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Lincoln Navigator Stereo iPod MP3 Navigation




    Part Number: 6R3Z-19A464-AA
    MSRP: $50.00

    Take your tunes on the road! Now you can connect portable audio players (MP3, iPod,® iRiver,® SanDisk,® etc.), plus portable CD and cassette players, right to your in-dash radio. Just plug your player into the harness – a 3.5mm stereo connector provides the interface so you can listen to music through the radio’s speakers and control the volume. Audio connection is housed securely in your vehicle’s glovebox or center console. "Dealer Installation Recommended" Some models require an additional antenna adapter, please check with your local dealer for details.

    Lincoln Navigator 2006 2005 2004
  • will the Trip Tunes work on my 2004 with navigation? I took it in to a car audio store a while back and they said there are no additional ports to plug into on this audio system, and it would require putting in a new head unit which I don't want to do since it runs the nav and dvd player. Your thoughts?
  • mikerrmikerr Posts: 4
    I recently bought a 2006 navigator. Coming out of the front console is a wire with a connector on it. I figured it was to connect to an mp3 player since it fits my ipod perfectly. There is also an on/off switch in the console below it that I believe is associated with this plug. When the switch is in the down position the AM/FM stations stop playing as if the antenna has been disconnected. I puzzled as to what this can be and how to test it. Could this set up be for a satellite radio ? Appreciate your thoughts, thanks !
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    That sounds like an aftermarket iPod FM transmitter with a cutout switch for the factory antenna lead to cut out interference. Connect your ipod, start playing a song, flip the switch down and scan for FM stations starting on the low end.
  • mikerrmikerr Posts: 4
    You're Good ! and right, I tried it last night and sure enough when I scanned FM it stopped in the 88 range and started playing. Thanks very much for the tip !
  • I'm looking to upgrade my 2003 Navigator stereo and navigation system. I know that the newer modles have MP3 and IPODs. Is it possible to purchase one of the newer systems and have it installed so that I don't loose too much of the factory look and style?
  • Did you get your amp fixed and was that the problem?
  • deton8deton8 Posts: 2
    The eBay seller... of such a unit is "cardemand"...

    Currently $214 buy-it-now w/free shipping... and all connectoized... specific to your vehicle... good luck...!!

    I have the 2004 with full navi.. if I could integrate bluetooth and a back-up camera... I'd beep the car until they come up with good anti-gravs...

    (I jealous of my wife's BMW X5... Back-up and bluetooth... even though the NAVI system is stupid... & without touch screen)...
  • I am hoping someone knows how to remove the center console to get access to the stereo. I was able to get the console plate loosened to the bottom, but can't seem to completely remove it. Thanks
  • My 2008 Lincoln Navigator won't play my ipod. We bought the mini stereo audio cable , plugged it to the Line In in the center console the other end into the ipod and nothing happened. Is there a specific plug that I am supposed to get ?
  • Hello all, just got my 03 Gator last week. It is great so far, a few minor problems to fix (got it at auction) but I wold really love to hook my satellite radio up to it. It does not have navigation, a SAT button, or an AUX input. I was hoping I could find an option that did not include replacing the radio, as I told my husband I could figure out- no luck so far! My Explorer had a tape deck that I hooked my XM up to, but alas, no tape player in the Gator. It does have a 6 disc CD changer if that helps at all. I would like to eventually get a nicer stereo, possibly touch screen, but want it to look similar to the factory one-could I take it out of a Navigator at a junk yard? Please help with any options I might have. Thank you so much!
  • deton8deton8 Posts: 2
    I have the "factory" NAV unit in mine ['04]... It was good in it's day.

    I started nickeling myself to death trying to add a back-up [rearview] camera... Then BLUE-TOOTH...

    (then got jealous because my wife 's BMW X5 shows traffic conditions).

    My best advice...

    Don't do it... Just change it all out
    (Way less $$$ the PIECE Parting it together)...

    it is possible to find adapters that will allow you to cobble you r future desires together one by one...

    Then Bluetooth was a hole 'nuther can-o-worms.

    Having been there... and seeing now what Crutchfield has to offer...

    Call 1-888-955-6000 to speak with a Crutchfield expert...

    They can help you choose what you want... assemble your shopping list... and then GO FIND 4 YOURSELF THE BEST PRICEd... professional & EQUIPMENT

    Think about a better stereo, touch screen... back-up camera, Navigation, Road conditions...and reroutes...DVD-Player and hands-free blu-tooth phone usage... etc. etc.

    and get Crutchfield to tell you which units have the best
    "FACTORY LOOKING" adaptations to your Navigator... BEFORE YOUR

    (But take some comfort in the knowledge that I'm still able to locate adaptations for an '87 Porsche... from CRUTCHFIELD)

    The modern Pioneer or Clarion Navigation Radio... voice command... CD/DVD, SAT... NAV systems are light years ahead of all but the latest Sync Systems...

    Just be sure you ask what is needed for the radio to actively provide reroutes and road conditions...

    They run the gambit from free to SATILITE SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED.

    FREE is always BETTER!

    Compiled study principally from wiki...

    TMC (Traffic Message Channel): Navigation can provide you with even better routes if Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information is available in the area you are traveling. The TMC is a specific application of the FM Radio Data System (RDS) used for broadcasting real-time traffic and weather information. Rosen Navigation automatically takes into account the TMC data received and calculates your route accordingly.
    inst. kit


    Call 1-888-955-6000 to speak with a Crutchfield expert

    keywords: Nav traffic, traffic alerts, RDS, TMC, Total Traffic Network (TTN), live traffic updates

    Traffic Message Controller
  • revbakerrevbaker Posts: 1
    I'm needing to know the same thing, how to remove the center console but I can't figure out how to read the responses you received, only that you had 41 replies. Can you tell me where I can find them?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    I don't see any responses to that post, other than yours this afternoon. Sounds like a mystery console.

    Check Crutchfield again; they usually have radio removal instructions. The may help too.
  • I have a 2006 Navigator. I have the original factory Audio system in there. When I use the volume knob to turn down the radio, it actually turns the volume up... To the max in a half a turn. The steering wheel control works fine. Can anyone offer any advice other than I am out of luck?
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