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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • With a cold engine in the morning, my 2010 Hyundai Sante Fe vehicle transmission shifts with a lound "bang" around 10mph. This is sporadic. Also at start up, the vehicle while sitting in park, does the same thing when started, though not as forceful at when driving. I now have 4800 miles, and this has been happening every 2 or 3 weeks minimum. I used to think little of it until it has begun repeating even after the dealer "reset" the software. I also notice now there are several auto websites very aware of the problem. here is one: I am scheduled to leave the car this week, and they are not acknowledging a problem unless they can duplicate it. I feel this is an unsafe condition to operate the vehicle in, and that it will only get worse. I will file a lemon law claim after 2 more attempts to fix this extremely obvious problem.
  • I have had the same problem with my Sante Fe and I live in WI and bought mine 60 miles away in MN. This happened two weeks ago and they told me to watch it and let them know if it happens again. But for now to turn it all off then turn it back on...then it worked again.
    The same thing happened one week later and so I brought it in. They couldn't find anything wrong with it because I pulled over right away and turned it off and turned it back on too quickly so that the computer didn't "catch" the problem.
    When it happened again this morning, I drove it directly to Hyundai without turning it off and had them hook their machines up to it. They found out that there is a "memo" that was just sent out about the transmissions. They are having to replace my transmission and they are now on back-order until mid-October. I just bought the Sante Fe a few months ago and have 5200 miles on it.
  • I purchased new Sante Fe last spring. At 13,500 miles it started to leak oil. I took the vehicle to the dealership on August 16th and as of today still do not have the vehicle back. After replacing the oil pan to stop the leak, the "Engine" light went on and the dealership could not figure out how to correct the problem. They had to have Hyundai Engineers come in to recommend multiple part replacements in an attempt to correct this. The latest attempt is to replace the CAM phaser? I have contacted the Hyundai Regional office and have created a case number. Regional contact says the problem will be fixed but at this point I am thinking "Lemon". The service techs have told me there is another vehicle on the lot with the same probelm.
  • I purchased a 2010 Sante Fe in July and have experienced the clunking sound intermittently only during a cold start before putting it in gear. Of course the Hyundai dealer won't do anything until they have replicated the sound. They state that they have no idea what the sound is, even though I have stated to them .."isn't there some history behind this sound and the Sante Fe?" Any suggestions on the approach I should take?
  • I just dropped off my santa fe today after they already replaced the transmission in the winter, Hyundai has sent a bulletin to Hyundai dealers/service techs that it has nothing to do with the transmission but the computer that controls the gears shifts, that it is not timed correctly, so when you have the intermidant shift change between gears the transmission feels like it is slow at chaging gears automatically, ask your dealer to check the new bulletin,I am getting a new computer put in today as the quick fix they did last time resetting the time between gear shifts did not work. Hope this helps because I was without my vehicle for a week when they replaced my transmission and turns out it wasn't the problem, get them to check the computer modual before they change the transmission because the samne problem came back after they changed the tranny.
  • Go to if you are in Canada and take a look at it, if you have followed the steps they require you may be eligable for this and its free - not too many people are aware of this site and help in regards to LEMON vehicles, but we do not have the Lemon law in Canada, this is like the same thing.

