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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems



  • did you ever find anything out on your truck? I am having the same problem on my 03 sierra. they are telling me it could be the wire itself between the ign. to the fuse or from the fuse to the starter. i need to ohm it out. let me know if you found anything.
  • jhop2jhop2 Posts: 1
    i had a problem like this happen turned out to be timing belt never heard a thing when it went just shut down hope it helps.
  • bhavlobhavlo Posts: 1
    I have been having a problem with my truck starting the first time in the morning. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it is extremely hard to start. I had the Chevy garage check it out but as luck would have it there were no codes in the computer and it started very easy for them over a couple days.

    One suggestion they made was to replace the crank shaft sensor. As soon as I put the new sensor in, it wouldn't start, so I know the new sensor didn't fix it. I put the old sensor back in and returned the new one because it was about $70. It still has the problem, when it happens the only thing I have found that helps it is to splash a little gas in down the throttle body and it fires right away.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts?
  • Vehicle has 300,000 miles. Vehicle starts then dies right away when cold/ when hot it stalls but does not die. But problem only occurs when starting once going runs fine. Also smells like fuel when under heavy acceleration. Truck has new plugs/ wires/ injectors/ egr valve/ idle air control valve/ maf sensor. I have done exstensive testing to this truck, I have checked for vaccum leaks/ intake leaks/ fuel pressure testing/ testing and monitoring of all sensors. Truck has had all new 02 sensors and brand new fuel pump. Now i know these trucks are notorious for fuel pumps im on the 5th one. I have heard rumors of the fuel pressure regulator or torque converter, however in my opinion if it was the torque converter i think that it would affect the way the truck shifted. If anyone has had this problem or has any new ideas im open to suggestions, other then buying a new truck lol. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  • Had the same problem. used starting fluid then ran great once started. I did the checking of fuel pressure and regulator,all that checked out.Found out many GM vehicles suffer this problem. It is caused by dirty or clogged fuel injectors. Dont waste your money having them flushed at shop it dont work .
    Found out the hard way. $100. dollars later. You have to replace the fuel injectors, but they dont come separate they come as a assembly of 8 injectors hooked to a module. You have to remove the upper intake to get to them. But i would remove the upper and lower intake if you go this far. Because of a another gm problem. The lower intake gasket has plastic seals at the ends for the water passages. These will crack and fail in time. Replace the lower intake gasket with one that uses metal at the water passages. Trust me.
  • I have the same problem with my truck. I wiggle the key, I put in Neutral and I put it back in park and after several attempts it will finally turnover. If you have a fix please let me know. Thank You
  • I have a 2003 silverado with cranking issues. I turn the key over and nothing. I sit there and wiggle the key, put it neutral then back in park, and sometimes rock the truck and put it back in park and finally about doing this for a few minutes it will crank. It is now getting to the point to where I have to do this everytime I crank the truck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  • ruskieruskie Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 2011 Sierra and I would like to know more about this ignition problem. Currently I have no problems but would like to know the signs. I have had this truck for 2 months and have rust on the front bumper, and door seals, and rust specks on the sides of the doors. Spoke with a dealer and they will replace the bumper, I have watched this web page and have notice that other people having the same problem. I feel this is a poor quality workmanship
  • I have a brand new Silverado (sticker price in excess of $40K!) that has ongoing, intermittent starting issues. Turn the key. Nothing. Plenty of power, all accessories work, but zippo when I hit the key. Truck's been towed to the dealer who couldn't find anything wrong with it, but replaced the battery anyway (seemingly to passify me), but the problem has continued. Truck will eventually start after some period of time (no guess as to how much time has to pass -- it's a crap shoot). I've been lucky that the four times the truck has stranded me I wasn't in unsafe circumstances. It'll be fine for a while, then, with no warning and for no apparent reason, it's dead again. It's REALLY frustrating to have paid all this money for a vehicle that I don't know will start or not. I get that there are no guarantees in life, but one would expect a brand new vehicle to be more reliable than this (I purchased a brand-new vehicle for peace of mind, which I am not getting. Guess that's an option that didn't come factory-installed in this truck). I am terribly disappointed with the vehicle and the dealer's lack of desire to make it right. I've seen other posts from people who seem to having similar experiences. Has anyone been lucky enough to figure out the problem? Any help is appreciated.
  • have same truck & same issues. please tell me you found out and fixed the problem so you could let me know what to do. I've replaced battery, alternator, fuel pump & filter. But not the ignition module or switch yet, which could be next. Rarely, after wiggling the the steering column the gauges would turn on, hear fuel pump & it starts; any suggestions?
  • I might have an idea for you I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado doing kinda the same thing. It is probably a short in one of the ignition wires in the column.
  • I have a 2008 Silverado, Mine is doing the same thing. So far I can tell you its not the alternator, starter, any of the connections or the battery. But what i can tell you is that its probably a wire inside the steering column. I haven't checked mine and found out it to be the problem but I am pretty sure it is.
    let me know how yours goes.
  • I have a 2008 silerado as well that has the exact same issue. I have had it towed three times now to the dealership (Third time today) and they still have no idea what is wrong with it. First they said it was the starter relay loose but I know its not that. Then they said it could be the encryption in the keys. Its not that. I have absolutely no faith in this truck and the wartantee is up in 5 months. If anybody has a resolution to this I would love to hear it. I do not know what Chevy will do with this one as it is happenening every month now. I have been lucky that the three time this has happened I have been locally in town but I live in Alaska and if I am out fishing somewhere in the middle of nowhere once it gets nice out, no cell phone reception and come back to a truck that won't start again I will be in for a bad day.

