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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • boatman1339boatman1339 Posts: 16
    Ok, Went back to the Dealer. I explained the symptoms again, and also told the advisor that the transmission fluid look a bit high.
    The mechanic had the car about two and a half hours. He said there still was no code, so he started taking things apart . Scary !! He said he saw some carbon deposits on the IAC (idle air control actuater(valve), so he replaced it. Said that took care of the problem. He didn't mention the transmission fluid level.
    I took the car off the lot, and at my first sto, actually leaving the lot, the same problem occured, RPM's down to about 300. Man was I pissed!
    I just went straight to another dealer about an hour from my home. Called on the way, and luckily they had a cancellation, and they took me in.
    got to the dealer, and related the problems, including the transmission level. The mechanic got out the GDI (computer) and hit the road. He came back in about ten minutes and had me drive him around. We came to a red light, and he said "that's it" !! He watched the computer as I drove, and when I stopped, the TPS (throttle position sensor) did not shut off. We went back to the shop, he replaced the sensor, cleared the computer, had me drive it again with the GDI hooked up, it ran great, went back to the shop again, he drained off two quarts of transmission fluid and topped it off. All is well !!!! And I've found a real hyundai tech to service my vehicle.
  • I have a 2003 Santa Fe with a 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. At about 30,000 miles, it went into safe mode (2nd gear) several times during a trip in the mountains. It was like being rear-ended each time it happened. Then, the problem disappeared. A few hundred miles later, the timing belt prematurely failed and we had to rebuild the engine. It ran fine for a few hundred miles and then the transmission acted up again, shifting erractically. There were no trouble codes when the ECM was scanned, but the dealer changed the output speed sensor as the best guss. That helped the erratic shifting. Now, when cold, the transmission is staying in 2nd gear for about bewteen one and two miles and then it starts to shift normally. The Santa Fe is not under warranty where I live in the Dominican Republic and I don't really trust the dealer. Parts must often be ordered from the USA.

    Because of this, I recently ordered an EQUUS scanner so I can read the diagnostic codes myself, but I get the feeling there won't be any error codes since I don't get a check engine light. Any ideas on what could be causing the problem with staying in 2nd gear until it warms up? Perhaps the other speed sensor needs to be replaced?
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    I bought a 07 Santa Fe Se with the 5sp auto trans.When I slow down to about 15 mph and step on the gas the car moves very slowly unless you step on the gas hard. When I was slowing down I put the car in the manual mode and watched the display that shows what gear the car was in. I started out at about 50 MPH, put it in manual mode,and slowed down. The indicator showed 5, 4, 3, and skipped 2 and went to 1. Is this normal? I tried this several times. Could someone else try this and let me know if this is normal or is my transmission defective. When accelerating from a stop everything seems normal. Thanks, Fred.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    3 to 1 is normal. Why? Dont know but I own 2 07 Limited's and they both do the same thing with the gear shift in sport mode. As for the sluggish response from 15mph, sorry, both santa's are very responsive for 4000 plus lbs suv's. What you may be encountering is the slight lag due to gas pedal by wire. The gas pedal is electronic. Some dont notice it at all.
  • btj1btj1 Posts: 6
    Was experiencing shifting in and out of gear periodically. Took it to dealer several time and could not duplicate problem or find error code. After 3 years finally got tech in car and bam-bam back and forth as problem got worse. Could not get error code? The finally called Hyundai tech support and guess what? They had issued a tech bulletin re this problem and had a transmission program update!!!! This is all after it knocked out my throttle positioning sensor!!! So if you experience this tell them there is a FIX!!!!
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    Thank you for the quick response and you saved me a phone call and a trip to the dealer.What I have been trying to do is slow down under 15 MPH and then the transmission kicks into first gear giving me plenty of power. :) What a great vehicle. Fred.
  • Hi there. I have a 03 Fe 3.5L FW with over 75K.. I just recently had my transmission cooler tubes replaced because it was leaking. At the same time, the dealer suggested that I get my transmission flushed. I agreed to have it done. Since then, it has been running very funny. It sounds really rough when I accelerate and a little louder when it is in idle..
    Does these symptoms relate to the recent flushing?

    Thank you!
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    shouldn't be related - sounds like you're getting engine noise...
  • Thank you for your reply somedai1.. Looks like I'm going back to the dealership Again!!!
  • Here's one for the experts!!!!
    During a 2 hour trip back home,I was driving along last night at about 65 MPH, and all of a sudden my SF starts overreving with the check engine light on, it was like I was in neutral. No more drive ...nothing, so I put it in neutral and I coasted down to a stop, I tried to put back in drive - nothing, reverse - nothing, sport 1st or 2nd gear - nothing.
    Believing it was in fail-safe mode, I unpluged the battery to reset the ECU - not a good idea.
    Still same probleme except no more check engine light, and now no more trouble codes ...

    Anyone have any ideas to what might be happening, or what I can do ?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    check your tranny fluid 1st...
  • Fluid is ok - the level is a little high, it doesn't smell burnt and it doesn't have any deposits in it - all fuses were check OK, the ATM module seems ok everthing responds as they should, when I move the shifter from PARK to DRIVE, you can feel the hydrolic pump work and the RPMs go down slightly but nothing else happens, same when I shift in to reverse.
  • I have a 2001 Santa Fe and really like it. I have 68000 mile on it and have had a problem the last couple of weeks with the transmission. My husband suggested having the transmission flushed and we had that done. It seems to go along fine and when starting out and shifting from first to second we get a bump in the back end and the engine light comes on and when it gets up to higher speed it won't shift into 5th. RPM's will stay at over 3000. When it sits and you drive it everything will work fine and the check engine light will go out. This has happened about 5 times. Any suggestion has to what it might be?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    the computer for the automatic transmission maybe... bring it to lee myles or aamco to get it checked - or at least get a diagnostic done to see what the svc eng light came on for... or it might be a mechanical failure in the transmission... another thing could be the wrong type of transmission fluid used... who did the flush?
  • The problem actually started prior to the flush. Can they tell what the problem is if the engine light isn't on?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    if it came on and went off there should still be history of the event in the computer - if there were problems before - you should never have flushed it - maybe a mechanical problem....
  • anyone have a trans noise when the car is cold from park to drive sounds like a motor mount but goes away when its hot?
  • Yep. You may have one of two known issues. The first is a defect in the hub assembly. There is a tsb that somewhat resolves this. I can only imagine this is a short term fix. If this is your issue make sure you keep all documentation in the event the hub fails down the road. Not under warranty after 10 or 12K miles. I have had the plastic washer replaced 3 times now to get rid of this noise when going into gear. I told the dealer that everytime this washer fails and the noise comes back there is additional stress and wear on that hub I should not be resposible for.

    The other issue that can cause this noise is a strut problem. I had this resolved just recently. I seemed to only happen as it got colder out. The funny part was it would go away before I was able to get it to the dealer so I had to leave it with them overnight so they could drive it cold. Resolution: Replaced strut. In any event I would get it to the dealer and explain in detail your issue and let them have a go at it.

    Good Luck...
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Hi pelican19 - I still have the intermittent problem with the creaking rear suspension. From your post you mentioned replacing the strut - do you mean the hydraulic suspension strut or coil? did you have a transmission problem or a suspension issue? The dealer just spent 6-1/2 hours last week taking apart the suspension and putting it back together and I still have the same damned noise.
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