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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • Got a check engine light not 30sec after telling husband how proud of our Santa fe I was!!Just my luck! Bout 3 wks ago engine would bog down couple of times when reaching bout 42mph. Got car used1 yr ago, odometer don't work , speedometer don't work, replaced heater control switch unit 2mo after got it great and I travel bout 4-600 mi every other week.sometimes switches gears hard and engine will reave when in idle sometimes to 1rpm. Check engine won't go off but everything seems to be running fine?!?! My GPS tells me how fast I'm going so fixing other problems didn't seem important...but the check engine light is worrying me.
  • My 2001 Hyundai Sta Fe AWD has a problem about driveshift of the transmission. When hot operation run my car for almost 5kms. And stop the car shift to park or neutral position. After aminute or seconds shift to drive was delayed respond and when it engages suddenly run and there a big noise or thud on the transmission. Anybody help me to determined what is the possible causes? We changes already the whole transmission and consule module but still the same. Thanks . Regards to all members. Greeting from Phillipines.

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