    The CANADIAN MOTOR VEHICLE ARBITRATION PLAN is a program where disputes between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about alleged manufacturing defects or implementation of the manufacturers' new vehicle warranty can be put before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution.
  • I agree with message #224 - if you read thru these 224 messages, one will find a handful of people who have had transmissions replaced. Many of those had the transmission replace multiple times!! it doesnt seem like any of these people got a successful end result. - I strongly believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with the "transmission" - but more likely the computer control over the transmission. In my case, if I allow the car to warm us such that the idle rpm drops below 1000 rpm....the car drives perfectly. If i hurry out of the garage with the engine cold and the rpm at 1500....I get the disturbing BANG. In any case, I am not about to let any Hyundai dealer replace my transmission and cause more problems. What I am waiting for is someone to post that their dealer fixed the computer issue successfully - (either by replacing the computer or reset). Best of luck everybody. in the meantime - i suggest 1. let your car warm up. 2. use the "pseudo manual" triptronic shifting from 1 - 2 if you can't wait for car to warm up. 3. one day someone is going to post that the dealers officially acknowledge the problem and have a relatively simple fix (WE HOPE)...that does not involve replacing the tranny.
  • According to a Hyundai mechanic who is a member at the (click on 2007-2010 hyundai santa fe) the problem has been identified as originating from a factory defect in the assembly of the transmission: There is insufficient clearance between the clutch packs (1st-2nd and 2nd to 3rd) so the shifting is "too tight" between 1st-2nd and 2nd to 3rd and also from park to reverse. There is "no fix" as of yet. They are simply "reflashing" the tcm and the ecm and then replacing the transmission with another DEFECTIVE unit. Supposedly, he attended a training session with Hyundai and they are suggesting they be driven 4-6000 miles in hope that friction will eventually create enough clearance for a seamless-smooth shift in these problematic gears. I would think that "friction" would result in metal flaking into the trans. fluid and result in complete failure (IMO). Suggest you read the Hyundai forums. There are many with the same tranny problems, including myself. Hopefully (doubtful!?) they will eventually release a RECALL and install defect free transmissions (that were supposedly corrected at the factory with the 2nd run productions.) We were all unfortunate to purchase the 1st run production 2010 santa fe's (my production date was 19 Apr 09). I will not let the dealer waste my time with all the NONFIXES.
  • I had the PCM replaced on my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe here in Canada, Its been over a month now and all the problems seem to have gone at the present time. I have now driven 4000K after he PCM was replaced and apart from a banging sound I get for approximately 10 seconds when I start the car in the morning there are no more issues and the car drives and shifts really well. I am going to speak to the dealer when I take the car in for service. My transmission was never replaced but reset the first time at 4000K and it did not work.
    Only concern I have is what kind of damage has the transmission sustained as a result of 10-12 K driving. May be some experts will provide an opinion.
  • Is the 10 second noise more of a "thumping noise"? If so, it is probably the ABS doing a self-adjustment after start-up (usually after a few hours of non start-up). At least that's what I was told-makes sense. If it's a metallic sound-then probably the tranny, however, I never heard of the the tranny making a noise for a 10 second duration.
  • Correction: My 2010 Santa Fe, SE. 3.5, was manufactured on 19 Dec 09.
  • a few weeks ago I noticed what seemed like slight slippage ? when driving and the tranny was shifting from 2nd to 3rd or whatever.didn't think much about it but yesterday I started out driving about 30-35 kms when it seemed like it went from drive into neutral for a couple of seconds . Before I realized what was happening there was a very loud bang or thump that was felt and heard by every one in the santa fe. Any ideas what happened.Will dealers even look at the tranny if I take it in or I'am I wasting my time and just wait till the tranny blows up ?
  • Well count me in as another with tranny problems on a 2010 Santa FE. We bought in March of 2010.

    I have the 2.4L engine.

    No problems up until last week. Wife came home and said the car was making a thump sound under her feet. I had just driven the car home from work and noticed nothing. Next morning on way to work I was listening for this thump. Sure enough, not more than a 1/4 mile while braking or giving it some gas, I could hear this thump. Almost sounded like the ABS was sticking.

    Anyway, proceeded on and within the next 1/2 mile, the tranny totally blew. This was after stopping and making a right turn into traffic. Bang. Then a mashing of gears. Metal on metal and no engagement from the driveshaft. Coasted to the side of the road and called Hyundai roadside. My car is 6 months old with 20K on it. Yep, we've had to make few trips so the miles have added up quickly over the summer.

    So, they come and get my car. The grinding is in all movement gears, with Park and Neutral silent. Although the car will not hold in Park.

    Get to the dealer and he basically brushes it off. I am more than P.O'd. This is our second Santa Fe and the first had a premature alternator failure but the tranny in it at 100K was starting to slip.

    Without to much investigation, they order a new, so they say tranny. Say it's the first they have seen! Ya right!

    So they give me a loaner Santa Fe SE. I drive it for one day as it has 5K on it and the TPS tire senor lets go and the tire goes flat. I mean the entire valve stem disappeared into the tire or was shot out of the rim. They are clueless as to what happened.

    Anyway, while getting that problem fixed, I told them Hyundai apparently has a tranny problem as many are reporting problems. They say they have heard nothing. I say to TSB's are out on tranny issues so there must be something going on. Meanwhile folks in the waiting area are looking at me as I grill the service rep. He just shrugs it off and says Warranty! Nice.

    He said not to worry because if the tranny fails again in 20K miles we will replace it again. I said, not with me. I will bring the car back and you can have it. I've had about 10 new cars and about 10-15 used cars over my life and this is the first car that I've had were a tranny has blown in so few miles.

    What is even more disturbing is that when I questioned them on what the damage was, they said they did not know yet. But they knew enough to order a new tranny! I said why have you not pulled it and looked at the driveshafts to see if there is any damage to them? They said, "Oh, we've never seen any damage on those."

    So, on Monday my new tranny will be in and they will begin the process of fixing my car. If I get a call and they tell me there is more damage that they did not know about, I will blow a proverbial gasket. They should have removed the damaged tranny and inspected all the drive components so that they could have ordered all the parts at one time. Silly me for thinking proactive.

    My car is sitting in the exact same spot in the same position as when I left it. They have not looked at anything besides putting a tracking number on my rearview mirror. So they must have seen more than one of these before.

    Now Hyundai needs to come clean and do a recall.

