" the old trim. I'm thinking doing a bunch of prying on the dash might lead to it vibrating or creaking, which I'd like to avoid since the car is brand new.

    I'll have to ask them exactly how they plan to remove it and how traumatic it would be. Thanks for the info.
  • lwittorflwittorf Posts: 96
    Yes you can remove it if they didn't use a solvent to score the dash where they put on the after market. use a hair fryer to heat the kits glue and gently pull it off the heat will soften the sticky so it comes off with out to much work. I would make sure of what they did for pep though so you won't run in to a surprise.
  • mdamesmdames Posts: 79
    Does anyone know of a company that can install the wood trim kits on cars in the Los Angeles area?

  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Check your yellow or white pages. Most "detail" shops will install same for about $40.00.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a "gold kit" distributor? I'm specifically looking for an "add-on" kit to supplement the factory kit that came on my '01 Olds Silhouette. Possibly the two plastic chrome grill pieces and the wheel hub cover (recessed Olds insignia). Can these be done at local aftermarket shops? Does anyone have any experience with having this done? Thanks in advance!
  • vtwatersvtwaters Posts: 24
    Does anyone know where I can get an wood automatic shift knob for my 2001 Jetta GLX. I've seen some Jettas w/ wood trim that had a wooden knob and some without it. Mine doesn't have it for some reason.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    I'm not sure you can get an aftermarket wood shift knob on an automatic. I've only seen them offered for manual trans. Try and search back near the beginning of this topic for one other company that offers shift knobs.
  • jaki30jaki30 Posts: 73
    Getting ready to install a wood dash kit. What is the adhesive promoter
    that is supplied with the kit and is it really necessary? I figure I could get
    the double sided tape off, if I had to. But, I am not sure what the promoter
    will do to the car. Thanks.
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    The solution that comes with the kit to be applied after the given area is cleaned with the alcohol pads to make sure the wood dash kit section will properly adhere to the area. It is not really necessary if the given area has no wax on it such as Armorall, Son of a Gun,Lexon, or whatever. If it is a "new car" and nothing has been applied to the dash area, such as the aforementioned, then usually the alcohol will do the job. When I did my kit, I used the adhesive promoter and applied it "sparingly with a Q Tip, but found out later {due to the fact it was a brand new vehicle and virgin to wax, etc., that I did not really need the promoter. It is a bit-- to apply if need be... and don't get any on any area other than where the dash kit will be as... it doesn't come patient when applying the dash kit. It took me 2 and a half hours with the blow dryer.. and make sure the temperature is about 75 degrees or better so that the kit is "flexible". Hope this helps.
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