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Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Brake Problems



  • I have a 1989 Cherokee Laredo 4WD automatic 4.0L (160K miles) that I picked up recently and before I fix the body damage, I noticed the ABS hydraulic pump comes on and runs for 10 seconds, then stops for 15 seconds and then repeats. This happens with the engine running in park or drive and whether or not you are stepping on the brake pedal. I figure that this is quickly wearing out the (expensive?) pump, so maybe I should just part the car out. The brakes seem to work normally when driving, but the pump continues cycling.

    Is this normal or acceptable for the pump to be running so frequently? If not, is there an easy fix (replacing the pressure sensor switch)?
  • afreeafree Posts: 1
    As so many other people my rotors also warped. I decided to replace the rotors and while there put in replacement pads. Here's the problem. After replacing them both I test drove the car about ten miles and brakes were so hot they smoked and when put on a jack the wheel (pass side) wouldn't turn until cool. I took the pads off 4 times (both sides) to check if I overlooked something. Each time the test drive ended the same way Pass side, then drive side then pass side again. I returned the pads and replaced with better ones and same thing happens again. If I put the old pads back in all problems go away. Has anyone heard of this? I'm not new to brakes but can't figure this one out. Do I need to replace both the front and back at the same time? Seems strange to me. Please help me someone!!!!
  • ABS light came on and will not go out. I found the front sensors and they are plug in. I found one more plug on either side which I think go to the rear sensor. Does anyone know that for sure. I also have noticed sometimes that the Jeep going up hill will miss a few times and then smothes back out. Does anyone know what to check for on this problem. I need to get the ABS light off as I can't stand it. I have not had the Jeep very long. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  • The other two sensors that I am talking about are on the firewall by the front sensors that are plug in. The other two are females and do not have the male plug.
  • I am looking to buy a Grand Cherokee for my 16 year old. Is 105,000 miles a lot of miles for one of these? I know Wranglers go way beyond that with no problem. Laura G
  • Hey I think this is a great vehicle for a 16 year old. He/she will be sitting higher while driving and this will help with their vision. It does not have that much power unless you get a V-8 but this is a good thing for a 16 year old. When you buy something like this you have to consider they will probably have some type of accident while they are young. You are talking about someone who average 11,666 miles per year. That is very good and the inline 6 will run a long time. Depending what you are going to pay for it I say go for it. They are fairly easy to work on. Hope this helps with your answer. I would not be afraid to buy it. Good luck!!!
  • i own a 1990 jeep cherokee limited 4x4. it has spent a lot of time in the shop. i am having brake problems. as in brakes that bottom out when you really have to lay on them. the pedal is spongy and when it bottoms out i don't mean on the floorboard it seems to bottom out in the master cylinder. this jeep had anti lock brakes on it when i got it and something went wrong with the module locking up the rear brakes when you were sitting at a stop sign. anyways they wanted about $1500 for a module so i didn't get one. instead i removed all the anti lock stuff and went conventional power brakes. to date it is all new from front to rear. here is what is new, booster master cylinder proportioning valve (new chrysler) all lines except the short two to the front brakes, both brake hoses on the front wheels and the single one on to the rear axle. new rear drums shoes and springs, new front rotors and calipers and shoes i have double checked all the part #'s and everything checks out(all parts are aftermarket for a 1990 jeep cherokee with standard power brakes)i have put on 3 new master cylinders. i have mostly front brakes and hardly any rear. i have fluid to the rear but it doesn't seem to have much pressure. i cannot lock up any of the brakes even in the gravel. they have been bled out about 50 times. under normal stopping conditions it doesn't stop too bad but still seems to be front brakes and the pedal pretty far down. it seems to have a lot of vacuum to the booster also. ... any help with this one would be appreciated thanks jim
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you checked that you have a little clearance on your rod that goes into your master cylender? so that you are letting the piston in the master cylender move oll the way out? if you don't have the piston move all the way out you could only have front brakes as the rear part of master cylender piston works the rear brakes.
  • I have 2001 JGC 4.7L V-8 with the quadra drive with 150K on it. During the past several months the brakes have gone in and out. At times, the pedal loses all of its pressure and other times the pedal and brakes work just fine. There are no leaks. I have never opened up any lines. I just took it to a mechanic and he could not find nothing wrong and the brakes worked fine for him. I need some help! Thanks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    when the peddle looses all pressure can you still stop jeep?
    do you have to push harder or what
    if have to push harder could be vac buster going bad
    if peddle goes all the way to floor and you have to pump the brakes then bad master cyl
  • it does not stop when i lose pressure and the pedal goes to the floor. it seems like pumping the pedal does help. can the master cylinder be bad even if it does not leak???
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    yes has small little rubber like cups inside that push the fluid and they can gobad
    if the fluid has never been changed that could be your prob would change master cylender and try that
  • I bought my 96 Laredo with 93K and now have 308K on the engine. I've had problems with the brakes and A/C but it continues to run fine without major problems.
  • I have changes out all the brakes and the rear brake cyl flushed out the lines but no pressure to the back anybody know how to fix this issue? :confuse:
  • Hey,
    you may have answered a problem I have been researching for years. What can I do with my useless rear brakes, 89xj trail rig.

    Other than the swap from a donor 96 Booster and master cylinder, are there any clearance issues? Would I have to relocate anything for that one?

    Do you happen to know which year of Grand Cherokee Brakes, and what would I have to fabricate? I am okay at fabs, minor and have friends who are much better than I if I need it.

    They are looking for the same upgrades.


    Keep the rubber side pointed down, or at least sideways.
  • I have 1993 cherokee sport. after driving or letting sit at idle my brake pedal gets really high. Ive replaced both front calipers and both front hoses. The master cylinder has been replaced also. I have no ABS so thats ruled out but i have bypassed the proportioning valve and the problem still exists. Any ideas? Im getting extremely frustrated.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    power brake boster between master cyl and fire wall
  • correct me if im wrong but if the booster goes i wouldnt have a pedal. when the key is off and i press the brake the booster checks out air tight. the pedal rises like it supposed to. everyone ive talked to is completely baffled. but hey i hope your right. thank you.
  • the other thing is when i crack the bleeder loose on the passenger side the pressure releases and i have no problems again until the next day. so to me that would be something hydraulic right?
  • > after driving or letting sit at idle my brake pedal gets really high

    Sounds like the brake booster to me
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