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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems



  • Sarah,

    I did want to note that I have a video from my camera from one occasion where I have the sounds when I turn the key and the dash board flashing for a few minutes and also when it finally started. I shared this with the Chevrolet technicians at the GM Dealership. It is 242 Megs, and I cannot send it due to its size. They did determine from it that it is an intermittent problem and that I was not making this up.

  • I apologize; the last 8 of that VIN brought up a 2003 Chevrolet S-10. Would you please re-check that information? Again, I apologize.

    If we could also please get your updated phone and address information in an email, we just would like to make sure we get the file associated to the right person.

    GM Customer Service
  • Good morning Bill,
    I believe that you are not making this up :) I saw your email come in; my coworker Christina responds to incoming emails - has she gotten back with you yet?

    GM Customer Service
  • Hi Sarah,

    I have not heard from Christina yet. I double checked the VIN number I gave you and the last eight numbers what is on my title and the Number on the sticker in the glove box.

    Bill White
  • goes.. 3 weeks ago my truck would not start,it would turn over well,but not run at all.we changed the sensor on the bottom side of the truck(Camshaft?) and the ignition coil pack.seams like it wanted to start but nothing.clean the mass air flow sensor,then after hours of trying and finally she started. then i changed the battery,changed a old at work and truck has not move for about 3 days and same thing(just like the last time)...what is puzzling me is the weather (heavy fog) as i remember always gives my truck issues and now seams like a heavy spark plugs,rotor and cap coming for of the guys at work was feeling around the distributor and says it shocked him...also,check the fuel pump and the engine is getting fuel,even poured gas in the intake and nothing...thinking my be a short or arc issue..anyone come across this????? all it wants to do is constantly sound like it wants to start...
  • have you been able to figure out the problem with you 2003, we are having what sounds like the same issue. just started today. will turn over but not start. first time every. If we can get it start I will be taking it in.
  • Two weeks ago I tried to start my truck, turned the key, nothing. Had it towed home since I'm an old retired mechanic and don't have much confidence in the dealerships. This is a Z71 with a little over 80K miles and has been babied since new. Since the first no-start episode, I have had two additional episodes making it a total of three failure to start situations. In the meantime, I have replaced the battery and alternator (both were actually bad) and just to make sure I changed the Ignition Switch. Like I stated in the title, it is a gamble to drive this truck anywhere. What a shame to pay this kind of money for a vehicle and GM cannot determine what is causing this malfunction to plague so many of its vehicles. If they do figure it out, and I hope they do it soon, a recall needs to be initiated to all truck owners, not just those under warranty. What a shame that I have to let this truck just sit in my driveway.
  • cg05tkcg05tk Posts: 3
    Ok, here is my problem, about the same as everone else, except, My 05 silverado 4.8 , always cranks, but has a hard time starting, usually about 3-5 seconds. sometimes it starts fine.
    problem getting worst. took it to neighbor hood mechanic, came up with code P034o i think, code is crankshaft position sensor low circuit. changed sensor , still the same problem, extended crank time.
    took to Gm dealer ship, they reflashed computer, still the same issue. these guys only work with codes,
    went back to my mechanic, have changed, spark plugs, wires, another camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor ( relearned ), starter relay #1, ignition switch,
    now , he thinks it might be wiring harnes to computer.
    I am buying a truck piece by piece,
    surfing the net to find answer to fustrating problem.
    engine cranks allways, just does not start all the time. but does after extended cranking
    if anyone can help, thanks,
  • cg05tkcg05tk Posts: 3
    oh, i am going to replace the cam sensor electrical connector, with a A/c delco .
    still figuring it out. thanks
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    You did have the battery checked, right? Hard starting is usually the first sign of a battery about to call it a career. And since the battery powers all those other electricals and electronics, that's your one common denominator.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • cg05tkcg05tk Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    yes, battery is about one year old, and had Napa parts, check it out , they told me it is ok.
    now it seems that the key is getting stuck in the start positon.
    and i have to manually turn it back to on.
    the igniton switch was one of the parts that i replaced because of that issue.
    I am thinking about replacing the ignition cylinder and the houseing.
    I have just about run out of parts to replace,
  • kmngkmng Posts: 6
    whats your email so I can send you my info?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning cg05tk,

    It looks as though you are doing all of this work yourself, which I completely respect. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know (while I don't have any access to technical information, I can try to ask other departments for you).