  • I figured it out! I have been having the same problem for about a month now. It was a real crap shoot on whether or not my truck would start. It came to a head yesterday because it was happening more and more often til yesterday when I could not get it to start at all. I have done almost everything on this blog that has been suggested and none of the suggestions worked. One blog spoke of an electronic neutral safety switch on the left side of the transmission. I unhooked the two wiring couplings from the neutral safety switch and it still acted that same way. I took the neutral sfety switch off of the tranny and hooked the wiring back up. I rotated where the shifter changes the gears to where i thought neutral and park was at and wala, it started. I went to the parts store and bought a new neutral safety switch and replaced it. After approximately 30 minutes labor (easy) and $40 for the part, Im back in business. It has started fine every since.
  • I have a 2008 Silverado Max that has 24,000 miles on it. I have had there times now in the past three months where I go to turn the car on and the lights come on and all instrumentation is fine but the truck does not turn over at all. I have had the truck towed to the dealership three times now. The third time this happened was just yesterday. I spoke with teh service rep at the delaership and we went through what they had thought it was wrong the past two times, key loosing its encryption to computer (Not the issue) They thought the starter relay was loose. (Not the issue) right now I have absolutely no faith in this truck and I live in Alaska so if I am out in the middle of nowhere fishing or something with no cell phone signal I am in a bad situation. I only have 5 months on the warrantee and the chevy service guy already stated they "Seem to have an issue dianosing the issue." Does anybody know what I can work with Chevy on if they can not resolve this issue. If they can't fix it do they need to replace due to warrantee and what type of documentation should I be sending to Chevy now. They have no idea why the truck would eventually start working and work for about a month until it decides to not run again.

  • Found It, Fixed it! Called the ignition switch-a wiring harness within steering column/lower dash. Bought brand new w/lifetime warranty @ O'reilys for 139. Couple hrs labor. Starts like new every time. BEST instructions for removal w/pics & step by step @ No sign in, they forget to mention an E4 & E5 star socket needed. Also, clean & tighten the ground wire for fuel pump located under truck, next to gas tank, on TOP side of frame. Heavy corrosion/dirt and loose will affect starting. Easy to check and has happened before.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Can you please email me your complete contact information including a good number to reach you, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to assist you with this.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2009 2500 chevy with low miles on it. The last time i was using it, i parked it outside and shut it off. after about 20 minutes i came out to put it inside and it wouldn't start at all. It makes clicking noises. I ended up jumping it to see if that would work, and it started right off. Ever since then it has run fine, until this morning i had the same problem. I haven't jumped it yet, but have tried tapping the starter and the gas tank to see if that helped, which it didn't. Any ideas?
  • Nevermind!!! I drove this truck (2003 GMC Sierra) only a few times since I replaced the neutral safety switch and it did fine . Now it wont crank at all. Doing the same thing. Turn the key and nothing. Battery is fully charged. NOTHING! I am at my wits end with this truck. Has anyone figured it out yet?
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