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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems



  • I'm having fuel problems with my 2001 5.3 silverado has 114k mi. Drove fine then all of a sudden didn't want to start. Two weeks ago i replaced the fuel level sending unit and it has thrown the p0440 code twice since then. but cranked with ease. Replace the fuel pump ran fine the suddenly died while driving. If I turn the key on an off multiple time it acts like it wants to start but fails to do so. Can anyone help me I've tried everything but don't know how to solve the problem. . All fuses an relays are good. I can hear the pump come on when I turn the key but I have no pressure in the check valve. Checked all the fuel line and they are good as well. My next guess was pressure regulator or the throttle sensor. Or evap canister
  • I have full power an the parking brake has been off the whole time. I'm stumped to why It cut out while accelerating then died while I was driving.
  • billwh87billwh87 Posts: 18
    No, it is usually the first time I try to start it to leave the house that it will not start. But I have had other times where I would go into the grocery or doctors office, and when I came out, it would not start. It also seems to be worst when there is moisture in the air after it rains for a period of time. Also, without having the key inserted when I open the door after unlocking the vehicle, it will say the message, "phone not available". It is like there are parts of the electronics working even when the key is not inserted in the switch.
  • wlk3920wlk3920 Posts: 3
    I turned the key and nothing. Battery is ok. Grounds a good. Changed starter switch. The is not a continuous problem. It starts and is fine for a day then the next two days nothing. Spoke with a friend of mine last week and he is having a similar problem. I have changed keys and locked and unlocked truck with key. This have been two different places and they are stumped. Any other suggestions.
  • dalerhdalerh Posts: 14
    Do you have the parking brake set when it does not want to start? If you do release the brake and try again.
  • kmountkmount Posts: 1
    About a year ago my yukon died on me going about 25 mph. We checked the fuel pump no humming and checked the pressure there was none.. So about 3 weeks ago we finally replaced the fuel pump and it will start for about 2 seconds and then dies.. It is throwing no codes at all.. So this is where it gets intense. We put a new fuel pump relay in it a new fuel filter, a new fuel pressure regulator, a new battery, a new camshaft sensor, a MAF sensor, we started getting pretty sick of throwing money away we know the PCM is giving out signal to everything we test. We tested the crankshaft sensor just to be sure its great the starter is obviousally great. We did a fuel pressure test its to specs we tested ALL the spark plugs and wires.. O YEAH plugs are brand new too! Compression is good on air flow is right.. So we were thinking maybe just maybe its the VAT security but the light doesnt continue to flash after trying to start it so we can do a relearn procedure.. It acts and makes so much sense that may be the issue but how do I know for certain without the light flashing or no codes being read. I dont have any money to tow it to a shop when I have gone thru just about everything myself. HELP!!! It starts up everytime we crank it over for about 2 seconds and then just acts like its shutting its self off. anyone have the same problem? THANKS
  • are you losing fuel or spark to shut the truck down?
  • wlk3920wlk3920 Posts: 3
    Tried with and without parking brake. Tried in park and in nuetral. Tried changin keys. It didn't fix.
  • raddranchraddranch Posts: 1
    We have a 2004 2500 HD Silverado.4X4 ..4 door.. It may start a few times then it wont start. When we turn key on all the bells and whistles come on but the starter doesn't engage. so when this happens we un hook battery.. let sit all night then hook battery back up and it will start. We have learned that when we get it started we leave it running and take it to go do all our errands then return home and shut it off. then un hook battery and hook back up in morning. When we go any where one of us stays with the pickup while it's running.. It's a shame that we all spend lots of money to have a nice vehicle and then this starts happening and no one know what it is. I have spent almost $2000. to get it fixed and it's not fixed yet.. My next pick up will be a 78 GMC :-) and that's coming soon!
  • ryan_welshryan_welsh Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on occasion with my 1993 sierra k1500... Theres a purple wire that connects to a wire right above the brake pedal. Not sure if its the same in yours but its a pretty loose connection, if you just push it together it should fix the problem. But mine hangs down so my foot catches it all the time. Hope this helps
  • sjs1041sjs1041 Posts: 1
    2005 GMC Sierra would not start turned the key and nothing. I stepped on the parking brake and released it and it started right up. Thank to this forum it saved me a lot of money
  • dalerhdalerh Posts: 14
    The next step for me and soon it will be is to take my truck to the dealer to investigate the starting problem. Knowing how to make it "not start" and to get it to start is 90% of the solution. I will post new information when I find out what their diagonosis and fix is.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello dalerh!

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your vehicle! Yes, please keep us posted on your dealership visit, and please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    GM Customer Care
  • gfogelsogfogelso Posts: 1
    We have the same issue with a 2006 1500 Silverado, except it doesn't have to be cold outside. It just randomly has absolutely NO POWER...none, no dings, no lights, nothing. Then at a random later time, the power comes back. Did you ever figure out what this is on yours? Any info on what you've tried is appreciated...we are thinking of replacing the ignition switch and/or ignition cylinder. Thanks!
  • ashjul1ashjul1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Silverado that is doing the same thing. Have you figured out what the issue is or tried replacing anything?
  • wlk3920wlk3920 Posts: 3
    I have replaced the ignition switch. Didn't fix. Took it to a auto electric place and he cleared some codes. This helped. However, it still occasionally still acts up. I've been told it is the security module and directly tied to the radio. Somehow it senses the radio has been taken? I have an appointment 8/15 to check the security module.
  • dalerhdalerh Posts: 14
    I will be taking my truck in for an oil change and service very soon. I will give them a demonstration on making it not work and then making it work. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out from there. I would not spend a dime on replacement parts until all the facts are in. If all work well most of the time than everything mechanical should be good to go. I am thinking it is some kind of sensor of computer error.
  • daryl72daryl72 Posts: 1
    I have 2008 silverado 1500 ltz that own 4 different occasions would not crank. The first 2 times was on flat surface with no brake on when it would not start. I was able to turn steering will to left and right then it finally started. The last two times was on incline when it would not crank. I had to have truck towed to a shop. When truck unloaded off tow truck it started up. They plugged truck up to computer no errors. I talked to Gm and they had me take to Gm dealership wish showed no errors. The truck has 37100 miles on it and feel like it is not dependable.
  • vehicle has been great, 1st problem since I bought it. came home yesterday as usual, went to truck this a.m. would not start. engine tries to crank (battery good), took breather off used starting fluid...nothing. checked all lines ok. all fuses and relays ok. all connections good and tight. I can hear fuel pump come on, engine tries, just wont start. 1/2 tank of moisture in air...I am absolutely stumped...please help, my only means of transportation!!
  • dalerhdalerh Posts: 14
    It is good information to hear that "Non-starting" problems extend to most all GM trucks in any configuration. I can eliminate 4 wheel drive, 6.0L engine, 3/4 Ton. In my privious post I have mentioned that the parking brake is the one thing that controls the "Non-starting" problems with my truck. It has to be some kind of sensor conected to the parking brake and computer. When the parking brake is completely released it always starts. I would not take it to a dealer until I can cause and correct the issue for them to see.
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