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Honda CR-V Power Window Problems



  • Got into my 2004 CR-V and used the power switch to roll the window down, but it will not go back up. Still makes the noise so I don't think that it's a fuse, considering the other windows work and it rolled down but not up. ANYONE have the same or similar issues that can help!!
  • 1997 honda crv, driver window goes down ok, when tyring to raise it goes up a few inches and stops, motor noise stops. I have to lower it down again then as it raises up i have to pull window with hand as it starts to raise and keep force on it untill it is all the way up, motor noise can be heard as i force it up. I looked down into door and saw what looks like a drive chain on window, so i sprayed WD40 on chain, it did not make a difference. Is the motor on last leg? ZOr if i take door interior out is there any adjustment i can make?
  • I can't answer your question but my 97 CR-V driver window is crapping out too. Same symptoms as yours but I think my case is a bit more advanced. Just recently, I am no longer able to manually assist the motored movement of the window. The window now seems as if it is no longer attached to the mechanism. If I grip the window on both interior and exterior, I can move the window up and down without activating the switch. If I activate the switch, I can hear the motor wind though, it just doesn't move anything. I'm considering trying to fix this myself by replacing the motor/regulator. My Honda dealer suggested that I might be looking at $700 max to repair the window - seems excessive. I'm not too mechanically oriented but I found a repair guide/instruction at that gives me some hope that I could repair it myself for much less - the motor/regulator can be found for $100 or less. Here's the link to the repair guide, you might consider it too.
  • dsfiudodsfiudo Posts: 1
    Have a CR-V with power windows. Driver side window does not go up or down. It's in the closed position now. The other three windows work and can be opened and closed by the driver slso.
  • suhadisuhadi Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my driver side power window of CR-V 2007 & 2010. If I open the window glass when it is wet, it cannot go up completely. The window glass will go up & down repeatly ended with half or less open. Honda service explained that it caused by dirty window frame then they cleaned up. Though it does not work. Can somebody help? Thanks
  • kensankensan Posts: 2
    I to own a 1997 crv I,ve discovered that there is a problem where the wiring plugs into the door The wires have been scored when they were inserted and crimped to the pins of the plug.My vech. had 5 broken wires and while repairing 3 more broke this means that some of these wiresprobably had only afew strands that were connected which would severely limit power available for window motors power locks causeing them to stall under load.I removed the door by removing the door hinge bolts (they are not adjustable at this point so no need to mark etc. )I unplugged the wiring from the door and spliced soldered &shrink tubed each wire and secured them and reinstalled the door no more prob.Prior to this i had power lock & alarm issues too
  • kensankensan Posts: 2
    You need to remove the panel on the inside of the door .Take the screws in the armrest out ,also the screw inside the door handle ,remove speakergrill it prys off undue screws holding speakerin ,carefully pry the panel off at the bottom and sides.Lift it to remove it under window,carefuly unplug the wiring ,stip the plastic sheet off you can now undue the 10mm bolts that hold s the window mechanism in the door unbolt the window from the mechanism remove the motor and mechanicals repair and reinstall see my earlyer post re: broken wires at main plug to the door
  • How can I access to the bolt holding the glass and regulator it is stuck up in close position. There is no hole alloted to unbolt it. The only access was at lower/open position. I can not move or push the window down manually. Any suggestion please.
  • kadingkading Posts: 7
    If it's not too late for you, I just finished replacing the regulator on a 97 CRV yesterday. The motor had died and the glass was stuck in the fully raised position. You'll have to remove all the bolts holding the regulator to the door (6 of them). Best to be a two man job with one holding the glass from above just for safety so the glass doesn't drop suddenly. Once the regulator is unbolted move the entire assembly downwards gently. The two bolts attaching the glass to the regulator will be exposed through the cut-outs on the door frame. You may have to rotate the glass forward to a 45 degree angle to get it low enough to expose the bolts.

    Good luck!
  • I have same problem as well when open my door it works when close doesn,t work just roles down not up
  • js_6812js_6812 Posts: 1

    I have an 06 CRV with an issue similar, but not the same as some others here. From the driver’s seat the master power window switch won’t move the front passenger window up or down. It will control the other windows. Also note that from the front passenger seat the window can be controlled.

    I’ve had the master power window switch replace per recall by a dealer. Still the right front window won’t go up or down from driver seat, but it will go up and down from the passenger seat.

    So it’s not the switch and not the window motor. Any suggestions?


  • What are the common problem if the battery installed wrong way? Negative to positive and positive to negative.

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