    GM Customer Service
  • Bob, I have the same problem as you were describing in this thread. I was hoping you found the cure and could help me out. I have a 99 GMC Yukon with 132,000 miles on it with a newer 5.7 that I was told was installed by GM. It looks original and I had had little problems with it. However, last year, I found it not starting once a week or so. It did not take long to recognize that it did not start on the mornings after sitting for 36 hrs or more. Get home on Saturday afternoon, stay home Sunday, Monday was a no start. I began to test the theory, and started it for a couple of minutes on one Sunday without going anywhere. that did not work either. The next weekend, I started it and drove down the block and back (driving regularly) that was not enough. The next weekend, I drove it several blocks in first gear, getting to around 3k RPM. Monday it started right up. The problem disappeared 3months ago or so, and started up two weeks ago. I live in Panama, Central America and the truck seems to have not had the problem during the drier season. During the week or when not having the problem anyway, it starts up on a dime, just a twist of the starter and it is running beautifully. When I have the problem, I found the best way to start it is to remove the air cleaner house from the Throttle body, and hold my hand over the air passage with about a fingers diameter hole for air to suck through, Have someone crank the ignition several times (it starts but will not yet run on its own) until it is running smooth on its own. Reinstall the Tube and hurry off to work because I am late again. I was never one to like Mondays, but this is ridicules.
  • Some things I had forgotten to mention. When this first started, I started replacing things that it might be, That is after replacing regular tune up type items. I replaced the Plugs, wires, Cap, Rotor, Ignition Module, and coil. I replaced the Fuel filter, Pump, Crank Sensor as well. Most of these items were replaced some time before this problem occurred. They were replaced because the engine was idling ruffly, I found out that the lower gasket on the intake manifold was leaking. The lower gasket was also replaced. a couple months latter I had this new problem of not starting after sitting for 36 hours or more.
    Additionally, when it has been sitting, when attempting to start the engine, it cranks freely but does not attempt to run, never catches. and after letting the ignition switch return to RUN position, the engine lightly backfires out of the Throttle body TWO times, about a second apart, like the engine is trying to turn over. This happens after ignition switch has been returned to RUN from START, after a second or so, the engine does a rotation and puffs out of the Throttle body, then a second goes by, and it does it again. If you go from START position to OFF position it does not do this, if you crank the engine and let the Switch fall to RUN and it starts to do the rotation of the engine and you turn the Switch to OFF, it stops it in rotation or at least stops it from happening the second time.
  • db58db58 Posts: 1
    I just wanted to join in my 2004 Silverado 5.3 plays the no start game sometimes more than other times. Turn key nothing but a little sensor type sound under the dash. Everything else works just no crank. It will usually start after a few min's of turning the key.
    Dealer has changed netrual safety switch, ignition switch, a sensor and have left it at the shop for days last year. Still no fix.

    Its a shame that a truck that is more or less in great shape can't start when needed or the fact that it can't be fixed.

    What's up GM
  • GM has a ghost in all of its vehicles on the computer. When you turn the key does the entire system go dead including your instrument panel. If so then all you have to do is disconnect the positive battery terminal and reconnect it.
  • Howdy, My 2005 Z71 chevy silverado, i have had this ongoing problem with it since i got it back in 2010 every other mounth, twice a week compleatly random, Without notice the truck will not start, Not even offer or turn over, all dash lights come on. You can take the key out and put it back in 1000 times and nothing changes, play with the locks, un hook the batery no change. and no codes are being throne ither, When you least expect it, you turn the key and it will start. It has made me stranded at several places and late for work, and is VERY annoying, can't solve the problem. i resently moved to ga active army so im no longer around familly to barow a car or catch a ride, Can anyone please give me some sulotion. might have to just discontinue the chevy tridition and make it an unreliebal toy....
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning bucking_a,

    As this sounds like it has been going on for a while, had you ever gotten this looked into? We'd be happy to follow up with your dealership if you like!

    GM Customer Service
  • durajunkdurajunk Posts: 3
    We are having the same problem with our 2008 Silverado 3500HD deisel. It has 50,000 miles bought it new. wont start randomly or dies while driving and wont restart. It shows service anti theft device. Started this about 4 weeks ago. Been to dealer 4 times now reset computer, reprogramed, said it needed a new relay now says computers arent communicating. We use this for hauling trailer loads of hay and farm eguipment. what happens when it dies and we have no brakes or steering? What if we kill someone? I can send you a pic of a $55,000 lemon, at least while its still in one piece.
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