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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems

rivravrivrav Posts: 2
What is the transmission capacity for a 2003 Santa Fe with a 3.5 liter engine and what type of fluid is needed? I cannot find the manual. Thanks.


  • surf55surf55 Posts: 5
    I have had persistent squeeling noise with clutch especially in 1st gear and 2nd when moving slowly it's very noticable. The dealer is useless, has kept the car for 2days at a time and has never fixed it.The stickshift will lock up sporadically in 1st or 2nd gear and becomes difficult to shift into any gear. The dealer now claims the clutch is not covered under Hyundai's bumper to bumper warranty. The vehile has 48,000 miles. Can anyone help or has similar problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I recommend trying the main Hyundai Santa Fe: Problems & Solutions discussion or the general Transmission Traumas? discussion.

    tidester, host
  • marosuzmarosuz Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 santa fe 4 cylinder. I wanted to change the trans fluid and filter . i got the filter from the car parts store but I don't see any external filter on the trans Is this the wrong part or am i going blind.
  • Hello,

    Did you ever find out where the filter goes? Is it internal or external?

  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Most tranny filters are internal but not sure about the Santa fe
  • Just picked up my 2007 Santa Fe 3 weeks ago and I have put on approx. 1400km. I have noticed that every time I park the suv, turn off the engine restart it, drive it that when I hits 30km/hr my gas pedal vibrates. This has being going on for 2 weeks. It doesn't matter how long it sits for when it reaches 30km after a restart the pedal will vibrate, it works fine after that. It is going for service tomorrow. Any idea what this can be? Thanks
  • Mine does this too. I brought it in and they said it has to do with the ABS "engaging". Not sure what that really means, but they confirmed it has nothing to do with the transmission. The mechanic drove 3 others on the lot and confirmed that they all did the samething. I'm suspecting they don't know what it is yet and I'm sure they will figure it out. Has your dealership figured out what the issue is?
  • ergsumergsum Posts: 144
    ABS system self test.
  • Yes that exactly what they told me that the ABS does a self test at 15-30 km. They had to call Hyundai Canada to give them an idea how to fix it. It's still there so I'm going to leave alone for now and call different dealerships if they have heard of this problem.
    thanks for the reply
  • ykangykang Posts: 88
    It is a ABS self test. My 2005 Accord EX-V6 and 2006 Azera did the same thing.
  • I own the 2007 AWD Limited. Same issue. This is normal operation of the ABS System. Dealer said it would eventually taper off as the vehicle put on a few thousand miles. We will see...
  • I am attempting to buy a 2007 Santa Fe Limited but dealer does not have what I am looking for. They are trying to get one with their allocation.

    I sent a couple of emails to Customer Service and when I did not get a reply from either one of them, called them on the phone but all they did is notify the dealer that I had called?

    What is so funny about the whole thing is I only live 91 miles from the Hyundai Plant in Montgomery.

    For some reason Hyundai does not allow anyone to order a vehicle unlike other manufacturers from what the dealer and customer service told me?

    I also sent a letter to the Hyundai Motor America in Fountain Valley California but have not received any reply from them either?
  • Still no luck! Sales folks including sales manager said that the vehicle should be here today (Saturday).

    Not here!

    Guess we will see what happens next week?

    Am about ready to give up!
  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    :( First time poster, and whole-heartedly agree about the pretzel logic in allocations. I have been going crazy in So.Cal trying to get a 2007 AWD, Limited, Touring+Ultimate that doesn't seem to exist.

    Last week I saw the headquarters with those new Santa Fe's with red ribbons on top in the lobby and front grass, I was soo tempted to go in and get some answers...however getting home was more important. My AAA dealer rep at the local dealer says he will talk to distribution on Monday.

    Sounds like a broken record.
  • I will be 65 years old this spring and have purchased many vehicles over the years by ordering what I want from the factory including the one that I am now driving.

    Hyundai should allow one to order the vehicle with the options they want too!

    Depending on an allocation and having the dealership trying to spend time locating a vehicle from another dealer + the cost?????

    Hyundai dealership web sites are BADLY lacking with info on new vehicle inventory, colors, options, etc!

    Sales staff are are not aware of options and other features and many do not have access to a computer so they could be informed of issues like TSBs, incentives, etc., nor do they have an email address for the most part.

    In my opinion they have great vehicles but the entire sales procedure is badly lacking!!!

    I have been trying to get a Santa Fe Limited Edition now for a month and may get it today??? Ended up getting the Gray Leather rather than the Beige that I wanted.

    They have a great product and much effort has went into improvements in their vehicles.

    Looks like the same effort should be put into sales??
  • This issue seems to be a real problem. Fortunately for me I have never had any of these problems. Large selection, well trained staff and excellent support in the shop. I am in New York. Can you share the locations your having these issues?
  • GWilly,
    Got mine in So Cal too. Out here in San Diego, Kearny Mesa Hyundai/Subaru. Ran into the same problem with my color combonations and trim. However, my salesman was a trooper. A few times a week he'd call me and tell me where and how close he could get to my options. Even contacted the factory to see when then next batch of SF's were to be ran so I could look to expect it. I finally conceded on choosing 3 different color combo's in order of perference, till alas one came in that was everything I wanted except for the AWD. But long story short, he stayed on top of it to the point where his manager wasn't too pleased with the time he was spending on it. Offering to drive to Tuscon to pick one up, even. All this without a cent of a downpayment. EXCELLENT service here.

    Good luck man, and hope it all works out soon for you.
    FYI, I was told that Alabama planned a new batch to be ran in December. Also, they ship trims/colors/options according to demographic polls. i.e.- if cherry red don't sell well in Orange County, they won't continue to regularly ship cherry reds. At least that's what I was told.
  • Hi,
    I am here in San Diego too, would you please advise what kind of price you got from Kearny Mesa?
  • FWD LIMITED, Premium/Touring package.
    OPTIONS: Extended Warranty/Teflon interior/exterior coat/upgraded alarm system.
    Slate Blue/Beige interior

    $500 Factory Rebate
    $1,000 Trade-in
    $31k TTL - Out The Door

    Dealer made about $200 over invoice. Thought it was as good a deal I'd get in So Cal.
    Waited for about a month for it to come in.
  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    The sales guy never called and after calling him this evening he didn't see any coming down the pipe. The funny thing is that the exact model I wanted was available up in Northern California, but a dealer demo with a 1000 miles on it. However, didn't feel like driving up there to negotiate for it.

    I'm heading to Vegas this weekend for a previously scheduled trip, I will be checking out the 2 big dealerships out there.
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