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Reverse Warning Systems & Cameras



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    I think you meant to post in a different discussion, like Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair or Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts).

    But yeah, that's wax and Scotchgard and $600 sounds like a rip-off to me. Try one of the discussions linked above for more.

    Oh, this discussion may be of interest too (search for mop and glow in there):

    Dealer's Tricks - bait & switch, etc.

    Steve, Host

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  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    Thanks for your reply, Steve. I've reposted my message as you suggested. ;)
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    as above i had it installed (cost $50) but i got it for 129$ at

    i got the audio alert only (easier install--put the speaker on the back edge near my rear seats)

    i think it's tilted a bit, the instructions say you may have to adjust the angle a bit using spacers provided. works great. even not adjusted. you can get alert from an angle as well as directly behind at about 3 feet goes constant at about 1ft. it "sees" my 2 yr old toddler(can't see from the rear view mirror) so tha't why i got it, i wan't to "see" someway when i back up not just for parking. the cameras are great too but too$$$$$
  • here are a few pics of the install I had done. I had someone else do the actual installation (it was $39) so I can't help much with instructions if anyone needs them.

    I think you can call Reverse Backing Systems and they will talk you through it though.

  • masksavmasksav Posts: 13
    I fairly new to this forum so be gentle. I have just purchased a 2006 Toyota Solara Convertible with the Toyota navagation system. I've read several places that you can add an Eclipse backup camera (BCE104) to this system and that the camera is plug and play. My problem is I have yet to find anything that says yes this is the correct camara,here is how you install it, here is how it works, here is where to buy it etc.
    I see references to this on the Solara page but no real answers. So any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • I am in a similar position, watching the posts for clues on installing a camera on a '06 Solara Convertible with Nav. One thing I can offer is that the BEC104 camera is available from Crutchfield--I just ordered one.
  • I just finished installing a backup camera in my 2006 Camry Solara and can now confirm, and perhaps add to, the helpful information that has already appeared in this forum:
    --The Eclipse BEC104 camera, available from Crutchfield and others, has the right connector and pin-out to plug directly into the back of the Solara’s Radio/Navigation unit. (I would guess that the BEC103 and BEC105 are also suitable.)
    --Since the Solara navigation unit already has a Reverse signal, the electrical installation is indeed plug and play.
    --The Radio/Navigation unit, ATC, their common bezel, and bracket must be removed as an assembly. (Don’t pry at the Radio/Navigation/ATC bezel looking for mounting bolts!)
    --To access the upper two mounting bolts for the Radio/Nav assembly, the panel at the upper center of the dash containing the A/C vents and three small displays (MPG, clock, and temperature) must be removed. The clips are released by prying the panel toward the rear of the car with one or more plastic blades. (On my vehicle, there was adhesive in addition to the clips and I almost gave up before working it loose.)
    --To access the lower two mounting bolts, the top of the console surrounding the shifter must be removed, then the CD box assembly below the ATC. (The clips for these two assemblies weren’t glued and released easily.)
    --I strongly recommend that anyone doing the installation invest $10 in a day’s subscription to Toyota Lexus Service Support at and print out all the relevant information. (On this website, even after you turn your pop-up blocker off, you may have to hold the CTRL key down as you click on your selections.)
    Good luck!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Thanks for the post; you may want to cross-post it over in 2004/2005 Toyota Solara Convertible to make it easier for other Solara owners to find.

    Steve, Host

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  • masksavmasksav Posts: 13
    I've read somewhere that the BEC105 is smaller then the 103 or 104. I can’t put my hand on where I read this. Does anybody have any info on the BEC105?
    In this case smaller is better.......
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    If you have a backup camera or sensor in your car, you're just an early adopter for a bunch of stuff to come.

    "While the best known application for automotive image sensors is rear view assist, there are several key emerging applications, Stith said, including lane tracking or lane departure warning, 360-degree view around the car (no blind spots), parking assistance and adaptive cruise control."

    Micron rolls out second generation auto image sensor (EE Times)

    Another blurb:

    "Cameras used to replace side view mirrors might also help boost fuel economy in some vehicles, such as trucks where large amounts of aerodynamic drag are created by relatively large mirrors."

    Chipmaker Sees Big Picture for Cars (PC Magazine)

    Steve, Host

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  • masksavmasksav Posts: 13
    Got this from Eclipse Tech support today on the BEC105

    Thank you for contacting Eclipse:

    The camera is only about an inch squared but tapers toward the lens. The date of release is not available yet but I'm assuming sometime in jan or feb.