  • I have the exact same issue. Not as bad thru summer when hot, but cool mornings it is back. And no the computer cannot replicate it. Anyone want to buy it? <7,000 miles.
  • tontztontz Posts: 2
    Purchased new 2010 Hyundai Santa /fe on June 18,2010. At less than 1000 miles, vehicle when cold made loud banging noise in shifting from 1st to 2nd and sometimes from 2nd to 1st and only one time during the day. Problem repeated 2-3 days later, always in AM after setting all night. This is identical to the problem many on this site are complaining about. First trip to dealer (kept it 24 hours). Said they reset computer, raised RPM to about 750. Vehicle ran okay for about two weeks when banging returned. Dealer kept it for 24 hours again, duplicated the problem and reset the adaptive values of transmission per TSB 10-AT-011. Vehicle ran fine until yesterday, Oct 2, 2010 when banging from 2nd to 1st returned even louder and with more force. Do we have a manufacturing defect here? Is Hyundai in denial just like Toyota? Live in California so have recourse to Lemon Law, but perhaps not just yet. What do you think?
  • I think you definitely have the same problem lots of us have. As I have stated in earlier posts, my only "fix" so far is to allow the car to warm up - so that the rpm idle is down to close to 500. (my car cold - starts up idling at 1500 rpm). Once "warm", i do not get the bang.
    I would say there is definitely a defect here -whether its the transmission itself, or the computer, or something else I cant say - but yeah...this is definitely not right.

    The most frustrating part of this story is no one on this board has yet to post that their problem has been completely resolved. There are dozens of posts in which people got brand new transmissions (with the problem quickly returning) - so that tells me its either not the transmission (or they are replacing defective trannys with another defective tranny). There are also dozens of posts mentioning computer resets (and I don't think anybody has said this really worked either). And of course, there are those most disturbing posts in which people say Hyundai has never heard of this problem and the computer doesnt show it and its not repeatable at the dealer and so....there must be no problem...its just in our heads i guess.

    Bottom line: I continue to hope that someone here will post that their dealer FIXED their problem by.............(fill in the blank Please!)
  • slydryslydry Posts: 4
    Hyundai finally changed my transmission at 8000 KM. This has fixed the slipping from 2nd to 3 rd gear and banging when in Reverse. But, this has introduced a new intermittent problem. When starting the engine, 1 out of 10 times it feels like the transmission is engaged. The vehicule does not move but I can feel it shaking.
    Mentionned it to the dealer and they told me to wait for another 2000 KM to see if problem will go away by itself !!! Wow I am very impressed Hyundai!
  • tedrik2tedrik2 Posts: 13
    Well, I finally turned my 2010 santa fe in to the dealership to hopefully remedy the transmission problem. They used TSB 10AT006 which referred to TSB 09AT002-1.
    They checked the fluid level=GOOD, then RESET TCM ADAPTIVE VALUES and drove vehicle to perform RELEARN PROCEDURE. They stated in the paperwork-"vehicle is shifting correctly at this time" "no further action needed at this time".

    The vehicle is shifting smoothly in all gears(for now!). I still have, however, the delayed " metal clang" from somewhere under the vehicle about 1 second after shifting into 3rd gear (even though it is now a smooth shift). It only does this ONCE-the remainder of the trip(local driving) I do not have the problem-no clang. If I restart the car after about 20 minutes at 500 rpm's(still warm) it is also okay. After a cold start (I wait for the rpm's to get to below 1000 rpm's from the cold start 1500 rpm's) it will "clang" again-and only ONCE. I'm" guessing" that it could be that there is not enough tran. fluid circulating until after the 1st shift into 3rd gear due to the purportedly defect of "tight clearance" between the clutch packs. Anyone else have this problem (with/without otherwise smooth shifts?)

    Rplatner seems to be correct in waiting to get the RPM's down to 500 to temporarily minimize these problems (takes about 30 seconds on a cold start to get it below 1000-haven't yet waited to get the rpm's down to 500). Bottom line: We SHOULD NOT have to endure the inconveniences of looking for ways to help minimize our problems! Who's job do you think that might be!?!?
  • Thanks for that update. It sounds like TSB 10AT006 did seem to help - though all is apparently not perfect.
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I bought a 2010 Santa Fe on May 30th of this year and it has had the transmission problem since the day I got it. I stopped at my dealer and asked if they have had or have heard of any Santa Fe transmission problems and they denied any knowledge. I am researching the Iowa Lemon Law and I am notifying the Iowa Attorney General of this problem and Hyundai continuing to sell these vehicles when they know there is a huge problem with the transmission. I have 7,000 miles on my Santa Fe and the slipping is getting worse. I do not want a new transmission if it will not cure the problem plus it really makes me mad that they will have to tear my new car apart with the possibility of damage while at the dealership. This is a huge disappointment for me and this is the first and last Hyundai product that I will buy.
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