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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Starting Problems



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Since you're removing the wires I'm assuming you're changing the plugs. It might also be a good idea to change the wires while you're at it. Fours years in an engine compartment exposed to the heat from the exhaust manifold could deteriorate even the best of rubber/silicone compounds.

    And if you decide to change the wires, you could slice the boot and pry the wire off the plug. ;)

    If not, the up/down, left/right motion should eventually loosen the boot enough to extract.
  • u2edubu2edub Posts: 3
    After several attempts already, my thoughts were to do just that. Replace the wires too. Thanks for the advice!!
  • I have a 2009 silverado 1500 with the 5.3 gas not flex fuel with 4000 miles and I am dealing with the same exact problem. I also live in texas and the truck has never seen cold weather. Been to the dealer 3 times and there seems to be no fix for it. they say it in normal range, but i totally disagree. this has been going on since i brought it home. I am now getting gm on it and they are suppose to contact me tomorrow. if i find an answer I will post it. lets raise some cane and get this problem fixed. there are no engine codes on the computer and no service bulletins at the dealer for this. but i suspect there will be because you and I are not the only ones having this problem. good luck.
  • I have a brand new 2009 silverado 1500 series with 5.3 v-8. On cold starts it has a significant rough idle for 10 to 30 seconds. I have had it to the dealer 3 times and there are no computer codes to give them a fix for it. They just say it is normal, but I know if they had just spent 25K of there hard earned money on a new truck that shakes like that they would not call it normal. Apparently I am not the only one, one service manager told me that I was not the only complaining about this. If anyone else reads this and are having the same issue, I would a appreciate a response, especially if you have found an answer for it. I am fixing to have my first oil change and I am going to switch to synthetic, hoping this might help. I called GM today and they are going to get into this. A little hope anyway. If I get a solution for this I will post it.
    Shaking In San Antonio.
  • rjo1rjo1 Posts: 1
    I have also experienced this issue with my brand new 2009 silverado 1500 series (4.8 L V-8 LS), which I purchased in July. I live in Houston, TX and I started noticing a significant rough idle in the mornings soon after I brought the truck home. After a few weeks of no improvement, I took the truck to the dealership to diagnose the problem. They told me, after keeping the truck overnite, that they did feel the rough idle on startup; however, they also said that this symptom was normal. When I said that this was definitely not normal they responded by saying that there were no engine codes showing up in the computer which meant that there was nothing wrong with the truck. Their explanation for the rough idle was that the truck's internal computer feeds the engine a rich fuel mixture on a cold startup, which consequently causes a brief rough idle. Once the computer is up and running (after a few seconds) then it corrects itself. My response was "why would GM engineer a truck to do something like this?" I then asked if they would let me start up a truck on the lot that had not been run in a couple of days (for comparison). They took me to a brand new single cab silverado with a 5.4 liter V-8, which also had a rough idle for about 10 seconds (although it was not as rough as my truck). I have never experienced this symptom in any other car or truck that I have driven and my gut feeling is that there is definitely something wrong that GM should look into and fix. I now have about 2500 miles on my truck and I still notice a bit of a rough Idle in the mornings. I have also noticed that the rough idle is more pronounced if the air conditioning is on during startup. Please advise if anyone finds a solution to this problem.
  • jeofjeof Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Silverado 2500HD that intermittently fails to start. On the first try it will crank without starting, on the next several tries it won't crank. The lights light up, radio, etc, just no cranking. After a few tries it may crank and start or crank and not start. At first this only lasted 5 or ten minutes then it would start and I would be on my way. Now I have to let it sit for a couple hours. The only other thing I notice (when it doesnt start) is that when you turn the key on, the fuel gauge shows E. When you turn the key on AND it shows the correct fuel level, you can be sure it will start. Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated. Dealer doesn't seem to be able to find any thing and it doesn't do it ALL the time, just when you are in a hurry!! Thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Sounds like a bad throttle position sensor. Course this is just a guess based on what you stated. As far as the relationship between the gas gauge reading empty and the truck not starting is something I've never seen or heard of. Coincidence? Maybe.
  • I have a 2009 2500HD Silverado with similar problems not only will mine run rough for the first few minutes but the limited slip will go in and out, the traction control flashes trouble and makes the traction lock up and then the ABS lights up and locks on the brakes. Now they have it in service and cannot find any problems. Any ideas other than taking it back or crushing it?
  • My truck will turn over fine but wont start. most of the time when i turn my key on my gauges dont kick on. every once in a while they will though, usually when i turn the key very slow. i replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump thinking it was a fuel issue. also switched out what was believed to be the ignition module under the hood on a bracket near the distributor. could this be the ignition itself on the steering column?
  • forgot to mention that i have gotten it to start once or twice usually when the gauges will actually kick on, but if i turn the truck off and try to start it again it just continues to turn over.
  • Hey obyone, Where is the throttle position sensor located? I know...I should subscribe to Chiltons or that Alldata place...but you're cheaper ;)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    TPS is located on the throttle body.
  • jhl385jhl385 Posts: 1
    I only get a click at the starter when trying to start my truck. This started with a bad battery, but I replaced it with a new one yesterday converting it to a top post. The starter is a rebuilt one replaced this spring and I pulled it today and had it checked - it's fine. So I though maybe the cable from the battery to the starter is bad and I used jumper cables to go from the neg. post on the starter to the battery and left the OE cable in place. Same thing happened, hit the ign. start position and only a click at the starter. I even "borrowed" another starter from the parts store and it did exactly the same thing.
    Any ideas what I can check now?
  • i have a 2000 3/4 silverado 6.0. when i i crank the engine it struggles to start. sometimes it starts on the first engine rotation but most of the time it takes about 6 seconds to start, or starts on the second crank. once running the first 5 seconds it nearly dies, and then brings itself back alive. also while in idle or redlights there is a slight miss. have an obd2 and it shows no codes. has new battery, plugs, wires, fuel filter. altenator tests fine, fuel pressure is good. fuel pump tests fine. any help would be appreciated
  • forgot to mention, fresh oil change and air filter as well
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    what about the idle air controller?
  • haven't checked that out yet but i guess it'll be my next step. ill post again afterwords
  • now i have a trouble code: PO300 random/multi cylinder misfire.
  • Here is a good one for everybody to help me with. I have a 2000 silverado that had an remote lock when I bought it. THE TRUCK HAS NEVER HAD A REMOTE STARTER. The other night I drove it to the store around 7 pm at 1 am the local police called and asked where I was going. They told me that my truck was running, Sure enough my truck was running with no keys in it and the doors were locked. When I went to shut it off it took my 4 trys of turning the key on and off before the truck stopped. DOES ANYBODY HAVE A CLUE WHAT COULD BE CAUSING THIS. This is the first time to my knowledge in 2 years that this has happened.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Might want to start with the ignition switch.
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