    Tech Support

    I can wait until Jan or Feb for this one. It's half the size of the 103 and 104
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    "While most drivers are aware that there are areas behind their vehicle in which they cannot see, many don't realize how large those areas can be. The problem is worse in trucks and SUVs than in other cars because of their increased height and the distance between the driver and the tailgate or rear window."

    SUV backover deaths: What can be done? (CNN)

    Steve, Host

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  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    I am looking for a backup sensor for my 06 Odyssesy. I searched the forum and found that many people liked Poron and Rosta sensors.

    Here is my preference:

    1. It should detect fairly close distance (I was told that Rosta can detect by 6 inch. According to Poron, they can detect up to 12 inch) because the main reason to buy the sensors is for parallel parking in downtown area.

    2. Reliability and durability: This is very important because one failure could damage my car, which will cost a lot.

    3. Easy of installation and use: I prefer under the bumper installation. But, Rostra had only two sensors (worried about the coverage). In order to get four sensors in Rostra, I have to drill the bumper. Poron has an edge (no need to drill). But, I am not sure if the sensors are fully hidden (or looks ugly). I also like Poron's voice notification (if it is quite accurate).

    Given the preference, please let me know which one would be the best for me. If none of these two, let me know the other model.
    Thank you for your help in advance.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I had both Rostra and Poron installed. First the poron, then the Rostra. The Rostra seems to me to be way more durable in terms of how it's built. Was never happy with the Poron as it reminded me of a toy and built rather flimsy.

    I didn't have any problems with the coverage for my '00 full size Chevy truck.
  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    Where did you install the Rostra sensors (underneath the bumper or drill the bumper?...I prefer underneath the bumper but I can only install two sensors, compared to four sensors directly attached to the bumper)?

    Also, how effective the alarm sound? I think voice activation in Poron sensors is quite appealing (what model did you have in Poron?). Without it, we only know (maybe) 3-4 difference frequency (I guess) without knowing the exact distance I am currently on. But, I am not sure how this really matters in reality, though.

    Also, Rostra said everytime I put brake the sensor will reset and re-detect the distance. I don't know it would be the same thing as the other sensors.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    The rostra was installed below the bumper on both sides of the rear license plate.

    I didn't like the idea of drilling holes in my bumper so I had 4 small stainless steel brackets made for me which I tack welded to the bumper to install the poron.

    The rostra model that I installed had both audio and visual indicators. I didn't bother with the audio and installed the visual indicator in the roof panel between the seats. They were coded red yellow and green for different distances.

    The poron model had both audio and a digital led readout as to the distance between the truck and any object.

    What it came down to is durability. The wires on the poron are really thin as compared to the cable looking type that came with the rostra. Being installed on the outside of the vehicle and being subjected to just about every type of abuse, the poron did not hold up well and I had to replace the wires once. The second time around I bought the rostra.

    I's surprised that your rostra would reset by depressing the brakes. Reason being that the sensors do not turn off until you shift out of reverse so there should be no resetting unless you shifted. Could be that it was installed differently.
  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    I was informed from one of dealer that I cannot install backup sensors underneath the bumper because Odyssey has plastic bumper. The only way I can do is drill it and install the sensors directly attach to bumper. Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, it looks like Rostra had only one color (black). Where can get the sensors painted (matched to my vehicle)?

    One more: Rostra has two different sensors (obstacle sensoring system and parking assist). The first one uses microwave technology (mostly used for truck & large van) and the second one uses ultrasonic technology (as most others uses). The first one comes with LED monitor and the second one is sonic (sound alarm) only. But, the advantage of the second one is it can detect as short as 5-6 inch, while the first one detect up to 1 feet (!2 inch). I am leaning toward the second one, but it looks like "microwave" technology works better in harsh weather condition (rain, snow, etc.). Please advise me what to choose.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Guess no one got one for Christmas?

    Steve, Host

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  • I have ordered the BEC105 from Crutchfield and if it is indeed plug and play with my 2006 Solara Convertible with navigation, I will install it in a week. I was wondering if you could share pictures or some insight as to where you mounted the camera and if any special mods were involved. I am thinking of mounting it by the backup lights as there is enough open space at that part of the license plate area.

    Thanks for the help.
  • I have used the AutoPark 2000 for several years. It was probably the first on the market, long before backup sensors were popular at all. The 2000 is a very cheap, basic sensor system. The sensitivity adjustment is not acceptable, and the two little allen screws that hold the unit to its license bracket will drive you out of your mind while trying to install such. Also they have to be removed to readjust the sensitivity control. I used it because it was the only system available in those days. There are better one's on the market now for the same money. is selling refurbished 2000 for $22.00. Good luck. Snyder2 :)
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